Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Modifying a ticket can be a trouble-free experience if you have purchased a Southwest reservation. Southwest Flight change policy allows passengers to alter or cancel a flight. It has flexible rules and regulations related to flight changes that let you conveniently make changes to your reservation.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy online

Are you looking to modify a Southwest ticket? If yes, then you should go through this page closely. We have mentioned almost every vital detail of Southwest Airlines flight change policy. Let’s get started!

What Is Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy?

Southwest change flight policy facilitates passengers to change their flights. However, the airline will charge a penalty fee. If, however, the airline alters your trip or itinerary for some other reason, there is a compensation policy in effect. First-timers may find the process time-consuming, while experienced users will find it simple online. However, travelers also have the option of calling a customer service hotline. 

Southwest Change Flight Policy - Highlights

Following are the most highlighted and must-known terms and conditions for Southwest flight change policy - 

  • There is no Southwest flight change fee. 
  • Passengers only have to pay the difference in fare when the new flight costs more than the original flight ticket. 
  • You can change your flight until ten minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Even if you are already checked in, may apply for the Southwest change flight request.
  • If your original ticket was nonrefundable and you now want to upgrade to a refundable fare, you can choose a different fare when altering your flight, 
  • Flights booked through travel agencies may only be changed online on the day of departure. In the event that you require a change at any other time, you should contact customer support.

Southwest Same Day Change Flight Rules 

Change in the plan doesn’t come with an alarm. You may want to modify your flight itinerary either a week ago or the same day of departure. In both cases, the airline helps passengers to alter their tickets. You can modify the reservation on the same day of departure without paying any fee. 

Under the Southwest same-day change policy, you can alter the booking with the help of online and offline methods at your convenience. In the online mode, you can use the official website of Southwest Airlines. The website will guide you through onscreen steps to make alterations to the ticket. Under the offline mode, you can request the airline representative directly for a flight change. You can use both methods conveniently and don’t require to pay the change fee. 

 Southwest Flight Change Policy for Standby

While boarding, anything can happen, your flight gets delayed, or your plan changes. You may want to get on an earlier flight or even miss your flight. 

With Southwest Airlines, you don’t have to worry about flight rescheduling processes. Southwest Airlines standby policy allows passengers to standby for an earlier flight on the same day as long as there is an available seat. This means flyers do not have to pay any charges or penalties for Southwest same day change.

Southwest Same Day Change Vs Southwest Standby Policy

Plan changes, we understand. Southwest Airlines change flight policy facilitates viators with no flight change fee, but the fare difference applies.

How would you reschedule your booking for the same day with a different departure time?  The Southwest Airlines flight change policy allows you to change flights on the same day and on standby to catch an earlier or later flight. 

How to make a same-day change?

How to get on same-day standby?

1. First, look up your flight confirmation number on the official site of Southwest Airlines’ mobile app.  1. First, log in to your Rapid Rewards account. Find the flight you want to change and choose the “change” option. 
2. You may also find your flight through the “Manage Reservation” section.  2. If you don’t see flight availability, contact a Southwest gate agent to add you to the same-day standby list. 
3. See which flights have available seats, and once found, book it.  3. Wait for the confirmation of a new available seat on the next flight.
4. You’ll receive a text or email confirmation to retrieve your new flight booking boarding pass.  4. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a link to retrieve your new boarding pass.

Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Flight Change Policy

Sometimes, a passenger applies for modifications within 24 hours of purchase. Generally, these cases happen when a customer gets a good deal at a low-cost price. Southwest Airlines provide 24 hours window to accept changes to the booking. These changes are free of penalty. It means you don’t have to pay any fee for making alterations to your reservation.

If you want to cancel your reservation, you must consider Southwest Airlines cancellation policy. On cancellation, you may even get a refund on your original form of payment if you cancel within 24 hours of booking.

How To Change Southwest Flight?

Passengers can easily make modifications to their reservations with the help of Southwest Airlines change flight policy. For this, there are two methods; online and offline. In the offline method, you can request the ticket change by calling the airline directly. However, there is a standard process for using the online mode. To help you change flights online, we have mentioned all the steps below:

Step 1 - Open Your Account

To process a Southwest reschedule flight, you must visit the Southwest Airlines official website. Then, select the “Sign in” option located on the homepage. Fill in your essential details, like username and password. 

