Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

Have you booked your flight months or days back, and now your plan has changed? There is no need to fret because you can alter your flight without hassle with the customer-friendly Alaska change flight policy. Under this policy, you can make adjustments online with ease.

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

Anyone who needs to change their flight immediately, don't worry—the procedure is simple and easy to perform and won't take more than a few minutes.

What Is Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy

Alaska Airlines change flight policy allows passengers to change/reschedule their airline tickets with easy online and offline procedures. However, there is an Alaska Airlines change fee in existence that completely depends on the type of your ticket. Also, passengers have to pay the fare difference if the new flight costs more than the previous one.   

Alaska Airlines Change Flight: Terms And Conditions 

Before you head for a flight change, carefully understand these considerations under the change flight Alaska guidelines.

  • According to the Alaska Change flight rules, passengers may modify their trip by rescheduling it at any time before departure. 
  • Alaska change flight policy allows passengers to change their flight Within 24 hours of booking without incurring additional fees. 
  • For First-class and Main fares, there is no Alaska Airlines change fee. However, the difference in fare may apply. 
  • The flight change procedures can be executed on the website or via phone. 
  • Flight change/rescheduling is not allowed for Saver Fare passengers. They have to cancel their flight and then rebook it.
  • Same-day confirmed flight changes can be made during the check-in window as per the Alaska change flight rules. 
  • If the newly booked flight ticket is inexpensive, a passenger will receive a refund or credit for future travel. 

How to Change Alaska Flight?

According to the Alaska Airlines flight change policy, a passenger can make flight changes like ticket class, time, date, etc., on a call. In order to do it, you can use the Alaska Airlines customer service number for individual and group bookings. Besides the online flight change process, you can also opt for the Alaska Airlines official website. 

According to the numerous factors associated with your Alaska flight ticket changes, here are some of the methods mentioned below that will help you know the process of Alaska airlines reschedule flights. 

What Is Alaska Airlines Change Flight Policy
Alaska Airlines change flight policy allows passengers to change/reschedule their airline tickets with easy online and offline procedures. However, there is an Alaska Airlines change fee in existence that completely depends on the type of your ticket. Also, passengers have to pay the fare difference if the new flight costs more than the previous one.   

Method 1 - Change Alaska Flight Using The Phone Number 

Alaska is a significant airline in America that enables you to change your reservations offline effortlessly. If you want to change your flight, you can use Alaska airlines’ official number, which will connect you with the airline. From there on, the center’s representative will assist you with the flight change. 

Following is the important information required for using this method:

  • Alaska Airlines flight change phone number is 1-800-252-7522.
  • Your complete name and the particulars of other passengers in your booking.
  • Reservation dates and relevant details. 
  • The details of the flight you want to fly now and the changes you wish to make.

Note: For the flyers of most classes, Alaska airlines’ call center is available 24/7. 

If you didn’t connect with an airline representative, you can use a text message to request assistance under the Alaska Airlines flight change policy. All you need to do is share your request with Alaska's official number. 

Method 2 - Change Alaska Flight Using Chat Option

Alaska Air has also provided a chat option for your convenience in case you fail to connect with the representative on call. Whenever you wish to alter your current flight, Alaska Airlines flight change policy for reservations allows you to utilize this option. This option will primarily guide you about the most suitable method depending on the type of modification. 

Here’s how you can use the chat option to initiate the flight changes:

  • First, you have to check the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • After that, look for the “Help Center” section and tap on it. 
  • Now, click the option “Start Reservation Chat”
  • This chat option will now ask you the reason for connecting. Mention the reason why you want to make modifications to your reservation.
  • Now, follow all the instructions and manage your changes.

Method 3: Alaska Airlines Change Flight Via Website

Here, we will discuss another helpful mode to make flight changes online. Using this option, you can effortlessly change your already reserved seats, dates, and times. Hence, "Alaska Airlines Reservation Page” lets you make the changes. Before that, ensure your fare eligibility, and then go ahead with this online method.

Here’s all you need to do for this method:

  • Go to your browser and open Alaska Airlines official website. 
  • Find the “Manage Reservation” page.
  • Then, add your “Last Name” on the page.
  • Now, insert one of the details - either “E-ticket” details or “Confirmation Code”

Note: If you need to know your E-ticket details or confirmation code, press the small question mark icon given on the same page.

  • Now, tap on the “Continue” button.
  • Keep using the upcoming instructions to find your booking & make modifications to it. 

Tip: When you proceed with Alaska air change flight through this method, make sure you have reservations for either First Class or Main Class.

