Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Making errors while booking a flight is a frequent affair. A passenger makes foolish spelling mistakes while typing the name. However, there are cases of name change due to reasons other than incorrect spelling or initials. In such cases, a traveler may want to apply for a name change on the boarding pass.

Alaska Airlines name correction counter

If you are flying with Alaska Airlines, you can easily learn how to change name on Alaska Airline ticket with the help of its name change policy. It provides various methods to make corrections or changes in the name on the flight ticket. Therefore, understanding the name change policy of Alaska Airlines can help you overcome the obstacles while boarding the flight with the wrong details.

Alaska Airlines Name Change on Flight Tickets Policy

The name change policy of Alaska Airlines defines several rules and regulations for making corrections to the name on flight tickets. Alaska Airlines asks its passengers to write the correct name on the ticket. The policy offers several approaches through which a customer can learn how to change name on Alaska Airlines account? 

The Alaska Airlines name change on flight tickets policy adheres to the rules mentioned under this policy. As per the policy, the airlines facilitate a passenger with the name change process. The traveler must know the circumstances under which the name can be rectified. 

Here are the conditions under which a passenger can alter the wrong name:

  • A customer must have legal documents for modifying the last name after marriage or divorce. 
  • A traveler can request for change in the letters in your name.
  • Passengers can invert their names.
  • A customer can complete the first names if written in short forms. 
  • The Alaska Airlines name change policy also allows the change in the middle name. 

Alaska Airlines Flight Name Change Due to Legal Reasons

Alaska Airlines allows a passenger to modify Alaska wrong name on airline ticket in case of marriage or divorce. In such cases, only the surname or last name of the passenger is allowed to change. You may have to submit the legal documents to the airline in support of the name change.

For the name change request to process further, the operator may ask you to submit the following documents:

  • In the event of a marriage, you have to submit existing proof of identity, a marriage certificate, or previous evidence of identification. 
  • In the case of divorce, you must submit the judicial orders and the piece of legal information. 

Types of Alaska Change Name on Ticket Requests

 Here are the common types of Alaska misspelled name on ticket requests accepted by the airline.

Misspelled Minor Name Correction - If there is a minor name error in the spelling of a passenger’s name, then Alaska name change policy allows you to change it under name correction policy. However, the name change fee depends on the fare class type. 

Legal Name Change - In the event that you legally changed your name or last name due to marriage or divorce, and now want to change it in your Alaska flight ticket, providing legal documents are required. 

Alaska Airlines Name Correction on Reservation

To fly with Alaska Airlines, it is necessary that every traveler board the plane with the correct name spellings on the ticket. If the passenger fails to do so, he/she may face inconvenience during the flight boarding. Therefore, use the name correction policy of Alaska Airlines to avoid last-minute hassle. With the help of this policy, you can rectify minor errors in your name.

if you want to amend your full name, the name change policy will be incompetent as it only allows for a few letters to be fixed. In that situation, you may need to cancel and reschedule your reservation.  Alaska Airlines change flight fee differs as per your ticket type.

Alaska Airlines Passenger Name Change Policy

A traveler cannot change the complete name on the Alaska Airlines ticket. You are not permitted to transfer the ticket to another person by changing the name on the air ticket. If you want to add the name of another person, you need to cancel Alaska Airlines reservation first. Further, you can book a new reservation with that person’s name.  

Can I Board The Plane With Alaska Misspelled Name on Boarding Pass?

Unfortunately No! You can’t board the plane until you correct Alaska misspelled name on boarding pass. The incorrect name on your boarding pass can lead to plenty of inconveniences during your travel. When your identity doesn’t match your boarding pass, security checks may become more long-drawn-out. Avoiding such hurdles and ensuring a smooth travel experience is crucial. Hence, make sure you read Alaska name change policy carefully so that you can determine how to change name on Alaska Airline ticket. 

Tips To Prevent Alaska Misspelled Name on Boarding Pass

Do you have Alaska misspelled airline ticket or misspelled name on the Alaska Airlines boarding pass? If yes, then you might going to experience a lot of hurdles during the journey. In order to prevent this situation, take a look at some of the helpful tips mentioned below -

Tip 1 - Book Directly through Alaska Airlines

Try to book your flight tickets directly through websites or their customer service department. This may minimize the chances of errors made while booking your tickets. However, in the event that you can’t fix Alaska Airlines misspelled name on your own via the website, there is no other way but to take help from professional Alaska travel agents through a phone call. 

