Alaska Airlines Infant Policy

Travelling with an infant (under two) can be challenging, but it might not be with Alaska Airlines. Alaska, one of the world's leading airlines, recognizes the unique requirement of passengers travelling with infants and has a comprehensive infant policy.

Alaska Airlines Infant Policy

This policy encompasses a spectrum of services, from infant booking procedures tailored to specialized insight amenities, all designed to make the experiences as hassle-free as possible for parents and their children. Hence, this page delves into the comprehensive world of Alaska infant policy, shedding light on the various facets that contribute to an enjoyable journey for families. 

What is Alaska Airlines Infant Policy?

Alaska Airlines allows infants under 2 years old to travel on the lap of an adult at no additional charge within the United States. For international flights, a 10% fare is applied. Alternatively, a seat can be purchased for the child at the applicable fare. Here are some other details you should know:

  • Every passenger is allowed to fly with one baby as per the Alaska Airlines infant policy.
  • On Alaska flight 1 - 9999, only one lap infant is allowed per row.
  • On Horizon Air-operated flight 2000-2999, only one lap child is allowed on rows 6-21 on each side. 
  • On SkyWest-operated flights, 3300-3499 flights, one infant is allowed on the right side of the aircraft on each row.
  • On Alaska Airlines flights 001 - 1999, kids (under two) are not allowed on, behind, or in front rows of emergency exists. 

Alaska Airlines Infant Policy Terms and Conditions

Alaska Airlines infant passenger policies mention the age restrictions, documents required to travel, etc. If travellers are looking for infant passenger policies, they have to go through the details below about Alaska Airlines Child Policy:

  • There is no minimum age allowed by Alaska Airlines for infant passengers. However, if the doctor approves the infants' eligibility, the airline will allow them to travel.  
  • If any kid surpasses the age of 2 years, then they will not be considered infants anymore; airlines will allow them a full seat. 
  • Passengers have to provide age proof of the infant passenger; the proof of age must be accepted by the airlines in the form of a birth certificate.
  • The infant passenger is only permitted if at least one adult passenger travels with them, as the infant can't travel alone.
  • As per the Alaska Infant Policy, the airline will not allow the seats to infants in the front or exit row or the seats to be located neatly by the emergency exit.
  • The airline will not guarantee a seat for an infant, but after selling down all the passengers, if any seats are vacant, then the infant occupies that seat without any further charges. 
  • The lap traveller will not be eligible for complimentary meals if they have reserved first-class or cabin seats.
  • The adult must hold the infant in their arms while takeoff and landing or keep the infant in the approved child restraint system. 

Documents Required To Add An Infant to Alaska Flight

Infants are passengers also, so documentation is a must to verify infant ID. Therefore, whenever you are planning to add an infant to Alaska Flight, make sure to carry documents. Here is a list of IDs that you need to bring while you air travel with your child (under the age of two):

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Fit to travel from a doctor for newborn babies

Alaska Airlines Infant Policy for Seating 

As per the Alaska Airlines Child Policy, your baby can travel as a lap infant for the entire flight. Also, if you want to buy a separate ticket for your little one, you can do that, and for this purpose, you must bring a car seat with you. This needs to be approved by air travel. Your lap baby will sit next to you on the plane if there is an empty seat available, fastened with a seat belt. Below is a list of a few rules about where car seat restraints can be placed. 

  • On aisle seats
  • Emergency exit rows
  • Seat in front or behind exit rows
  • Seats A on the E175 aircraft's rows 1-4

Furthermore, for a better understanding of the Alaska Infant Policy and car seats that you can bring on board the flight, check the seat width dimensions below of the aircraft series that are in the fleet of the airline.

Aircraft Type First and Premium Coach
737 MAX - 9 16.5” / 17.3” 21.3”
737 - 900ER 16.5” / 17.3” 20.45”
737 - 900 16.5” / 17.3” 20.45”
737 - 800 16.5” / 17.3” 20.45”
737 - 700 16.5” / 17.3” 21.3”
Airbus A321 16.5” / 17.3” 21.3”
Embraer E175 18.2” 20”

Alaska Airlines Lap Infant Policy: Seating Restrictions

According to the rules of the Alaska infant policy, each fare-paying passenger at least 18 years old or parent/guardian is permitted to travel with one infant on their lap at no extra cost. 

Further, as your infant will be sitting on your lap, a seat cannot be reserved for the infant. Of course, under Alaska Airline infant policy, you can pre-reserve your seat by following the below seating restrictions:

  • Only one lap infant on the lap per row (including both sides of the aisle) is permitted on Alaska flights 0001-1999 because of the location of extra oxygen masks. 
  • Only one lap child on each side of rows 3-20 is permitted on Alaska flights 2000-2999 (flights operated by Horizon Air).
  • One infant on a lap per row on the right side of the aircraft is only allowed on Alaska flights 3300-3499 (flights operated by Skywest Air).
  • One infant on a lap on each side (rows 6-21) is allowed on Embraer 175 aircraft.
  • Up to four lap children per row (rows 3-20) are allowed to occupy a seat in the emergency exit rows, in the rows before or after any exit row, or in any bulkhead road seat (rows 1 and 6) on Alaska flights 001-999.
  • Under Alaska Airlines lap infant policy, If there is an empty seat available on a flight, the lap baby may occupy the seats for no additional charge.