Method 4: Change Flight Using Companion Bookings Online

Some bookings in Alaska belong under the companion category, which permits you to avail of the companion discounts. Whenever you require modifications to your bookings, prefer the official website of Alaska Airlines and proceed with their confirmation. This process may include fare differences which will have to be paid by you to ensure confirmed changes. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to proceed with this method: 

  • First, go to the “Manage Reservations” section on the official website.
  • After that, you will fill in your surname and confirmation number. Add the same.
  • Now, find the “Make Changes To This Trip” button and tap on it.
  • Pick an alternative flight now, and make the desired modifications to your current booking.
  • Pay the fee for the modification you made.  
  • Lastly, all the changes will be updated.

Note: If none of the methods are suitable for you. Contact us at +1-800-865-1848. We can provide all the necessary information and facts to help you through the procedure of Alaska Airlines flight change policy

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

Alaska Airlines fares span the spectrum from guaranteeing middle-class financial stability to sustaining luxurious comfort for affluent individuals. There are affordable flight deals for all available fares - Saver, Main, and First Class. Similarly, the regulations for rescheduling your flight deviate from pivoting on your fare category under Alaska Airlines change reservation policy, as detailed below -

Saver Fare: Alaska Flight Change Rules

  • Flights with saver fare are non-changeable and non-refundable.
  • Passengers are only allowed to make changes within 24 hours of booking. You may have to pay the fare difference if the new aviation costs more than your initial one.
  • If your saver fare comes under the “Peace of Mind Waiver”, you are entitled to make some changes to your itinerary.
  • To be eligible to make any modification in your saver fare, you must cancel your flight and rebook it.

Main and First Class Fare: Alaska Flight Change Rules

  • Alaska Airlines has eliminated the flight change fees/charges for main and first class fares categories.
  • If you wish to reschedule your flight for the same day it's departing, you have to pay the Alaska Airlines change fee.
  • Although there is no such flight change fee for main and first class fares, you will be required to pay the difference in fare if the new flight costs more than the original one.
  • If the new flight costs less than the original one, the airline will refund the difference in fare under Alaska air change flight policy.

Alaska Flight Change Policy for Award Fares

Making modifications to Alaska flights booked with travel credits or points is free. Although, flyers might have to amplify with additional miles or points if their new flight costs more. In contrast, if your new flight costs less, you will unquestionably get your miles refunded in your Mileage Plan account. 

Follow the procedures indicated below to kick off the flight change process for Award tickets under the Alaska Airlines flight change policy

  • First, open Alaska Airlines official website and login in to access your account. 
  • Second, select “Upcoming Trips” and then choose “Change Reservation.”
  • Third, now, select the flyer you want to make flight modifications for.
  • Fourth, select the flight that you want to change and tap on the “Change this trip” tab. 
  • Fifth, go to the Departing Flights section and click on “Change Flight”
  • Sixth, select the type of fare you wish to proceed with from the dropdown menu. 
  • Seventh, tap the “Continue” button at the bottom and choose a new flight.
  • Eighth, any difference in fare will be displayed on the screen.
  • Ninth, continue to checkout and save all the changes.

Alaska Flight Change Fee

Alaska flight change fee based on different fares. Alaska Airlines specifically serve several types of fares. Among these fares, there is no Alaska Airlines change fee for First Class or Main Class passengers.. Thus, changing flights for the flyers of both (first class & main class) is more flexible. 

You must know the rules that Alaska Airlines apply for charging fees. Let’s dive into some of these below:

  • A passenger would have to pay the fare difference if there is no flight change fee for their class of tickets. It usually happens when the changed flight is of a higher value than the original one.  
  • Same-day changes are generally not free. 
  • The change flight policy goes in sync with the no-show policy. Therefore, the flight needs to be altered before its departure. Otherwise, a visitor will get marked under the no-show policy. Besides, when this happens, no travel credits will be available.

In accordance with the aforementioned rules, Alaska charges the following fee: 

Ticket or Change Type

Alaska Airlines Change Flight Fee ($)





24 hours 



Whenever you want to skip the fee, it would be best to do the process on the same day. 

Note: To find out the latest fee before initiating any method of a flight change, don’t forget to contact this number +1-800-865-1848. 

Alaska Airlines Change Flight Eligibility

It is essential to know that not everyone can enjoy the advantage of the online flight change process. Alaska Airlines imposes a few terms that form the criteria for users to help them understand the eligibility to make a change on the reservation. 

