Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

A passenger’s last-minute plan change may lend them in big hassle. But it is not the case with Spirit Airlines. The Spirit Airlines cancellation policy is comprehensive and open-ended. If you want to cancel your Spirit Airlines reservation, you must take the help of this policy to understand the cancellation process.

Spirit flight cancellation policy

To get a broad idea of Spirit cancellation policy, take a rundown and closely look at all the terms and conditions.

What is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy is that passengers are not bound to any restrictions. You can simply cancel your flight up to an hour prior to takeoff, regardless of whether your plans have changed or you are physically unable to go. In addition, Spirit cancellation is also free if cancellation is made within 24 hours from the exact timing of booking for a flight that is seven or more days away.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy Highlights

A passenger must go through some essential highlights of the cancellation policy before revoking the ticket. Without considering these guidelines, a customer may get stuck at the time of cancellation. Therefore, look at the following highlights of the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy:

  • A passenger may have to pay a fee for last-minute cancellations according to the Spirit airlines 24 hour cancellation.
  • If the flight got canceled due to bad weather, a passenger doesn’t need to pay any fee.
  • No fee will get charged if the ticket gets canceled within 24 hours, provided the departure date is seven days or more from the booking date.
  • After the risk-free period, a customer requires to pay cancellation charges.
  • Spirit Airlines may cancel your reservation on the same day of reservation. However, the passenger will get free accommodation from the airline.
  • A passenger with a non-refundable ticket must pay a Spirit cancellation fee after the risk-free period.
  • According to the Spirit Airlines bereavement cancellation policy, If the passenger has canceled the flight due to death, theft, government orders, illness, or military orders, the airline will ask for no fee. 
  • According to Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, there will be more cancellation charges for an international route than a domestic one.
  • A customer can request for flight change within 24 hours. For more information, read the complete policy at flyingrules.com. 

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Situations

There can be many reasons for ticket cancellation. All these reasons are out of everyone’s control. However, you must know when the Spirit Airline reservation policy fails, and tickets can be canceled. Sometimes, the passenger cancels the ticket. Other times, the airline revokes or delays a customer's reservation. 

  • In case of ticket cancellation due to bad weather, there will be zero cancellation charges.
  • According to the Spirit cancellation policy, the customer must get advance intimation of postponed, canceled, or preponed flights.
  • The airline will offer a seat on the next flight from the same destination point after the cancellation.
  • Passengers can cancel or reschedule their flights and opt for a full refund.
  • Even though the customer gets compensation, he still needs to follow the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy rules to ensure more benefits.

Some situations are out of everyone’s control, such as a relative’s or a passenger's death. In such a state, Spirit Airlines bereavement cancellation policy does not charge any fee. A passenger or a nominee may even get a refund upon submission of the death certificate. 

Can I Cancel Spirit Flight Within 24 Hours?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows canceling flight tickets within 24 hours of booking without incurring any extra cancellation charges. You can cancel your flight 24 hours from the time of the original booking without paying any extra cancellation fee, regardless of selected fares. Further, customers can get a complete refund up to 24 hours after purchase.

Spirit Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines allows cancellation within 24 hours of flight booking. Below are the terms and conditions under the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy that a passenger must comprehend:

  • A passenger can cancel the ticket on the same day of the booking without paying any cancellation fee. For this, the flight must be scheduled to depart after one week from the reservation. 
  • Under the Spirit Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, a customer with a non-refundable ticket may get a refund.
  • According to the Spirit cancellation policy, passengers can secure a refund without any hidden deductions and assessments. 
  • After the risk-free period, a traveler may have to pay between $90 to $110 as a Spirit Airlines cancellation fee to secure a refund.
  • The passenger will need to book a refundable ticket as the non-refundable reservation does not qualify for a refund.

How To Cancel Spirit Flight Within 24 Hours?

Cancelling a flight with Spirit Airlines within 24 hours is one of the easiest things to do on the official website. Follow these steps to proceed with flight cancellation:

  • First and foremost, visit the official Spirit Airlines website.
  • Tap on the “My Trips” option.
  • Enter the flight confirmation code and last name of the passengers.
  • Once you fill in all the flight details, click the continue option.
  • Find the flight booking details and select the cancellation option.
  • Follow the further on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket?