Step 2 - Choose the Change or Cancel Option

When you log in to your Southwest account, select the change flight option on the right side of the home page.

Step 3 - Enter the Important Details

The next step is to fill in the vital information like confirmation number and first & last name. After filling in all the details, tap on the Flight change button.

Step 4 - Search the Flight

Click on the Change Flight button and choose the flight you want to modify. Tap on the flight you want to change and update. If you would like to look for new cities and dates, you can avail best prices on the same day.

Step 5 - Choose New Flights

After reviewing the available flights and dates, you can choose the new flight and tap on the continue button.

Step 6 - Evaluate Your Flight and Its Prices

Once you complete all the above steps, choose the new flights and recheck the prices. Further, tap on the “Continue” and “Purchase” options. 

Note: If you don’t want to go through this process, contact the Flying Rules at +1-800-865-1848.

How To Change Southwest Flight Through App?

While the change through the official website is seamless, the Mobile app provides more flexible options to make alterations. Here are the few steps that you must follow to use this method:

  • Download the “Southwest Airlines” Mobile App from the Play Store.
  • Browse the app and go to the “change” option.
  • Provide your confirmation number, first & last name, and other necessary information.
  • Choose the flight that you want to change and mark the flight from the list of flights available.
  • Tap on the flight you want to fly on and make the necessary payment. 

How to Change Southwest Flight with the Southwest Companion Pass?

Are you flying with your friend or a family member via the Southwest Airlines companion pass and want to change your flight? It is required to renege on your companion’s flight first to initiate the Southwest flight change policy

To change your flight, you have to go through a multi-step process. Firstly, cancel your companion’s flight associated with a completely different reservation number. After that, change your original flight and add your companion to the reservation. 

Note - Make sure at least two seats are available on the new plane before booking. Ensure you minimize the possibility of the situation after changing your flight that you can’t add your companion to the reservation. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

The process to change flight Southwest depends on the kind of ticket you have purchased.. The modifications in the flight ticket for different fares will be implemented as follows:

  • Wanna Get Away Ticket - Wanna Get Away tickets are non-refundable, but they may apply for future travel. If you have purchased Wanna Get Away fare, you can change it up to two hours before the departure. However, there will be no refund. The future travel will expire within one year if you don’t use it within one year of the purchase. It is one of the main conditions attached to it. 
  • Business Select Ticket - Business Select Ticket is a fully refundable fare that you can change up to two hours before the departure time. If you fail to change the ticket 10 minutes before your flight, it will result in the forfeiture of all refunds. 
  • Anytime Ticket - Anytime is also a refundable fare. If you fail to change the ticket fare within 10 minutes of the scheduled departure, the ticket amount will convert into travel money. According to the Southwest Flight change policy, you can change this type of ticket up to two hours before departure. 

Southwest Change Flight Policy for Covid 19

According to Southwest Airlines Covid rules, if you fly domestically (within the United States), you don’t need to submit proof of a negative Covid report to the airline before boarding as per Southwest reschedule flight policy. 

Whereas, if you fly to the United States from any international destination, you will be susceptible to having a proof of negative test report within 24 hours of your flight departure according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) rules. 

Alternatively, if the virus has infected you in the last 90 days, you can provide the airline with proof of recovery. You should also consider the COVID rules and restrictions where you will be landing if you are flying from the United States to any foreign destination. 

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Fee

The passengers don’t need to pay any charges for Southwest domestic as well as international flight changes. If you want to make last-minute modifications due to an emergency, you can alter the ticket without paying a change fee. Southwest change flight policy provides maximum flexibility to its passengers by not charging any amount for ticket changes.

However, you may need to pay the fare difference if you wish to modify your flight itinerary. No hidden charges will apply to you. In case of a sudden plan change or emergency, no change fee will be applicable to a passenger. 

How To Talk To A Live Person For Southwest Airline Change Flight?

Calling on the toll-free number available on the official website is a good idea to talk to the experienced agents of Southwest Airlines. All the representatives are adept and know all the policies of the airline. Also, they are ever ready to provide any kind of assistance to clients. 

