Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

Every airline requires a passenger to fly with correct details. If the flyer provides incorrect information that doesn’t match the details on their government-issued identity cards, it may land them in trouble. In this event, Volaris name change policy helps them to come out of this problem.

Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

With the help of this policy, a traveler can request name correction on the tickets of Volaris Airlines. 

The name change policy is a set of guidelines that directs the passenger to modify the name on the air ticket. It has specified the situations when a traveler can apply for name corrections under this policy. To know how it can be helpful for your journey ahead with Volaris Airlines, continue reading. 

Volaris Airlines Name Correction Policy

A passenger can use the Volaris Airlines name correction policy in the case of an incorrect name on the booking. But a passenger should know the airline policy before requesting name correction on the reservation. If you want to alter the details on the ticket, you must understand the following circumstances:

  • A traveler cannot request name corrections on the same day as the scheduled departure. 
  • The Volaris name change will not be allowed for other flights in the case of multiple airlines or interline agreement partners. Only Volaris name correction on flight ticket booked via the official website or customer service will be permitted.
  • A customer’s scheduled departure should not be within 24 hours of the name change request. 
  • A person who has already taken the outbound flight should not be allowed to request name correction on the ticket

Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy Guidelines

A passenger may face boarding denial if the details don’t match the name on their government-verified identity card. However, using the guidelines of Volaris Airlines name change policy, you can request the name change:

  • Minor modifications in the first, middle, or last name are allowed.
  • If passengers alter their name due to marriage or separation, they may submit legal documents supporting the reasons for change. 
  • The Volaris name change policy doesn’t allow a traveler to change the ticket from one person to another. In that case, the passenger has to cancel the previous ticket and rebook again. 
  • A person can use offline or online methods to request name corrections on the reservation
  • The passengers can modify up to 4 characters in the last, middle, or first name. 
  • A passenger will have to pay a non-refundable fee of 200 dollars along with the fare differences if any. 

Volaris Airlines Name Change Request Types

The Volaris name change policy allows certain types of name modification on the ticket. As per the Volaris policy, the following types of name change requests can be allowed:

  • A traveler can request a name change on the boarding pass in the event of marriage. After the request, the airlines will re-issue the ticket to a similar or higher-class service, subject to availability. 
  • A passenger can alter the name on the ticket due to legal reasons. For this, the customer has to submit all the legal papers, like a new photo identity card with an updated name and legal decree. 
  • Volaris Airlines allows correcting Volaris misspelled name on boarding pass for up to four characters on the middle, first, or last name. 
  • Volaris flight name change policy of this airline also permits the addition or elimination of the Volaris wrong middle name on airline ticket as well as last name. You can also apply for a name change if you have two last names.

In all these cases, a passenger is allowed to apply for a name change on the boarding pass. However, a passenger must see if the details on the reservation are identical to the passport or any other government ID.

However, transferring your Volaris ticket to another individual is unaffected by the Volaris name change limits.  In this instance, the flyer must seek flight cancellation for that particular reservation. See simple Volaris cancel flight online methods to begin the cancellation procedure without having to visit the airline.

How To Begin With Volaris Airlines Name Change Requests?

Besides pliable and comfy Volaris reservation facilities, Volaris Airlines name correction policy provides various options for modifying the name on the flight ticket. Passengers can choose any method that suits their needs. Following are the ways that a traveler can use to rectify a name:

Method 1 - Volaris Flight Name Change Via Website

Passengers can use the Volaris name change online method to correct the name on the ticket. It is the most used mode of name alterations. A traveler can use this online method anytime, as it is available 24 hours a day. Moreover, a customer should look into the following steps to make the necessary changes to Volaris misspelled name on ticket :

  • First, a traveler should open the Volaris Airlines official website.
  • Second, find the “My Trips” option on the website and click on it.
  • Third, fill in the blank spaces with the correct name and reservation number.
  • Fourth, select the concerned flight from the list of flights. 
  • Fifth, click on the edit and make the required changes.
  • Sixth, if any, pay a fee as per Volaris name change fees guidelines.
  • Seventh, send the request for change after making the payment.
  • Lastly, the airline will mail the revised ticket after eliminating Volaris airline wrong name on ticket. 

Method 2 - Volaris Flight Name Change Via Airport Counter 

Under the Volaris name change policy, a passenger having a Volaris Airlines ticket can modify the name through the airport counter. For this, you have to visit the airport. After visiting the airport, you must go to the Volaris ticket counter for name correction on the ticket. Further, the staff will guide you to the name change counter. 

At the name change counter, an agent will be available to facilitate you with the name change process. Ask them for name modification and show them all the original legal documents. Later, Volaris Airlines will examine the documents. The carrier will ask for payment if any fees will apply to you. 

After the successful payment, the airline will make the corrections and send you a mail about the name change. 

Method 3 - Volaris Flight Name Change Via Phone Call

Some travelers want to make changes while sitting at their homes. The calling method is the most convenient and authentic offline mode of name correction on the reservation. A passenger can call the toll-free customer care number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). In the event you can’t reach the official agent at this number, dial +1-800-865-1848 and speak to the travel expert at an online travel agency. 