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy offers numerous methods for canceling flight tickets. Every passenger uses these methods at their convenience. Hence, you can use the following two methods to cancel a flight reservation:

Method 1 - Spirit Flight Cancellation Via the Official Website 

Revoking a ticket via the website of Spirit Airlines is the online method. It is one of the easiest ways to cancel a flight ticket. There are a few steps that you need to follow to revoke the Spirit Airlines ticket:

  • First, open the Spirit Airlines official site on your browser.
  • Second, press on the “My Trips” section. 
  • Third, enter your last name and confirmation number. 
  • Fourth, tap on the “Continue” button after filling in all the necessary information.
  • Fifth, press on the reservation you want to cancel and confirm cancellation.
  • Now, wait for a few days to get a confirmation mail on your registered email address.

Method 2 - Spirit Flight Cancellation Via Phone Number 

While the online Spirit flight cancellation method is the most feasible, many passengers still contact the airline to request reservation cancellation. Under this method, you reach out to the airline representative at 1800-774-748. Upon reaching, ask the agent to cancel your reservation. The agent may ask about the reason for cancellation. Next, reply with a valid reason. 

Further, the agent will ask you to submit your full name, last name, booking number, confirmation code, etc. Then, the agent will tell you how your reservation can get canceled. Once the process ends, the agent will let you know by when you will get the confirmation email. 

Do you want to avoid flight cancellation troubles? Spirit Airlines has the solution for this also. Go through the Spirit flight change policy and learn how to change your flight rather than cancel it. Through this policy, you can change the flight and reschedule it to the date at your convenience. 

If the abovementioned methods seem perplexing, you can contact us at +1-800-865-1848. We can help you eliminate all the hurdles you face during the Spirit flight cancellation process.

How To Cancel Spirit Flight At The Airport?

Customers can cancel their flight tickets at the counter desk of Spirit Airlines at the nearest available airport by following these steps: 

  • Visit the Spirit reservation at the airport to get a refund and provide the passenger's full name, flight confirmation number, departure time, and other relevant information if required.
  • Tell the reasons to the representative at the airport. 
  • Any further actions that may be required, such as identity verification or providing a return mechanism, should be followed by the instructions provided by the representative.
  • Verify that your flight has been canceled successfully and that any cancellation refunds linked to it have been initiated.

How To Cancel A Spirit Flight Through Chat?

To cancel your Spirit flight, you can also go with the chat option on the support page of Spirit Airlines. Here is how:

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines website and navigate to the chat section. 
  • Click on the “Chat now” button, and the chat box will display on your screen.
  • Type your message, or you can select options available by default.
  • After that, you need to answer a few questions and follow the on-screen instructions to chat with a live agent. 
  • Once you connect with an agent, you have to provide all your reservation details so that they can cancel your ticket.

Note: You can also text Spirit Airlines at 48763 or WhatsApp the airline at 855 728 3555 to share your Spirit Airlines cancellation request. 

How To Cancel Spirit Flight Online?

With the online method of Spirit cancellation, passengers don't have to wait for the representative, and they can cancel their flight as quickly as possible. Follow the given process to cancel a flight online:

  • Open the Spirit Airlines official website.
  • Tap on the "My trip" option.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Click on the "Sign-in" option.
  • Go to your booking and tap on the "Cancel" button.
  • The airline will provide you with confirmation on your registered contact number and email address.

Can you  Cancel Spirit flight And Get A Refund?

Yes, if the passenger cancels their flight within 24 hours of booking, they could get a complete refund. Furthermore, if an emergency arises when airlines need to cancel your scheduled flight from their end, you can claim a full refund of the amount of the canceled flight. If the passenger cancels their flight within 24 hours of booking, they could get a complete refund.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy

When passengers cancel their tickets, they worry about the refund. Whether they will receive a refund upon ticket cancellation or not. To clear their doubts, Spirit Airlines has a refund policy. According to this refund policy, a customer will receive a Spirit flight cancellation refund subject to the following conditions:

  • If you have booked your flight from an unauthorized portal, you will get no refund.
  • You will receive a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking. It is subject to the difference between the booking and departure date, which must be seven or more days.
  • A passenger can save $10 or more on cancellation charges by revoking the ticket online.
  • According to the Spirit refund policy, If you have used a credit card for the ticket payment, Spirit Airlines will initiate the refund within seven days. In the case of payment through other modes, the refund will be credited within 20 days.
  • You don’t need to pay a cancellation fee if Spirit Airlines has canceled the air ticket.
  • Spirit Airlines waive the cancellation charges if you have canceled the flight due to a death in the family.

