Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Name errors on the ticket are usual phenomena. A passenger tends to make minor to major mistakes while booking the ticket. However, an airline keeps all these blunders in mind and facilitates its travelers with name change policies.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change

Like any other airline, Hawaiian Airlines also has a name change policy to help passengers with certain modifications. 

Therefore, you can make name corrections on a ticket, whether it arises due to marriage, divorce, adoption, or spelling mistakes. The Hawaiian Airlines name change policy aims to direct the passengers to name corrections. Thus, a traveler of Hawaiian must know about the name change policy and other guidelines. 

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy Conditions

Before using the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy, you must understand it thoroughly. Under this policy, a flyer can change or add to the last name, change the legal name, or shift the first and middle name. To make name corrections on the reservation, you will need to follow a different process for each type of change. The airlines will provide you with plausible methods after considering the nature of the change.

Although Hawaiian Airlines permits several corrections in the name, it still imposes certain conditions on a passenger. So, you must follow these conditions to take advantage of the name change policy. 

Here are the following eligibility regulations of the name change policy:

  • The ticket on which you want to make modifications must be bought directly from Hawaiian Airlines.
  • All the passenger's tickets must contain 13 digits as their code. 
  • The first three digits on the ticket must start with 173. If it isn’t the case with you, you will have to contact the airline. 
  • A passenger can change the name due to marriage, divorce, and adoption. 
  • The modifications in the middle name are possible depending on the purpose.
  • Travelers are allowed to change their nickname to their full name if they meet the necessary criteria. 
  • According to the Hawaiian name change policy, an error of up to three characters in the name is considered to be a minor modification. The mistake of more than three characters will be assumed to be a name change. 

Documents Required for Name Change

Although making a Hawaiian air reservation is straightforward, amending the name on a ticket is hard to get. A passenger must submit the necessary documents for certain types of name changes. These legal papers are proof of your modification or name change. These documents held great importance in the case of marriage, divorce, or legal change in government name. 

Following is the list of documents that you must submit during the flight name change of Hawaiian Airlines:

  • In the case of marriage, a passenger must provide a marriage certificate.
  • In the event of divorce, a flyer must submit the divorce decree. 
  • You must provide a government-issued passport if you want to shift middle or first names. 
  • If you want to correct the spelling errors, you must show a legal identification document.
  • In case of legal name changes, you must provide the court orders.

How to Correct Name on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

There may be a time when you have entered the wrong spelling of your name or forgot to add your last name while booking your reservation. In such cases, it is necessary to make modifications. Hawaiian Airlines facilitate its customers with name corrections on the reservation methods. 

Passengers have two ways through which they can alter the wrong name on the Hawaiian ticket:

1. Traveler Name Change Via Customer Care

Hawaiian Airlines offers the name change service via customer care. You can get in touch with the airline officials on the customer service number +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). However, in case you you unable to speak to the official live agent due to some reason, dial +1-800-865-1848 OTA and instant solutions to your name change queries. They will guide you step by step to resolve your issue on the ticket.. 

Once you connect with the representative, you must give them the reason for your call. Tell them that you want to correct the name on the air ticket. After that, mention the cause of change, like spelling errors, etc. In the case of a misspelling, submitting legal documents is not mandatory. But the agent will check your passport or other government identification certificate before making the corrections. 

After you submit the documents, the process of name correction on the ticket will end. Later, you can confirm if they have made the necessary corrections and ask for a new boarding pass with the correct name. 

2. Passenger Name Change Via Online Mode

Name correction via online mode is one of the methods to change the name on the ticket. In this method, the website of Hawaiian Airlines will help you correct the name. You can use the following steps to use this method:

  • Open the official website of Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • Find the “Manage Flights” tab on the home page and click on it.
  • You will get four options here, from which you must select “My Trips”. 
  • On reaching a new page, you must fill in the flight details, including information like the passenger's last name, e-ticket number, and confirmation code. If you have forgotten your ticket number, you can retrieve it by clicking on the “Forgot Number” option on the screen. 
  •  The “View My Trip” option will help you retrieve your booking. 
  • Now, choose the reservation on which you want to make corrections. Then, pick the “Hawaiian Airlines Change Passenger Name” option to perform the modifications. 
  • Keep following the on-screen directions to finish the flight name change process. 
  • Pay the name change fee, if any. 
  • Lastly, take the new boarding pass with the correct information. 