  • If you are searching for the Southwest number to change flight, dial 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) and press 2 to change your bookings. 
  • Southwest Flight change policy also provides chat support to all its users. Please note that this chat option is only accessible through Southwest Airlines mobile application. 

Disruptions are not uncommon. It is possible to encounter this issue when contacting Southwest representatives, particularly if you contact customer service on the weekend. The cause may be a lack of connectivity.

Hence, in that situation, you may call +1-800-865-1848 to seek assistance with Southwest Airlines flight change policy. The travel professionals on the line can provide comprehensive support with any Southwest policy and reservation concerns. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I change my change flight Southwest for free?

Yes. According to the Southwest change flight policy, you can make modifications for free due to sudden plans or emergencies. However, you may be asked to pay the fare difference.

Q2. Is a name change possible on the Southwest Airlines ticket?

Yes. You can change your name with the help of Southwest Airlines name change policy.

Q3. What are the different methods to change my flight southwest?

You can change your ticket through different methods. A passenger can use the official website, call on reservation department of the airline, or use a mobile app for the flight change.

Q4. Do I have to pay any charges for the Southwest flight change?

No. You don’t have to pay any change fee for the flight change. However, according to Southwest Airlines change flight policy, you may have to pay the fare difference when the new flight costs more.

Q5. How can I make Southwest same day change?

You can use different flight change methods to make Southwest same day change. You can call the customer service number or use the Southwest mobile application.

Q6. Can I change flight Southwest within 24 hours of ticket purchase?

Yes. You can change your flight within 24 hours of booking a reservation with the help of Southwest change Flight policy.

Q7. How to change a flight on Southwest through the Mobile App?

Download the application from the Play Store > Open App > Navigate to the Flight Change option > Provide your booking confirmation number and other required information > Pay the Southwest flight change fee (if applicable) > Save all the changes > Wait until you receive Southwest reschedule flight confirmation.

Q8. What is the Southwest Airlines contact number for flight changes?

Yes, you can call the toll-free number available on the Southwest Airlines website to change your flight. For any questions, you also have the option to call Southwest staff at +1-800-865-1848.

Q9. What is the customer support number to change Southwest flight?

The official customer support number for Southwest Airlines change flight is 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792). However, if the officials are not reachable, dial +1-800-865-1848 as an alternative option to get all your flight change questions answered.

Q10. How to change Southwest flight for free?

To change your Southwest flight for free, you have to change it within a day of booking (within 24 hours).

Q11. Can you change my flight Southwest multiple times?

Yes, Passengers can change flight Southwest as much as they can. However, every time, you must pay the difference in fare if the new flight costs more than your previous one.

Q12. How much does it cost to change Southwest flight?

There is no Southwest flight change fee. But you are liable to pay the difference in fare if the new flight ticket costs more than your previous flight.

Q13. When does Southwest change flight prices?

There is no specific time to get a cheaper fare for Southwest reschedule flight. All you can do is go to the official website and check if there is any flight available at a low cost. When you book it, you will see the remaining amount being credited back as travel credits in your account.

Q14. Can I change a Southwest flight purchased with points?

Yes, passengers are allowed to change flight Southwest booked with points.

Q15. Can I change my flight destination on Southwest?

Generally, altering flight time and date are allowed. To change a destination, you must call 24/7 available Southwest change flight phone number +1-800-865-1848 and ask experts.

Q16. Can I change my Southwest flight after I check in?

Yes, you can make changes to their flight up until 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time, even if you are already checked in.

Q17. Can I change my Southwest flight without penalty?

Yes, there is no penalty on Southwest Airlines change flight. Passenger’s may only have to pay fare difference if the new flight ticket is expensive.

Q18. How to change flight Southwest online?

Open Southwest Airlines official website > log into your account > select the change flight option > fill in your booking confirmation number and other details > Search the new flight and evaluate prices > choose a new flight and save all the changes > wait until your receive confirmation.

Q19. Can you use points to change flights on Southwest?

Yes, if your flight was booked using your own points, Southwest Airline change flight policy allows you to use your points while rescheduling when your new flight is more expensive than the previous flight.

Q20. Can I change my return flight Southwest?

Yes, you can change your return flight on Southwest Airlines using the website. However, calling Southwest airline change flight phone number is also an option with seamless procedures.

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