How To Get Spirit Airlines Cancelled Flight Refund?

The passengers can place a request for a refund with Spirit Airlines by making use of different methods:

1- Online Refund Through Spirit Airline Website

The customer can seek a refund upon cancellation online by navigating the Spirit official website. The customer is required to fill in the necessary details, including the reasons for which the refund is requested. After filling in all the details, the customer has to click on the “Submit” button. 

2- Cancellation Refund Over The Phone

Firstly, the customer needs to call the Spirit Airlines customer service number and speak to the representative requesting a refund. After that, provide them with all the details about your reservation. Request for a refund can be made over the phone at any time of the day or night.

3- Refund Through Email

The customer can place a refund request by sending an email to Spirit Airlines. The customers must provide the cancellation details and the reasons by the customers in the email sent to the airline. After that, the customer will get a reply from the airline, and the refund will be processed successfully if the passenger is eligible for the same.

How To Rebook A Cancelled Flight On Spirit?

If you would like to rebook on the next available flight with Spirit to your original destination, you can do so at the airport counter if you are already at the airport. However, there are other ways also to do so:

  • Call Spirit customer service at 855-728-3555, or for immediate assistance, dial +1-800-865-1848 to talk with travel agent.
  • Cancel and then rebook your flight on the “My trips” section on Spirit's official website.
  • Chat using a messaging platform on the website.
  • Text Spirit at 48763 or 855-728-3555 if using WhatsApp.
  • Send a direct message on social media.

Spirit Weather Cancellation Policy

If Spirit Airlines cancels your flight due to bad weather conditions, they will offer you a refund or travel vouchers for future purposes or board you on the next flight. It depends on their policies and the conditions of canceling the flight. However, the Spirit weather cancellation policy slightly differs from the standard one.

  •  If the flight is preponed, postponed, or canceled, the airline will inform passengers in advance. 
  • After the cancellation, The airline offers a seat on the subsequent flight with the same origin and destination.
  • As per the Spirit Weather cancellation policy, the airline will not deduct any amount as a flight cancellation fee.
  • If passengers want, they can cancel, reschedule flights, and opt for a full refund. Also, to secure more benefits, they need to follow the rule of spirit cancellation policy.

What Happens If Spirit Cancelled My Flight Last Minute?

If Spirit cancels flights at the last minute, you are entitled to certain rights as a passenger. Thus, if you know about them, it is requisite to track down the following things:

1- Contact Spirit Airlines

If your flight is canceled at the last minute, the first thing you should do is contact Spirit Airlines. All you have to do is visit the Spirit Airlines website or contact their customer service at 855-728-3555 for 24/7 fast assistance; use this number: +1-800-865-1848 to connect with OTA.

2- Rebook Your Flight 

Spirit Airlines should rebook on the next available flight, either on their airline or another airline. If the next available flight is not until the next day, Spirit should provide you with hotel accommodations and transportation to and from the hotel.

3- Cancellation Compensation

You may be entitled to compensation under federal regulations depending on the flight cancellation reasons. The compensation for the cancellation of Spirit flight may vary depending on the circumstances.

4- Know Your Rights

Familiarize yourself with the U.S. Department of Transportation airline customer bill of rights, which outlines passengers' rights during flight cancellation.

5- Consider Travel Insurance

If you have travel insurance, you may be able to recoup some of the costs associated with a canceled flight.

What To Do When Spirit Cancels Your Flight?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, if Spirit Airlines cancels your flight, then you have two options:

  • Take the next available flight as a rebooking.
  • Cancel your flight booking entirely and request a refund, which may be credited back to your original payment method or as a Spirit flight credit.

Remember that if the airline cannot rebook or you choose not to travel, you are entitled to a full refund of the unused portion of your travel and fees like baggage and seat selection.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for Different Tickets

There are different cancellation policies for different Spirit Airlines tickets. You may have bought a standard, Flex, or Award ticket. Now, if you want to cancel the ticket, you must be wondering about its process. So, here is the Spirit cancellation policy and its rules for such tickets:

1. Spirit Cancellation Policy for Standard Ticket

If you want to revoke the standard ticket, you must do it within 24 hours or at least 60 days before the departure date. However, if you cancel your reservation after these timelines:

  • You will get charged $90 if you cancel after 24 hours from the purchase date through an online mode.
  • Passengers will get a refund as a Reservation Credit for future travel. The credit must only be used by the customer to whom it was issued.
  • If you cancel using offline mode, you will pay $100 upon cancellation. 