Tip 2 - Take your Time when Entering your Details

Do not rush the reservation procedure. Entering your name and other personal information while booking requires complete attention. Taking your time and being thorough can help you avoid mistakes.

Tip 3 - Review your Booking Confirmation Email or Ticket

After making your reservation, carefully go over the email or ticket that Alaska Airlines sends you. Make sure the spelling of your name matches what is on your identification documents.

How to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket?

"Can I Change The Name On My Alaska Airlines Ticket?" is a question that many travelers have. Thus, the response is in the affirmative. Alaska name change policy provides online and offline methods for a name change or corrections. A passenger can modify the name on the ticket with the help of provisions mentioned under the policy. You can choose any of the following methods for name correction on the reservation:

Method 1 - Change Name Via Alaska Airlines Website

Wondering “How to change name on Alaska Airlines account”? Using the website for changing the name is the simplest way. You can use this method online to correct minor errors in spelling. You must accompany the following steps to proceed with the name corrections under this method:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines official site.
  • Next, tap the “Manage Booking” option on the home page.
  • Fill in the necessary details like Passenger’s Last Name, Confirmation Code, and E-ticket number.
  • Tap on the “Continue” button.
  • The complete booking details will be open in front of you.
  • Follow the “Change Name” option and make the necessary corrections in the name. 
  • Lastly, print the ticket with the correct initials. 

Note: You cannot change more than three characters in your name through this online method. 

If you have no time to go through this long name change process, we are here to help you. Contact us at +1-800-865-1848.

There are a few conditions that you must satisfy to be able to change the name through the online method. You must adhere to the following requirements given under the Alaska Airlines name change policy for making corrections:

  • A passenger’s ticket must be brought with Alaska Airlines directly, not through a travel agency or any other source. 
  • The ticket must not include any discounts or government offers.
  • The reservation should not be a group ticket. Also, there should not be more than seven members included in a booking. 
  • The flight segments of your ticket should not consist of more than 8 arrangements. 
  • A traveler’s booking should not comprise any kind of special accommodations like pets or other requests. 
  • The tickets purchased with Mileage plan awards should not be eligible for any kind of change. Only name corrections of general reservations are acceptable. 

Method 2 - Change Name Via Customer Care

If you are less aware of the online procedure, you can use the traditional mode of modifying the name on the ticket. Alaska Airlines offers a convenient means for correcting the name on the ticket. In this method, you can contact the customer care representatives of Alaska Airlines. 

The Alaska Airlines name change customer number will connect you with the agents. Once you get in touch with the airlines, you will mention the reason for contacting them. If you want to change the name, you must tell the correct purpose, like marriage or divorce.

Further, provide the necessary details about your reservation, including the travel date, aircraft number, and boarding pass details. The agent will confirm your information and proceed with how to change name on Alaska Airline ticket. This method is also best for making last minutes changes. 

Method 3 - Change Name Via Airport Kiosk

Another mode of name corrections on the ticket is by using Airport Kiosk. The Kiosk is a self-service device that allows passengers to perform various activities. With the help of the Kiosk, you can print boarding passes, upgrade seating options, and modify the name on the ticket. 

The passenger can use this service at the airport. It allows a passenger to alter or change the name without following a tedious process:

  • You can click the “Change Flights” option on the Kiosk machine.
  • Then, open the flight itinerary.
  • Further, provide the essential details regarding the reservation.
  • Lastly, click on the name that you want to modify and enter the new name to finish the process. 

This self-operated machine saves a lot of effort and makes the process simple. The Kiosk method is also the most reliable as it leaves no chance of errors. It is the most efficient method of name corrections on Alaska Airline reservations as the airline officials confirm the name change themselves. Also, you can ask for assistance if you face any issues while operating the machine.

How To Change Name On Alaska Airline Ticket Through App?

The Alaska Airlines mobile app is accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones. To make corrections, firstly, you need to download the app on your device and then open the application. After that, log into your account and select the flight you want to make changes to. 

After that, make the corrections or changes required. Pay the Delta Airlines name change fee and click the “Submit” button. When the changes are done, you will be notified through your registered email ID.

Can I Change The Name On My Alaska Airlines Ticket Within 24 Hours of booking?

Yes, with Alaska Airlines name change policy, you can make corrections to your name within 24 hours of booking without paying any name change fee. However, you will have to pay for the name change or correction fee when you miss the 24-hour window.

Furthermore, 1-800-ALASKAAIR, the customer care number, is always available for assistance regarding changing names. Also, you can dial +1-800-865-1848 to get more fast assistance from an online travel agent. 

