United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines only allows those passengers on board whose names on the ticket and photo ID are the same. So, if you have accidentally written the wrong essentials of your name, you should know how to correct it before boarding the flight. If there are any name differences, you can rectify them according to United Airlines' name change policy.

United Airlines change name on plane ticket

Before requesting a name correction on the ticket, you must know that United Airlines only allows minor changes in the name. It means a passenger cannot change the complete name or any part of the name on their United ticket. 

A traveler has to abide by the following criteria to make corrections in their name:

  • The flight must be United Airlines.
  • In the case of code-share and interline, United Airlines name correction requests will be honored on United’s portion of the route. 
  • The ticket inventory should start with the number 016.
  • A passenger is only allowed one reissue per ticket when doing a name correction on United’s ticket.
  • If a customer is asking for additional changes in their United Airlines ticket, then those alterations will be considered as the name change. Thereby, such additions will be subject to the name change policy of United Airlines. As per that, there will be an increase in the ticket price.
  • As per United’s name change policy, no modification can be done to the flight date, time, fare classes, and fare base code under any circumstances. 
  • A passenger can only be allowed to make minor alterations to the name, and that must match the government ID card. 
  • With the request for the name change on the boarding pass, a passenger cannot amend the date of birth and gender. 
  • The customer’s date of birth and name would be subject to United Airlines’ name change policy. 
  • A traveler can make minor changes to the mistakes in the date of birth only when they are committed while making the reservation. 
  • United Airlines' name change allows one correction per reservation. If you want to make further changes, there will be additional charges to complete the formalities. 

Types of United Airlines Name Correction Policy

When a traveler commits an error while reserving a ticket with United Airlines, a name change policy allows them to eliminate this trouble. There are three categories under which a passenger can rectify the misspelled name. 

The following are three types of name change policies under United Airlines:

Category 1 - Simple Modifications in a Name

When the passenger’s name is incorrect on the ticket, the standard procedure will be used to correct the name. According to the United Airlines name correction policy, simple mistakes on the reservation ticket don’t require the burden of documentation. These alterations are limited to spelling errors or a few letter mistakes. 

Examples of simple name modifications are:

  • Correcting a typo error in the spelling of the name. For instance, altering the first name Charli to Charlie and the last name Mathwe to Mathew.
  • Making a modification in the name on the reservation to or from a nickname. For example, Ally to AL.
  • Rectifying the prefix or title on the ticket. For example, Miss to Mrs, Mr. to Dr.
  • Modifying the middle name on the boarding pass. For instance, Elizabeth Richard Smith to Elizabeth R. Smith.

Category 2 - Significant Alterations in a Name

Significant changes in the name are generally those alterations where a passenger has to submit legal documents supporting the modification. These changes are more substantial in comparison to the simple ones. Significant changes often happen in the event of marriage or divorce, where you must disclose documents supporting your request. 

Here are the documents that a passenger must show for a legal name change:

  • In the case of divorce, you must present the papers outlining the separation settlement. 
  • In the event of a marriage, you must show a legal document supporting the name change.
  • If you have changed your full name, you must show a government-issued document that includes your old and new information. 

Category 3 - Affidavit with an Alternative Name

It may happen that you don’t have the legal documents to support your name change. In such a case, United Airlines name change policy allows a customer to alter the name by showing the affidavit with an alternative name. It means a passenger can replace the name on the ticket with the help of an affidavit. With the help of an affidavit, a traveler can also generate a photo ID copy. 

How to Change the Name on the Ticket under the United Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Every passenger uses their convenience while applying for a change of name on the ticket. That is why United Airlines have provided many options for rectifying a name. 

As per United Airlines Name Correction Policy, you can alter a name in the following ways:

Method 1 - Name Change Via Affidavit

A passenger of United Airlines can request a name change on the boarding pass via affidavit. When you don’t have legal documents to show to the concerned body, in that case, you must submit the affidavit. You must have a copy of an affidavit if you apply for a name change through this method. In addition to this, you have to email the notarized documents to the address mentioned below:

Center of Service for MileagePlus, Postal Code 1394, 77251-1394 Houston, TX

Method 2 - Rectify Name Via Phone Call

Sometimes, a passenger wants to modify the name on an urgent basis. In such cases, the facility of calling the officials is the most suitable method. An agent can facilitate the United Airlines name correction on the ticket via call. When you dial the client service number, a representative will answer the call and take your request further. 

The representative will collect your personal information. Therefore, they will apply the necessary changes to your name according to the information provided by you and the name change policy. 

If you want to accelerate the process of the name change, call us now at +1-800-865-1848.

Method 3 - Alter Name Via Airport Visit

When you want to take in-person assistance for changing your name, it is best to visit the airport. The United Airlines representative will help you in solving your issue. You can tell them the problem you are facing while changing your name. If the airline supports the provision to alter your name change, you will get informed regarding the same. 

Further, the representative will tell you about the name change process according to the United Airlines name correction policy. Hence, you can follow the procedure and change your name. 

United Airlines Name Change Charges

A passenger can replace the name on the ticket subject to some charge. The fee for a name change can depend upon the time of the request. If you modify the name within 24 hours of booking, you shall be charged $75. 

Any modification made after 24 hours and two hours before the arranged departure will cost a customer $200, alongside the difference in fare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to change the name on my United Airlines flight ticket?

There are various ways of changing the name on a United Airlines flight ticket. You can change the name via affidavit, phone call, and airport visit.

Q2. What are the simple modifications under the United Airlines name change policy?

Under the United Airlines name change policy, you can modify the simple errors in the name, like adjusting prefixes, correcting spelling errors, etc.

Q3. What are the significant changes under the United Airlines name change policy?

The significant name change under United Airlines happens when a passenger requests name correction due to divorce, marriage, or a new legal name.

Q4. Is the middle name on a United Airlines ticket compulsory?

No, adding a middle name on the United Airlines ticket is not mandatory. However, if you want to add a middle name to your reservation, then it's your choice.

Q5. Can I change my legal name on the United Airlines ticket?

Yes. You can change your legal name on the United Airlines ticket by providing valid proof of the name change. The airline will ask you to submit the old and new ID proof to support your name change.

Q6. Can I rectify my name on the United Airlines ticket via customer service?

Yes. You can correct your misspelled name on the ticket with the help of customer care service. By dialing the customer care number of the airline, you will connect to the representative who will help you with the process.

Q7. What is the name change fee of United Airlines?

The name change fee depends on several factors. If you apply for the name change within 24 hours of the booking, you will pay $75. For any rectifications made after 24 hours up to 2 hours before the departure, a customer will pay $200.

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