2. Spirit Cancellation Policy for Flight Flex Ticket

If you have a Flight Flex ticket, you cannot cancel the ticket for free. However, you can make modifications to your itinerary once for free. The time of cancellation also plays an important role in determining the charges.

If you cancel within 24 hours, you do not require to pay any charges. But if you cancel after 24 hours window, you will pay $90 (using online mode) and $100 (using offline mode).

3. Spirit Cancellation Policy for Award Ticket

If a passenger has an Award ticket and cancels it within 24 hours, he will not require to pay any fee. If the cancellation happens after 24 hours window, there will be a fee of $110. Once the ticket gets canceled, you will receive a refund for your future travel.

How Much Is Spirit Cancellation Fee?

Yes, when you are canceling your booking with Spirit Airlines, you have to pay certain charges. Spirit charges you with a cancellation fee from $69 to $199. However, you can skip paying it if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking. Also, you can get a refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours as long as it departs at least seven days prior. 

For more information on the Spirit cancellation fee, you can talk with an airline agent at 855-728-3555, or you can use this alternate number: +1-800-865-1848 for rapid response to solve all your queries.

How To Avoid Spirit Cancellation Fees?

There are no penalties for any flight cancellations made sixty days prior to the planned departure. If you want to cancel the reservation without paying the fees, follow the below tricks:

1- Provide Proof of the Unexpected Cancellation 

Due to some emergency like death or an unplanned event, you have to cancel the reservation. Therefore, you have to provide proof of the issue to avoid cancellation fees.

2- Find The Travel Waiver 

The flight travel is unpredictable, and if there is any cancellation or delay, the airline will provide the travel waiver.

3- Cancel Within 24 Hours 

If you cancel the booking within 24 hours of booking, you do not need to pay any charges. Also, you must have purchased the ticket within seven days of the flight departure.

4- Go With The Mileage Plus

Passengers have to join the Mileage Plus program and earn elite status. Through this loyalty program, you will be able to save money and cancel the flight ticket free of cost.

5- Purchase The Refundable Fare

Your travel plans can be changed at no cost, and you have to be flexible with the dates of suitable flight journeys. With this, you have to purchase the expensive refundable fare for your location. The refundable fare does not charge more on the flight cancellation.

How Often Do Spirit Flights Get Cancelled?

Spirit Airlines has fewer chances of flight cancellation when you book your flight ticket and plan to visit your destination. However, its pattern of flight cancellation is 3%, created due to any technical faults, government announcements, or weather issues. Hence, if you have reserved a flight ticket with Spirit Airlines and are worried about flight cancellation, you can expect to select to reschedule your flight or get a refund soon.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fee

Every airline charges some amount from the passengers when they cancel a reservation. The amount depends on several factors, such as the type of ticket, time of cancellation, departure, destination, etc. The cancellation fee also depends on how you request for revocation of the air ticket. 

The Spirit flight cancellation charges amount is mentioned below in the table:

Time of Cancellation

Cancellation Charges ($)

Within a day of purchase


More than 60 days before the departure


Between 59 to 7 days before the departure


Between 6 to 0 days before the departure


Spirit Airlines travel benefits don’t just limit to cancellation and refund policy. As a passenger, you also benefit from the Spirit name change policy, which allows you to correct your name on the ticket. This will prevent flight cancellations or changes.  

How To Talk With A Live Agent For Spirit Flight Cancellation?

Spirit Airlines is a popular low-cost airline with a team of professionals who can solve queries around the clock within seven days. The airline is also known to provide the best customer service to its customers. Therefore, if you need details about Spirit Airlines cancellation policy or refunds, call them directly at 855-728-3555. Further, you can dial this additional number +1-800-865-1848 if their official helpline number is unreachable. 

Note: Flying Rules are intended to provide passengers with information regarding airline policies. Therefore, all information presented here is authentic and has been taken from official sources. Nonetheless, as a service provider, we strive to enhance your travel experience, regardless of the airline. Please take note that we at Flying Rules are not liable for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the cancellation charges if I cancel my flight after 24 hours window?