How To Change Name Alaska Airlines For Free?

On Alaska Air, name adjustments submitted during the 24-hour flexible window are free of charge. The airline provides one-time free name corrections in the risk-free period. You can also change the name for free if your name gets changed legally before departure and after booking. 

Moreover, MVP Gold/ Gold 75K mileage plan members get a waiver on changing the fees for their Alaska flight. Hence, they do not have to pay any name change fee. You can call Alaska Airlines customer service at 1-800-ALASKAAIR or use this additional number of OTA at +1-800-865-1848 to learn more about how to change name on Alaska Airline ticket for free. 

How To Change Name Alaska Airlines Online?

One of the simplest ways to change your name on an Alaska airline ticket is to change your name online. You must navigate to the manage booking page in order to complete the remaining steps of the process:

  • Visit the official Alaska airline website in your web browser.
  • By heading to the website home page, find the manage booking option and click on it.
  • Then, enter the passenger's last name, confirmation code, or e-ticket number in the required fields.
  • Click the "Continue" button, and you will then see the detailed booking data linked to your flights.
  • Select the "Change name" option. At this point, you are free to make the required changes. You should be aware that the online editing option only allows you to make minor changes, including simple name corrections.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction On Mileage Plan

Have you changed your name on all legal documents but having trouble using your Mileage points? According to the Alaska name change policy you have to change your Alaska Mileage plan account number to keep your previously earned points even when you change your name officially.

How To Change Your Name On Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

Contacting Alaska Airlines customer service will allow you to modify the name on your mileage plan flight ticket. Call the number of Alaska Airlines customer service and learn how to change name Alaska Airlines. Then, give the airline officials your information, and they will take care of making any necessary changes or revisions to your name. Keep in mind that working hours for a name change on a mileage plan account and other queries are:

Days Timing
Monday-Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm PT
Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PT

Limitations of Alaska Airlines Name Change

Alaska's name-change policy may not work for travelers. In such instances, a passenger should know the limitations before requesting the name change. Following are the limitations that you should be aware of before:

  • The passenger’s name on the ticket should match the name on the government-issued identification card. If there is a mismatch between the names, then it may create trouble during boarding. 
  • If the name mentioned on the passport is incorrect, you should first rectify it. After that, you should request the name change on the boarding pass

Alaska Airlines Transfers The Ticket To Another Person.

Alaska Airlines states that you can only make changes to the itinerary and add or delete a passenger in the booking but cannot change a passenger to another one. However, there is one instance in which you are permitted to Alaska Airlines transfer ticket to another person, and it's when the ticket is part of a group purchase of 10 passengers or if you are. In that instance, unlimited name changes are permitted up to three days before departure. If you are within three days of your trip, passenger substitutions are permitted for a fee.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Fees

The Alaska Airlines name change policy may charge fees for allowing corrections or changes on the ticket. Although, you can avoid the costs if you make the changes within 24 hours of the ticket reservation. If you apply for a name change after 24 hours, you will be charged $125 under Alaska name change fees rules. The fees remain similar for every change or correction in the name. 

What is Alaska Airlines Name Change Customer Care Number?

Although Alaska Airlines have numerous helpline numbers for different queries. However, you may find a particular customer service number on the “help center” page of the official website. 

For queries on Alaska misspelled name on boarding pass, you may also chat with them or send them text messages on 82008. Remember that responses from the airline may take time. 

To get instant answers for your Alaska misspelled name on ticket requests, you can directly talk to one of the well-qualified Alaska live agents at +1-800-865-1848. Once you connect with the agent, pay attention to the instructions given by them and provide all the necessary information for flawless procedures. 

Note : Flying Rules are intended to provide passengers with information regarding airline policies. Therefore, all information presented here is authentic and has been taken from official sources. Nonetheless, as a service provider, we strive to enhance your travel experience, regardless of the airline. Please take note that we at Flying Rules are not liable for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What will happen if I put the incorrect name on the Alaska Airlines flight ticket?

Nothing will happen if you request for name change or correction before the scheduled departure. You can use the different methods provided under the Alaska Airlines name change policy.

Q2. How to change the name on my Alaska flight ticket?

You can use three methods of name corrections on the ticket under Alaska Airlines name change policy. Passengers can change their name via the website, customer care service, and airport Kiosk.

Q3. Is there any fee for name corrections on Alaska Airlines flight tickets?