Once you are connected to the airline, the agent will ask for a booking code. After that, request the representative for name modifications. If the corrections are possible, the agent will ask you to provide the reservation details. Here, you have to give your authentic identity details. Afterward, the agent will ask you to pay some fees if applicable. Once you made the payment, the agent will confirm the modification on the ticket in the mail. 

Method 4 - Volaris Airlines Name Change Via Email Service

Volaris Airlines has provided email service to its passengers for a name change on the boarding pass. With the help of mail, a passenger can easily alter the name on the ticket. The mail service may not guarantee instant changes. Still, if you want to use this method, you can write your query to the carrier via mail. 

In the query, you must mention the reservation code and last name. After that, send the mail to the official email Id of the airline. Afterward, you need to wait for the response. Once you hear back from them, check whether the name has changed or not.

Volaris Airlines provides its frequent flyers with an easy-to-implement Volaris flight change policy. As a traveler, occurrences arise when you have to make adjustments to your plans due to an emergency. No need to worry; the airline's flight change policy makes postponing your flight simple. 

Note: If you face any difficulty while using any of the above methods to initiate the Volaris flight name change process, you can contact us at this number +1-800-865-1848 Online travel agency.

What If I Find Volaris Misspelled Name On Boarding Pass At The Airport?

If you find Volaris misspelled name on boarding pass just before the departure at the airport, it’s important to address the issue and ensure a hassle-free journey. Here’s what you can do to get rid of this situation. 

  • First, approach the customer service desk at the airport.
  • Second, inform the staff about the misspelled name on your boarding pass.
  • Third, request for Volaris name correction on the ticket.
  • Fourth, they may issue a new boarding pass with the correct name spelling.
  • Fifth, while you're at the counter, review that all other details on your boarding pass, such as flight number, date, and destination, are correct.
  • Sixth, if applicable, pay Volaris name change fees.

Can I Board The Plane With Volaris Wrong Middle Name On Airline Ticket?

Your ability to board the plane with Volaris wrong middle name on airline ticket completely depends on the airline policies and of course your circumstances. Here are some aspects to consider in this case. 

  • Minor mistakes in Volaris wrong middle name on airline ticket, such as a misspelling or abbreviation, may be overlooked by airport security. 
  • During the check-in process, airline staff may compare the information on your ticket with your identification documents, such as your passport or government-issued ID. 
  • It's advisable to adhere to the guidelines provided by the airline under Volaris name change policy and local authorities to avoid any complications during the boarding process.
  • Each airline has its own policies regarding name accuracy and changes. Review Volaris name change policy regarding name discrepancies to understand their requirements to correct Volaris wrong middle name on airline ticket. 

How Does Volaris Airlines Name Change Affect Passengers?

During the transition period, it's important for passengers to ensure they have the correct and updated documentation, such as boarding passes and identification, reflecting the new name. Passengers should carefully review their travel documents and confirm that their name matches their identification under the guidelines of Volaris Airlines name change rules to avoid any issues during check-in and boarding.

It's essential for passengers to stay notified by regularly checking official communications from Volaris Airlines. It's advisable to contact customer service for specific concerns or questions related to the Volaris name change. 

Volaris Airlines Name Change Limitations

In most cases, the Volaris name change policy doesn’t allow a passenger to change the name. So, a traveler must know the following limitations to understand the Volaris Airlines name change policy:

  • The adults cannot transfer their reservation to a child or senior citizen. The rules for Volaris flight name change don’t allow such modifications.
  • The Volaris name change is not permitted if the passenger has purchased the ticket using Volaris digital credits. 

Volaris Name Change Fees On The Ticket

Every airline charges some fees for modifying the name on the ticket. Similarly, Volaris Airlines also ask the passenger to pay some amount for correcting the name. The fees charged by this carrier are very nominal. The cost of fees is evaluated by factors like the class of ticket, location of the trip, and other information. Volaris name change fee ranges from $0 to $400. 

Tips To Avoid Volaris Name Change Fees

In order to avoid potential chances of Volaris misspelled name on ticket, follow the tips mentioned below - 

  • Tip 1 - When booking your ticket, carefully enter your name and other personal details to ensure accuracy and avoid Volaris name change fees.
  • Tip 2 - Book your flight directly through Volaris' official website or customer service channels. 
  • Tip 3 -  Ensure that the name on your booking matches the name on your identification documents.
  • Tip 4 - Consider booking refundable or flexible tickets that offer more lenient change policies 
  • Tip 5 - Act promptly and contact Volaris customer service. The earlier you address the issue, the better chance you have to minimize Volaris name change fees.

How To Talk To Live Agent At Volaris Airlines?

To speak to a live agent at Volaris Airlines to initiate Volaris name change process effectively, follow these steps. 

  • First - Go to Volaris Airlines official website.
  • Second - Navigate to the "Contact" or "Customer Service" Section.
  • Third, Find and dial the Volaris customer service phone number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) or +1-800-865-1848 to contact an online travel agency available 24/7..
  • Fourth - Once connected, listen to the automated menu options. Pay attention to any instructions or prompts given by the system.
  • Fifth - Choose the option that directs you to speak with a live agent or representative. 
  • Sixth - You may be placed on hold or in a queue until a live agent is available. 
  • Seventh - When connected to a live agent, introduce yourself politely and provide the necessary information, such as your name and booking details. Clearly state the reason for your call or inquiry.