Further, the eligibility criteria for the Alaska Airlines change reservation process is composed of other terms, such as  

1. Make sure that the reservation is done via one of the following:

  • The carrier’s call center 
  • The carrier’s ticket counter
  • Via the official website of the Alaska carrier

2. Your entire booking must have 6-7 or fewer passengers.

3. Online modifications are allowed when your reservation lacks any governmental fares.

4. Make sure you booked the tickets via Alaska Air, not from its partners.

5. The ticket must not be in the “Award” category/type.

6. A passenger can modify within thirteen months from the booking date.

7. Group reservations can not be changed online. 

8. Reservations that are a part of a vacation package cannot get changed.

Note: The aforementioned eligibility requirements are subject to change. Therefore, it would be wise to contact Alaska customer care before making changes.

Alaska Air Change Flight Date Policy

According to Alaska Airlines date change policy, passengers are allowed to change their travel dates up to 11 months from their original departure date without paying anything. On the other hand, if a passenger chooses a flight with the highest fare value, the original one would be liable for the fare difference.

Alaska Air changes flight permits travelers to change their booked flight dates at their convenience in the following steps below:  

  • First, visit Alaska Airlines’ website to view your reserved keyword. 
  • Now, select the “Manage Booking” option from the menu.
  • After that, enter your last name and reservation code.
  • Now, you can view your reservation ticket.
  • Change your flight by clicking on it.
  • Now, go ahead and choose the desired date for your journey.
  • If there is a change fee, select the appropriate payment option. 
  • Finally, your replacement boarding ticket will be emailed to you as confirmation of your Alaska Air change flight date. 

Can I Modify my Flight Time on Alaska Airlines? 

Yes, Apart from making ticket name or date modifications for convenient boarding, Alaska air flight change policy permits their frequent flyers to change their flight time also. 

To learn the methodology the first step you need to proceed with is to visit Alaska Airlines official website. Then, continue to the "Manage Booking" link and follow the directions provided there for adjusting your flight time as per your preferences. You may also opt for the Alaska Airlines change flight helpline number stated on their official website for quick assistance.

Alaska Air Same Day Flight Changes 

You can readily request a same-day flight change for your confirmed booking. For this, your new flight must depart as an original departure on the same calendar day. 

Alaska change flight policy allows to use of multiple options to make a same-day flight change process, such as online check-in or iPhone/Android app check-in while checking in at an airport kiosk by selecting the “change” flight option. 

Cost To Change Flight Alaska Same Day

If traveling on shuttle flights (short routes with a simplified fare and class structure) and flights domestically, the same-day confirmed booking changes cost $25. Despite that, for all other international flights, you will need to pay $50.  

Eligibility To Change Flight Alaska Airlines Same Day

To qualify for same-day changes for your confirmed bookings, the eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

  • You must keep confirmed reservations and tickets for Alaska Airlines flights. 
  • You must request the flight change before the departure of your original flight.
  • You must keep the original origin, destination, and flight dates. Co-terminal changes are not applicable. 
  • Your newly requested flight should depart on the same calendar day as your initially scheduled flight. 

Note: If you do not meet the criteria stated above for flight change, change fees & restrictions will apply.

Alaska Same Day Flight Change: Expectations

To the same-day Alaska flight change policy, here are a few exceptions that you should know:

  • Passengers traveling on a saver fare are not eligible for the same-day confirmed changes.  
  • Passengers traveling on a vacation package are not eligible for the same-day confirmed changes as per the Alaska change flight rules. 
  • The same day confirmed change fee/charges are waived for passengers booked in J (First) and Y (Coach) classes of service.
  • The same-day confirmed change fee is waived for the members of MVP® Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP Gold 100K Mileage Plan™. Also, American AAdvantage® ConciergeKey, Executive Platinum, and Platinum Pro members. The charges are also waived for those traveling on the same reservation.

Alaska Airlines Covid Flight Change Policy

After making changes to your recent Alaska flight, your new flights must be completed within 1 year under the Alaska Airlines change reservation policy.  

Flyers transiting through the United States to/from another country must meet the following covid 19 restrictions for entry and boarding the plane - 

  • All travelers must provide their contract tracking details.
  • Passengers aged 18 or older must be completely vaccinated against the CORONA virus to enter the United States. 
  • Foreign passengers must submit a completed copy of the “CDC attestation form” while check-in.  
  • For the sake of preventing further travel complications, passengers must confirm that their health documentation matches the United States COVID restrictions before embarking. 

How Do I Talk To A Live Agent To Change Alaska Flight?

Reaching the Alaska customer support department is not burdensome. Passengers can contact them via a variety of means, including starting a chat with their sales desk staff. When you visit the site, a link to their chat system can be found in the "Help Center" tab. You may also reach the Alaska Airlines flight change customer care assistance line at 1-800-252-7522 if you have any booking or ticketing issues.  

The customer support department may not be able to respond to commuter concerns on weekends when thousands of commuters typically visit the site for their regular concerns due to a deficiency of connectivity. When these circumstances occur, skilled Alaska agents are also available at a supplementary zone. Get your issue resolved in a few minutes by calling +1-800-865-1848.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I change my flight change in Alaska?