You can send the legal documents in the mail if you have been asked to submit them in support of your name change request. Also, if there is an option available in the online portal to upload the documents, you can use it too. 

IIf you encounter issues while using these methods, you can contact Volaris customer service at +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747) or reach online travel ageny experts at +1-800-865-1848 to accelerate the correction process in a timely manner..

However, if you mistakenly booked your ticket with the wrong name and now want a replacement ticket. This kind of situation does not fall under the name change policy because it only allows for a few letters or a misspelled name to be altered. You may have to request a flight cancellation. Read Hawaiian Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy to learn how it provides you with a full refund without paying any cancellation charges. 

Hawaiian Airlines Legal Name Changes

A legal name change is one of the types of name change under the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy. This type of name change includes rectifying the vital part of your name, middle name, or inverted name. The reason for a legal name change can be anything like marriage, divorce, and adoption. Such alterations mainly include additions or eliminations of the last names. 

As a passenger of Hawaiian Airlines, you need to match the details on the boarding pass with your government-issued certificates. If the names don't match, you need to make name corrections on the ticket before your flight departure. Now, you must be wondering how you can make legal name changes on the reservation. For legal changes, you should take the help of offline mode. 

You can call the customer service number of Hawaiian Airlines to request legal changes in the name. The process for a legal name change through offline mode will be the same as mentioned above. 

Hawaiian Airlines Name Correction Fee

The name correction fee is not fixed. It depends on the factors like correction type, flight type, etc. If you have bought the ticket from a third-party website, then $25 is the approximate charge for a name change. However, the flight name change fee may fluctuate between $75-$250 depending on the fare type and destination. If you request a name change before the departure date, you may get a chance to reduce the fee.

If your ticket fails to comply with Hawaiian Airlines' name change criteria, you may be required to reschedule/change your flight with a new ticket. To learn all of the terms and limitations, read Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy.

Note: Flying Rules are intended to provide passengers with information regarding airline policies. Therefore, all information presented here is authentic and has been taken from official sources. Nonetheless, as a service provider, we strive to enhance your travel experience, regardless of the airline. Please take note that we at Flying Rules are not liable for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the methods of name change under Hawaiian Airlines name change policy?

There are two methods available for changing the name on the ticket. Passengers can use either offline or online modes at their convenience.

Q2. How can I change my name on the Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket?

You can correct the name on your air ticket with the help of two options given under the name change policy of Hawaiian Airlines. One is through a customer service number, and another is via the official website.

Q3. What are the flight name change fees of Hawaiian Airlines?

The flight name change fees depend on several factors, including correction type, fare type, the destination of the flight, etc. In case of a ticket bought from a third-party website, you will need to pay a fixed amount of $25. Otherwise, the charges range from $75-$250.

Q4. Do I require to submit the legal documents for a name change due to marriage or divorce?

Yes. In case of a name change due to legal reasons, you must submit a marriage certificate or divorce decree.

Q5. What kind of name changes are allowed under Hawaiian Airlines name change policy?

Under the Hawaiian Name change policy, any additions or changes to the last name, legal name change, and shifting of middle & last name are allowed.

Q6. What are the name change conditions in Hawaiian Airlines?

The ticket must be bought from Hawaiian Airlines directly. A passenger can change the name in the case of divorce, marriage, and adoption.

Q7. What documents should I have to submit for name correction on the ticket?

A passenger must submit a marriage certificate, divorce decree, government-issued passport, court orders, and ID card.

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