If you find the aforementioned process complicated, there is a supplementary Volaris airline name change helpline number. Dial +1-800-865-1848 OTA for a prompt resolution to correct Volaris name change. 

Note: Flying Rules are intended to provide passengers with information regarding airline policies. Therefore, all information presented here is authentic and has been taken from official sources. Nonetheless, as a service provider, we strive to enhance your travel experience, regardless of the airline. Please take note that we at Flying Rules are not liable for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I correct the name on the Volaris Airlines reservation?

You can apply for a name change on the Volaris Airlines air ticket. There are four methods of adding a name, eliminating a character, or correcting spelling errors or Volaris Airlines wrong name on ticket.

Q2. What is Volaris cost to change name on ticket?

The cost of Volaris change name on ticket depends on several factors, including the type of name change request, the location of the trip, and other factors. However, the charges for a name change may range from $0-$200.

Q3. Can I transfer my Volaris ticket to my child?

No. You cannot transfer your ticket to a child or a senior citizen. Volaris change name on flight ticket rules will not allow the change of name in such cases.

Q4. Do I have to pay any fee if I request a name change within 24 hours of booking?

No. As per Volaris name change fee guidelines, you will not have to pay any charges if you request a name change on the boarding pass within 24 hours of reservation.

Q5. What is the procedure I need to follow for name correction on the Volaris ticket?

Rules of Volaris change passenger name offers numerous ways for customers to change the name on the reservation. They can contact the airline directly through a toll-free number, use the website for name correction, and visit the airport.

Q6. Can I change my legal name on the Volaris Airlines ticket?

Yes. You can change your legal name on the ticket. However, you need to provide the legal documents supporting the name change under Volaris change name on flight ticket rules.

Q7. Does the name on the booking must match the government-issued identification card?

Yes. As per the guidelines of the Volaris change name on ticket, your name must match the name on the government ID.

Q8. How do I speak to customer service at Volaris for a name change?

There are many methods to talk to a live person at Volaris Ailrines. However, if your query relates to Volaris Airlines change name on ticket, you must call their professional representatives at +1-800-865-1848.

Q9. What are the inconveniences of having Volaris Airlines misspelled name?

Having a Volaris Airlines wrong name on ticket can potentially lead to several inconveniences including boarding issues, security concerns, inability to check-in online, incompatibility with other travel documents, etc.

Q10. What happens if my Volaris Wrong last name on the Airline ticket does not match my passport name?

If Volaris Wrong name on airline ticket does not match the passport name, you may encounter several complications including rebooking challenges that may subject you to volaris name change fees.

Q11. Is Volaris name change policy flexible?

No, Volaris name correction policy is not flexible. That means passengers are only limited to changing a few letters of their misspelled name, not the entire name.

Q12. How many methods are there for Volaris name correction on flight ticket?

Generally, there are two modes for Volaris name change, online through the official website, and offline through the official Volaris customer support number.

Q13. What is the time to call the live agent for Volaris edit name on United ticket always available?

The Volaris live agents are always available to listen to their passenger's concerns. However, if their official number seems unreachable, dial this number - +1-800-865-1848 for prompt assistance to rectify Volaris misspelled name on boarding pass.

Q14. Can I travel if my passport name is wrong or don’t match the name on ticket?

The name error on your passport must be corrected otherwise it may not be viewed as valid for travel use. Additionally, you must read the policy for Volaris change name on ticket to know the guidelines for Volaris airlines change passenger name.

Q15. What are the common Volaris Airlines name change situations?

Common Volaris Airlines name correction situations can include altering the misspelled name, updating the name after marriage or divorce, changing the name for legal reasons, or adding or removing the middle name.

Q16. Are Volaris Airlines switch name on ticket allowed?

No, Volaris Airlines don’t allow passengers to completely switch their name on a ticket or transfer it to another person. In this case, you have to cancel your flight ticket and rebook it with a new name. Read Volaris change name on flight ticket policy to know more.

Q17. How much time the airline will take for Volaris change name on flight ticket?

The time for the process of Volaris change name on plane ticket can vary depending on several factors, including the airline's policies, the specific circumstances, and the current workload of their customer service team.

Q18. Does Volaris change passenger name on the flight ticket easily?

Yes, Volaris Airlines does have provisions for changing passenger names on flight tickets. However, it's important to note that name changes are subject to the airline's specific policies, conditions, and particular Volaris cost to change name on ticket.

Q19. What is the easiest method for Volaris edit name on ticket?

The easiest method for editing or changing a name on a Volaris Airlines ticket is to contact their customer service directly to ensure a smooth and efficient Volaris flight name change process.

Q20. Can I board the plane with a Volaris misspelled airline ticket?

No, you can’t board a plane with Volaris misspelled name on ticket. Airlines typically require the name on the ticket to match the passenger's identification, such as a passport or government-issued ID.

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