Yes, Alaska Airlines change flight policy allows customers with refundable coach tickets and first-class tickets to effortlessly request flight changes at any time by calling Alaska Airlines reservation customer care services.

Q2. Can I reschedule my already reserved Alaska flight?

Yes, a passenger can reschedule their booked flight if he/she wants to travel on a cheaper flight. In this case, Alaska Air will refund the balance as credits.

Q3. If I miss my Alaska flight, will I get a refund?

Yes, you will get a refund. According to the Alaska Airlines change flight policy, you must inform the airline if you miss your flight. This way, you will get a refund as credit that can be utilized for a future flight.

Q4. Does Alaska Airlines issue refundable tickets?

Yes, travelers can book refundable tickets through the official website of Alaska Airlines. These refundable tickets are more expensive than regular non-refundable tickets. But, this is not applicable for saver fares & basic economy reservations.

Q5. Can we change Alaska flight and switch to a new one?

The passengers can perform the same-day change flight Alaska Airlines process to switch to an earlier flight. But it should be scheduled on the same day as the originally scheduled flight.

Q6. Does Alaska Airlines waive the change fee for booking a flight?

Yes, Alaska Airlines eliminates flight change fees on Main and First Class fares — making travel more flexible. No change fees will apply, but a difference in fare may be charged.

Q7. What is the Alaska Airlines change fee to modify the departure date?

If you are changing your reserved flight on the same day, you will have to pay $25 for domestic and $50 for international flights.

Q8. Can i change my Alaska Flight for free?

If you reschedule your flight within 24 hours after purchasing the ticket, no change fee will apply as per Alaska Airlines flight change policy. Instead, you may need to pay the difference in fare if the new flight costs more than the original flight.

Q9. How soon can I change Alaska flight before departure?

Alaska Airlines permits its frequent flyers to make modifications to their existing flight up until 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. For example, if your flight is scheduled to depart at 8 PM, you may reschedule it until 7:50 PM.

Q10. What is Alaska flight change fee 2023?

For the standard and first class fares, Alaska Airlines has permanently eliminated the ticket change and cancellation fees. However, same day flight change fee will still apply. For standard and first-class same-day flight changes, the airline will charge USD 50. On the other side, MileagePlan MVP Gold or 75K members can make same-day flight changes with no charges.

Q11. How do I talk to a person at Alaska Airlines about the flight change policy?

Calls, chats, and text messages can be used to communicate with Alaska Airlines staff members. Simply, Visit the airline's official website, where you may find several numbers of customer support workers, to get in touch with them and start a live chat. However, if you are unable to reach them, you can seek help by dialing +1-800-865-1848.

Q12. What are the eligibilities to change flight Alaska online?

Your reservation should purchased directly through the website. Booking should not include not more than seven guests, saver fares, or government fares.

Q13. How to change flight Alaska Airlines with saver fares?

Saver Fares are not eligible for any changes as per the Alaska flight change policy. To change/reschedule your flight, you have to cancel your flight and then rebook with the desired departure date.

Q14. Can we change the Alaska flight with group reservations?

To make changes to a group reservation with Alaska Airlines, call +1-800-865-1848 and speak with professionals directly to obtain the easy steps required under the Alaska Air change flight guidelines.

Q15. How do I change my flight on Alaska?

Open Alaska Airlines official website > Manage Reservation > Enter booking confirmation number and last name to look up your reservation > Select a new flight > pay any difference in fare (if the new flight costs more) > Save the changes > Wait for the alaska airlines flight change confirmation from the airlines end.

Q16. Is there any fee for same-day change flight Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska change flight policy allows passengers to change their flight for the same day for $50 (If seats are available).

Q17. What is the eligibility to make a same day Alaska Air change flight?

Passengers must be holding confirmed flight tickets operated by Alaska Airlines. You must request for flight change before your original flight departure. Most importantly, you must keep the same origin, destination, connection cities, etc.

Q18. What is the best time to change Alaska flight?

Passengers should change or request to change their flight before the departure of the original flight to get the full travel credits.

Q19. What is Alaska Airlines customer service number for flight changes?

Passengers may contact 1-800-252-7522 to talk with official Alaska representatives for flight change queries. When you can’t reach them, simply dial +1-800-865-1848 (always accessible Alaska Airlines flight change helpline number) and connect with professionals to get immediate assistance.

Q20. Can I get travel credits after changing Alaska Airlines?

Yes, when the new flight costs the initial booking, the remaining amount will be credited back to you as travel credits as per the Alaska change flight guidelines.

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