Alaska Airlines Child Fare and Fee 

Knowing the Alaska Infant Policy and fare cost for an infant ticket is important when travelling with the airline. When you are flying within the USA, no lap infant fee is charged, but if you are flying from an international location into the USA, then you will be charged based on the taxes. Below listed are fees charges as taxes of some international locations you will fly from to states.

  • Travelling from Belize: Fee charged up to $54
  • Travelling from Costa Rica: Fee charged up to $50
  • Travelling from Canada: Fee charged up to $18
  • Travelling from Mexico: Fee charged up to $18
  • Travelling from Nassau: Fee charged up to $19
  • Travelling from Guatemala: Fee charged up to $51

How To Add Infant To Alaska Flight?

You can add the lap child while making the Alaska flight reservation, and if you forget to add it at that time, you can take assistance from the reservation. Connecting with the agent will also benefit you as they will give you detailed information about the Infant Policy, documents required to travel, charges, etc. 

Hence, to add an infant to Alaska Flight, call this number: 1-800-ALASKAAIR. However, sometimes, due to technical issues, you might not connect with them. In that case, dial +1–800–865–1848 to get instant assistance with all your queries. 

Alaska Airlines Car Seat Policy For Infants (Under Two) & Children (Who Have Their Seat)

With Alaska Airlines, car seats may be checked for free. You will have the choice of checking them with your checked luggage or at the gate. 

For Lap Children 

While Alaska infant policy does not guarantee free aeroplane seats for lap-held children, if an extra seat is available on your flight, you might be able to use it for your child. If so, you will be glad to have your FAA-approved car seat with you at the gate.

For Children In Their Own Seats

Ticketed children using FAA-approved car seats on Alaska flights must have pertinent seats, meaning one that will not block the exit path of others. This means a window seat or a seat at the center of wide-body aircraft. If you are not certain, call Alaska Airlines at 1-800-ALASKAAIR. Also, you can dial +1–800–865–1848 for any information regarding Alaska Airlines infant policy. 

Alaska Airlines Kid Travelling Alone Policy

There must be some unavoidable situations when a parent decides their kid to fly alone on a flight without any guardian accompanying her/him who is an adult. Every parent gets worried by thinking their loved ones who are minors have to travel unaccompanied. 

But here is Alaska Airlines Kid Policy, which is always with their passenger to make them feel convenient before booking their flight. Here are some important tips that you should know when your child travels alone:

  • An accompanying minor cannot be able to reserve on the last flight of the day.
  • The child will be allowed to contact their parents or legal guardian over the phone when it is suitable to make a call after getting a go-ahead from the concerned authority or the supervisor the kid is being supervised by. 
  • Unaccompanied minor passengers get escorted properly throughout the journey from check-in points to destination.
  • Due to having restrictions on food distribution service inside the plane, the child is allowed to bring packed snacks and food for themselves required during the journey. However, normally, the child is served drinks, food, and snacks during the journey. 
  • As per the COVID-19 restrictions guidelines, a tab or any electric gadget is also not provided to the child to play. However, parents can make an alternative arrangement and give any toys to the child after the approval of the airline's authority. 

Alaska Airlines Kid Policy: Fly Free Program

Kids Fly-Free, a wonderful initiative offered by Alaska Airlines Child Policy, lets kids travel for free on a few certain flights. This is the ideal option for families to save money while travelling. What you need know about this program is as follows:

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the program, kids must be between the ages of 2 and 11 years old. They must also be traveling on the same itinerary and be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18 years old. The reservation for the child's flight must be made concurrently with the adult's ticket.

Booking Tips

When booking your Alaska flight, it's essential to follow a few steps to ensure that you take advantage of the kids fly free program:

  • Book your flight tickets early: It's advisable to purchase your ticket as soon as possible to guarantee your child's complimentary seat because this program is subject to availability.
  • Check the eligible flights: Not all flights are eligible for the program, so make sure to check the Alaska website to check the list of eligible flights before booking. 
  • Use the promo code: When booking your ticket online, make sure to enter the promo code provided by Alaska Airlines Infant Policy to apply for the program.


While the kids fly free program is a great opportunity, there are some restrictions to bear in mind:

Restrictions Details
Travel dates The program is available for travel between specific dates, so be sure to cross-check the Alaska website for the currently eligible travel dates.
Seat availability The kid's fly-free program is subject to seat availability, so it's essential to book your ticket early to secure your child's free seat.
Additional fees While the kid's ticket is free, there may still be additional costs, such as government-imposed fees, taxes, and other charges that may apply.

