Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy

Travelers make mistakes in the spelling of their names while booking airlines. To correct those errors, a passenger must make modifications to their reservation. Every airline allows its customers to alter the incorrect name under the name change policy guidelines. Similarly, Spirit Airlines provides the chance to correct the misspelled name on the ticket.

Spirit Airlines change name on flight ticket

A passenger is subject to following defined rules and policies to apply for name correction on the ticket. You can modify the first, last, and middle names by following the specified conditions. 

Spirit Airlines Name Correction Rules

Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow its passengers to fly with the incorrect name. So, before boarding the flight, you must ensure that you are traveling with the correct name on the reservation. If there are issues with your name, you can use the name change policy of Spirit Airlines to make necessary rectifications. 

Before requesting modification, you must understand the following rules of the name change policy of Spirit Airlines:

  • The name correction on the ticket is applied to the whole journey and not to a part of it. 
  • The name change policy only allows minor corrections in the ticket. 
  • Submitting certain legal documents is mandatory when you request any change in the particulars. 
  • Spirit Airlines allows change in a maximum of 3 letters of first, last, and middle names. 
  • The name change request will be permitted in the case of a legal change. 
  • The modifications in details like birthdate, contact, sex, and passport details are allowed only with the production of government-verified documents. 
  • The name on the ticket should be the same as in the government documents. So, if there is any suffix or prefix in your name in the government Id, you should also include it on your flight ticket. 
  • If a passenger has booked with the segment of multiple flights, then the name change request must only be made for the Spirit Airlines segment. 
  • The starting number of Spirit Airlines ticket inventory must be 095. 

Types of Name Change Under Spirit Airlines Correction Policy

The flight name change policy of Spirit Airlines incorporates different kinds of modifications, such as spelling errors and legal name changes. The two significant types of name changes are given below: 

Modifications Due to Spelling Error

If passengers have to make minor alterations to the ticket name, they can do it with the help of Spirit Airlines name change policy. The minor error may have arisen due to a spelling mistake in the ticket. As long as the error is small, a passenger can correct it conveniently through the name change policy. 

If you want to make any corrections to the name, you must contact the airline at least seven days before the scheduled departure. Also, the corrected name must match the credentials written on the government-issued ID/Passport. 

Alterations Due to Legal Reasons

The name correction on the reservation can also be allowed for passengers who have legal reasons to change their name. The cause of their name change can be divorce, marriage, court cases, etc. In this kind of name change, a passenger must have to submit supporting documents for the change. 

As approved by the court, a complete name change can be possible on Spirit Airlines flight tickets due to legal reasons. 

How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Flight Ticket?

Every customer has different requirements. According to that, they use several methods for a name change. Therefore, Spirit Airlines provides multiple approaches to a passenger to change the name on their ticket. 

A traveler uses the following methods under Spirit Airlines name change policy:

Method 1 - Name Change Using Website

Spirit Airlines website allows passengers to submit a complaint for a name change. In this complaint, you can specify the corrections that you want to make. The website may ask you to submit a few documents in support of the request. As soon as the airline receives your complaint, it will start working on it. You can submit your name change request by following the successive steps:

  • Visit the website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Next, click on the “Manage My Travel” option at the top of the home page. This option will help you to proceed with Spirit Airlines name change procedure.
  • Third, you must fill in the name mentioned in the passport and the flight reservation number. 
  • Fourth, click on the “Edit Booking” option under the “Upcoming Trips” tab. 
  • Fifth, you will enter the correct name under the name change option. 
  • Sixth, the corrections relating to Spirit Airlines name change on the ticket will get updated on the site. 
  • Lastly, you will see the correct details after refreshing the page. 

Method 2 - Name Change Over Phone

For some travelers, it is easy to connect with airline officials directly through a call. For this, a customer can reach out to officials by calling on toll-free or customer care. The toll-free customer service number provided by Spirit Airlines is 801-401-2222. They can help you understand the flight name change process for Spirit Airlines. 

The airport officials will ask you to provide booking details, including PNR or e-ticket number. Then, the agent will ask you about the rectifications you want to make to your name details. You may have to submit a few documents relating to the name change if needed. 

When you provide the necessary information and legal documents supporting the change, you will get an email confirmation regarding the name change. If you are confused and want any help with the name change process, contact us at +1-800-865-1848.

Method 3 - Name Change at the Airport

Spirit Airlines offers an additional offline option to make corrections in the first, last, or middle name. In this method, you need to visit the airport to modify the name on the reservation. 

For name correction on the reservation through this method, a passenger has to connect with the authorities and disclose the reason for contacting them. Thus, the airport officials will tell the passenger about the name change process for Spirit Airlines. 

If you are choosing this method, you must know that it may take longer than usual to change the name on the flight ticket. So, you must reach the airport long before the flight departure time. 

Essential Documents for Spirit Airlines Flight Name Change 

Spirit Airlines or any other airline will never complete the name change request of a passenger without getting the required documents. These legal documents are a vital aspect of the name change process. In certain circumstances, the production of legal documents is not required. However, in other cases, a customer has to produce the following documents:

  • The Marriage certificate
  • Court Order
  • Divorce decree
  • Other supporting documents for modifying the legal name

Spirit Airlines Name Correction on the Ticket Charges

Spirit Airlines may or may not charge any fee for the name change. The charges for the name modification depend on the different conditions. The fee amount also varies depending on several factors. There is no specific structure for name change charges. 

Any kind of name correction within 24 hours of ticket booking will be free of cost. If you apply for a name change after 24 hours, there will be a fee depending on the type of name change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I change the name on Spirit Airlines tickets?

Yes. You can modify the name on the ticket if there is any error. There are three methods by which a passenger can request name corrections on the ticket.

Q2. How many misspelled letters or characters of my first, last, or middle name can I correct?

You can modify a maximum of three letters of your first, middle, and last name.

Q3. How to correct the name of my Spirit Airlines ticket?

You can use different methods of a name change on the boarding pass of Spirit Airlines as per the name change policy.

Q4. Can I use the official website of Spirit Airlines to correct the initials in my name?

Yes. A passenger can take the help of Spirit Airlines official website to change the name on the ticket.

Q5. What is the Spirit Airlines name change fee?

The name change fee depends on multiple factors. There are set rules for name change fees. You can contact the Spirit Airlines center and get the information about the name change fee.

Q6. Can I change the name on the Spirit Airlines reservation offline?

Yes. You can initiate the offline request for a name change on the Spirit Airlines ticket. The airline authority will help you with the name change process. For this, you need to call on the toll-free customer care number of Spirit Airlines.

Q7. What are the essential documents for a name change?

A passenger may need to submit documents in case of marriage, divorce, or adoption. Therefore, you must have a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, etc.

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