According to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, you may have to pay up to $100 if you have canceled your flight after 24 hours of purchase.

Q2. How can I cancel my flight online?

You can cancel your flight via the official site of Spirit Airlines by following the onscreen instructions. There are a few steps that you need to perform to confirm your flight cancellation.

Q3. How much do I have to pay for my Standard Ticket cancellation?

You need to pay $90 as the Spirit cancellation fee if you cancel your ticket through an online portal.

Q4. Will I receive a refund if I cancel my ticket within 24 hours?

Yes. According to the Spirit Airlines 24 hour cancellation rules, You will receive a full refund if you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking.

Q5. How many days will it take to initiate a refund?

If you have purchased your ticket with a credit card, your refund will initiate within seven days. In other cases, the refund will initiate within 20 days of cancellation.

Q6. How much does a passenger have to pay for cancellation after a 24-hours risk-free window?

A passenger may have to pay between $90-$110 as a Spirit Airlines cancellation fee if the ticket gets canceled after risk-free hours.

Q7. Will Spirit Airlines pay a refund for Spirit Airlines bereavement cancellation?

Yes. According to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, a passenger will get a refund in case of flight cancellation due to death.

Q8. How do I avoid the Spirit cancellation fee?

Spirit Airlines offers free flight changes and cancellations 60 days before your trip. To cancel the flight, passengers must remember this duration.

Q9. What happens if your flight is Cancelled last minute?

If Spirit cancel Flight by itself at the last minute, Spirit Airlines can rebook you for free on their next flight, depending on your fare. This is as long as the flight has available seats.

Q10. How can we get expert assistance if we cannot reach Spirit travel agents?

If approaching Spirit Airlines staff for a flight cancellation seems complicated, you have yet another alternative. Our professionals at Flying Rules can assist you in cancelling your flight and understanding your rights as a frequent Spirit flyer. Contact Spirit Airlines cancellation phone number +1-800-865-1848 to speak with a competent travel agent.

Q11. What is Spirit Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy?

Under Spirit Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy, you can easily cancel any flight within 24 hours of booking. Also, they get a complete refund if the flight departs at least seven days later.

Q12. What happens if Spirit Airlines cancels my flight?

Passengers can request a full refund of their ticket from Spirit Airlines, including compensation for canceled flights if Spirit cancel flight by itself.

Q13. What happens if Spirit cancel flight due to weather?

If Spirit Airlines cancels a flight due to weather, they typically offer affected passengers rebooking options, refunds, or assistance finding alternative flights. Specific policies may vary.

Q14. Will Spirit Airlines waive my cancellation fee?

Spirit Airlines may waive cancellation fees under certain circumstances, such as within 24 hours of booking or due to specific events. Check their policy and contact customer service for details.

Q15. What is the Spirit refund policy for canceled flights?

Spirit Airlines offers refunds for canceled flights initiated by the airline. Passengers may also be eligible for refunds due to schedule changes or government-imposed restrictions. To know more about the Spirit refund policy, check their official website or contact their representative over the phone.

Q16. I've canceled my Spirit Airlines booking - why haven't I received a refund?

Spirit cancel flight policy may take time to process refunds. Depending on the payment method and circumstances, it may take several business days to reflect in your account.

Q17. How can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight online?

To cancel a Spirit Airlines flight online, visit their official website, log in to your account, access the "Manage Travel" section, and follow the cancellation instructions provided.

Q18. What if my travel plan gets canceled, and I forget to cancel my Spirit flight?

If you do not show up, your seat will be allocated to another passenger, and you will have to bear the loss of the flight ticket.

Q19. How much does it cost to cancel Spirit Airlines tickets?

If passengers cancel their flight tickets beyond 24 hours of reservation, they are liable to pay a Spirit cancellation fee, depending on the booking medium. There are about $90 in cancellation fees when done online, and there will be a $100 fee if done at the airport.

Q20. Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight without penalty?

Yes, you won't be charged if your Spirit flight was canceled within 24 hours and the departure date is more than 7 days away.

Q21. Spirit flight cancelled what to do?

According to the Spirit flight cancellation policy, if your Spirit flight is cancelled, contact the airline for rebooking or a refund. Consider alternative flights, stay informed, and be patient.

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