Alaska Airlines Child Fare

One infant not occupying a seat may travel with a parent or an adult fare-paying passenger who is at least 18 years old on Alaska Airlines or its regional partners. Taxes and import fees of up to USD/CAD 75 may apply for international carriage. 

Remember that this Alaska Airlines Infant Policy rule applies to the fare only and not to any other special charges. Each additional infant accompanied by the same passenger who is travelling with the first infant will be charged the same fare as the fare for an adult passenger travelling in the same class of service. Infants for whom a seat at the applicable adult passenger fare has not been purchased may not occupy a seat. For the flights operated by codeshare partners' rules, Alaska Airlines Child Fare and service fees apply to infant travel. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fly With A Lap Child on Alaska?

The amount a passenger has to pay to travel with the lap infant will vary as per the destination and type of seat. Still, if passengers must be informed of the price they must pay for an infant to travel with Alaska Airlines, they must go through the information below:

  • To travel from Belize: 54 USD
  • To travel from Mexico: 18 USD
  • To travel from Costa Rica: 50 USD
  • To travel from Canada: 18 USD

Do Babies Under 2 Years Old Fly Free on Alaska Domestic Flight?

Yes, babies under two years of age can fly for free on a parent's lap on Alaska Airlines on US domestic flights. Keep in mind that you will need to add your lap child to your reservation to allow them to fly. 

To add your baby as a lap infant, call the Alaska Airlines phone number at 1-800-ALASKAAIR. Moreover, dial +1–800–865–1848, an additional number, which is available 24/7 to assist passengers regarding Alaska Airlines lap infant policy. 

Do Babies Under 2 Years Old Fly Free on Alaska International Flight?

No, lap infants on Alaska Airlines international flights are usually charged 10% of an adult fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight. In a simple word, infants under two travel free of charge within the United States but are subject to select fees and taxes when travelling from an international location in the United States. 

Do You Have To Book A Ticket If You Fly With An Infant on Alaska?

For children younger than two years (infants), Alaska Airlines does not require the purchase of a flight ticket when the baby will be sitting on the lap of the accompanying adult. If you want your baby not to be sitting on your lap during the flight but want to sit in their own seat in an appropriate child restraint system, you have to buy a ticket for your infant. Also, because each ticketed adult is permitted to hold only one infant on a lap, a ticket must be purchased for a second infant who must be secured in a car seat occupying a separate seat. 

Further, Alaska Airline Infant Policy follows the "FAA" policy, stating that all children two years of age and older have to occupy their own seat on an aircraft. Therefore, Alaska requires you to buy a ticket and reserve a seat if your child is 2 years of age years of age or older. Remember that children will not be accepted for travel on the day of their 2nd birthday unless they hold a valid ticket.  

Does Alaska Airlines provide In-Flight Entertainment For Kids?

Under the Alaska Airlines Kid Policy, passengers can choose from over 500 free movies and browse 550+ episodes of more than 80 TV series in their onboard entertainment library. The Alaska streaming entertainment system, "Alaska Beyond Entertainment," lets you watch free movies and TV shows on your own device. All you need to do is connect to the airline's onboard Wi-Fi network during your flight and visit AlaskaWiFi.com to browse the airline's extensive library.

Do Babies Need an ID to Fly Alaska Airlines?

Yes, the babies need an ID Card to travel with Alaska, and in IDs, the airlines only accept the birth certificate, passports, and other required documents as requested. Also, you have to submit the required IDs according to the destination you are traveling to.

Get 24/7 Assistance on Alaska Airlines Infant Policy

Alaska Airlines phone number vary depending on which department you are trying to reach. For information on Alaska policy for an infant or kid, call the customer service agent at 1-800-ALASKAAIR. Further, you can get more fast assistance from travel experts at +1–800–865–1848. This is an additional number (available 24/7) to avoid waiting.

Note: Flying Rules are intended to provide passengers with information regarding airline policies. Therefore, all information presented here is authentic and has been taken from official sources. Nonetheless, as a service provider, we strive to enhance your travel experience, regardless of the airline. Please take note that we at Flying Rules are not liable for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Add A Lap Infant On Alaska Airlines?

To add lap infant on Alaska Airlines, you can do it while making a reservation or later on by calling the Alaska Airlines reservation line at 1-800-ALASKAAIR or using this alternate number: +1-800-865-1848 for more rapid response from a travel agent.

Q2. Does Alaska Airlines charge for infants within the U.S.?

As per the Alaska Airlines infant policy, infants travel free of charge within the USA.

Q3. Do babies need an I.D. to fly Alaska Airlines?

Yes, the babies need an I.D. card o travel with Alaska Airlines, and in I.D.s, the airline only accepts passports, birth certificates, and other necessary document as required.

Q4. How much does adding a lap infant to my Alaska Airlines booking cost?

The amount a traveler has to pay to travel with a lap infant will vary as per the destination and type of their seat.

Q5. Is it possible to travel with a newborn baby with Alaska Airlines?

Yes, Alaska Airlines infant policy allows you to travel with your newborn babies. However, you have to show a fit-to-fly certificate issued by a doctor to the airline.

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