The charges for name change or correction depend on when you request the name change on the boarding pass. If you apply for an Alaska name change request within 24 hours of booking a flight, there will be no charges. However, if you apply after 24 hours, then there will be a fee of $125.

Q4. Can I change the name on my Alaska Airlines ticket?

Yes, Alaska Airlines facilitates passengers to change or correct the wrong name on the ticket. Name correction can be done via the Alaska website. However, the name change needs an expert’s assistance.

Q5. How to change your name on Alaska Airlines mileage plan?

Common name errors on ticket can be rectified online via website. However, if you want to change your name on Alaska Airlines mileage plan, you should call 1 (800) 654-5669 to talk to the customer support department. In case they are unable to respond call 1-800-865-1848 and talk to independent travel experts and get an instant solution.

Q6. How to change name on Alaska Airlines account?

Open Alaska Airlines website > login to your account > Navigate to the “Profile” or “Account Setting” section > Find the option to edit personal information > Follow the instructions to input your new name > provide the needed documents > Save all the changes.

Q7. How to change passenger name on Alaska Airlines?

Visit the official Alaska Airlines website > Manage Booking > enter your last name and Booking confirmation code > Continue > tap on “Change Name” > enter the correct name > attach documents > pay the fee if required > save the changes > wait until you receive confirmation.

Q8. How do I change my Alaska misspelled name on boarding pass?

To change an Alaska misspelled name on, the only option you can go with is to contact Alaska name change phone number. Talk to live agents, provide them with correct information, follow their instructions, and check for any name change fees.

Q9. Can I transfer my Alaska Airlines ticket to someone else?

No, As per the Alaska Airlines name change policy, you can’t transfer your ticket to someone else. The ownership of the ticket can't be modified. However, you can change your name due to legal circumstances.

Q10. Can we travel with Alaska wrong last name on airline ticket?

No, your first and last name should be accurate and as same as your government-issued ID as per Alaska name change policy.

Q11. What are the basic rules of Alaska Airlines change passenger name policy?

For Alaska Airlines change passenger name process, you will have to bring a valid photo ID and other documents that confirm your new name. When you don’t have a photo ID, you may be required to pay Alaska name change fees.

Q12. How to avoid Alaska name change fees?

To avoid Alaska cost to change name on ticket, you can follow these suggestions: Double-check your information while booking. Book directly through Alaska website to minimize errors Notify the airlines as soon as possible. Understand the Alaska name change policy before booking.

Q13. Does Alaska Airlines allow to switch name on tickets?

Alaska airlines wrong name on the ticket can be rectified, but completely switching the name from one to another is not possible. Procedures may vary depending on the specific circumstances and their policy.

Q14. What should I do for Alaska wrong middle name on airline ticket?

If you have discovered that your middle name is incorrect on your Alaska Airlines airline ticket, here's what you should do: Contact Alaska Airlines on the official Alaska name change phone number > Provide correct information and documentation > Follow their instructions > Once your middle name is updated, check your new ticket.

Q15. What documents do I need for Alaska change name on plane ticket?

To initiate Alaska Airlines change passenger name process, you may need to provide certain documents like valid identification documents, supporting legal documents, etc. While the specific requirements may vary depending on your situation.

Q16. Is Alaska name correction on a ticket possible if it was booked through a travel agency?

Yes, Alaska edit name on ticket is possible even if you have booked your ticket through a travel agency. All you need to do is contact them for your name change queries. They will contact official airline representatives and let you know about the Alaska cost to change name on ticket as per your ticket eligibility.

Q17. What are the common Alaska name mistake in flight ticket?

Common Alaska Airlines name change mistakes on flight tickets include misspellings, incorrect passenger’s name order, missing or extra initials, or using a nickname instead of the full legal name.

Q18. Can I board the plane with Alaska misspelled name on boarding pass?

No, you are not allowed to board the plane with the Alaska misspelled name on boarding pass. The airlines provide you with a facility to change your name online via a website or offline via Alaska Airlines name change customer care.

Q19. What’s the online process to change name on Alaska Airlines ticket?

Follow the steps below to change name on Alaska Airlines ticket online - Visit the official Alaska website > My Account > Manage Travel > Enter your last name/confirmation code/e-ticket number > Press Continue > Choose Change Name from your details > Edit your name field with the correct name.

Q20. Can I transfer my Alaska Airlines ticket to another person?

No, Alaska name change policy doesn’t allow you to transfer your ticket to another person. They are non-transferable. However, you have to cancel your initial reservation and rebook it with the new name.

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