Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

It is common for passengers to make certain blunders with their details while booking a flight ticket. For instance, they might fill out inaccurate first name or last name or both. That’s when the Air New Zealand name change policy comes to rescue passengers and sidestep encumbrances during boarding.

Air New Zealand Name Change

While booking your flight ticket with Air New Zealand, make sure you know all the terms and conditions. However, this page has been created to educate you about the rules associated with Air New Zealand name correction/change and available troubleshooting techniques to fix the error. 

Rules For Air New Zealand Change Name On Ticket

According to the Air New Zealand name correction policy, you need to know some rules and regulations for fixing misspelled or incorrect names on tickets. All the terms and conditions  to change name on ticket are stated below - 

  • If you require name correction after 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, paying the air new zealand name change fee will be involved. 
  • Air New Zealand change passenger name is only permitted due to legal considerations like marriage and divorce. 
  • During the name correction process, the changes would be made by the official airline’s executive to secure the same fare class as before. In case if its not possible, the passenger’s reservation would be reissued in the higher fare class, subject to availability. Although fare difference will be applicable. 
  • Air New Zealand name correction policy allows only 3 characters for amendments in the wrong/misspelled first name, middle name, or last name.
  • While correcting your misspelled name on the ticket, no alterations will be allocated to travel dates, service classes, places of origin, or destinations. 
  • Only one reissue of the ticket is allowed per booking. 

Documents Needed For Air New Zealand Name Correction

During Air New Zealand change name on the ticket, legal identification proofs must be submitted. However, the documents required vary depending on the type of change you need with your name on the ticket. Take a look at the points below to gain a better understanding.

  • In case of minor name corrections like spelling or grammatical errors or typos, you must submit your valid government-approved ID proof corresponding to the correct name details. 
  • For legal name changes (marriage or divorce), you will be asked to submit marriage certificates, court orders or divorce papers in order to get your request fixed. 

Note - All the above-mentioned documents will be taken as a piece of evidence to ensure the passenger requesting a name change is genuine.

Eligibility For Air NZ Name Change

Checking eligibility is always a crucial step to avoid unforeseen boarding troubles. Make sure you read Air New Zealand name change policy while booking. 

However, there are two cases of name change - Minor and Major name corrections. Minor spelling mistakes with your name on the ticket include small errors with your name’s letters and typos. On the other hand, significant name changes will include legal name alterations due to marriage, divorce, or adoption. 

Types of Air NZ Name Corrections

Air New Zealand allows several kinds of name corrections/changes on passenger’s flight tickets. Here are the main types of modifications. 

Type 1 -  Fixing Typographical Errors 

Troubleshooting typographical errors refers to correcting minor spelling mistakes in the passenger’s name. A traveler can correct up to three characters for free. The rule applies to both first name and last name.  

Type 2 - Legal Name Changes 

Legal name changes include a passenger name change due to marriage, divorce or other possible reasons. According to the Air New Zealand change name on ticket, a passenger is allowed to change their surname (last name) by submitting the necessary legal documents like marriage certificate, court orders, divorce papers etc. 

Type 3 - Correcting The Title Associated With the Passenger’s Name

During the booking process, there may be a title error or misplacement (Mr as Mrs or Mrs as Mr). Passengers are entitled to contact customer support service if they need to alter the title associated with their name on the flight ticket.  

How To Change Name On Air New Zealand Ticket? 

To alter the misspelled name on your Air New Zealand flight ticket, you may use the online way through the official website. Moreover, they can call the customer support department for on-call assistance. 

Method 1 - Air New Zealand Name Change Online

Through the official website of Air NZ, you will be able to modify the incorrect name on your ticket by submitting a few legal documents. The process includes the simple steps mentioned below. 

  • Step 1 - Open the official website of Air New Zealand.
  • Step 2 - Navigate to the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Step 3 - Enter the ticket number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Step 4 - Opt for the ticket name change request.
  • Step 5 - Tap on the “Change” option to retrieve your itinerary.
  • Step 6 - Continue with the process to correct the wrong name on the ticket. 
  • Step 7 - After modifying, tap on the Save button.
  • Step 8 - After the name change process is done, you will receive the confirmation on your registered mail ID. 

Method 2 - Air New Zealand Name Correction Offline 

Calling the customer service number for Air New Zealand change passenger name or alter a misspelled name is also an option for passengers. Look at the instructions below - 

  • Step 1 - Dial Air New Zealand phone number  1 (800) 262-1234 or +1-800-865-1848 in case you can’t reach the official representative due to any technical difficulties. 
  • Step 2 - Follow the IVR instructions by selecting your preferred language. 
  • Step 3 - Press 1 to change the flight departure date.
  • Step 4 - Press 2 to cancel the reservation. 
  • Step 5 - Press 3 to reserve a seat. 
  • Step 6 - Press 4 to speak with the representative.
  • Step 7 - Press 5 for discounts and bargains.
  • Step 8 - Press 6 for missed flight assistance.
  • Step 9 - Tap 7 to return to the menu.

Choose the preferred option to speak with the live agent and request them to correct your name under the Air New Zealand name change policy. 

Points To Know When You Reach Customer Support For Name Change

  •  Keep your six-digit booking reference number or e-ticket number with you when you speak with the airline’s representatives. 
  • You may ask for any kind of name correction/change on the call.
  • Be ready with the proofs as you may asked to submit a copy of official travel documents as identification. 
  • If your booking is not eligible for free name corrections, you will have to pay the name correction cost as per the guidelines. 

Air New Zealand Name Change Fee

Every Air New Zealand change name on a ticket request requires charges, which may vary based on the type of alterations and the time of the request. 

In the following overview of the Air New Zealand name change fee, you'll be able to find every single detail regarding the fees you'll have to pay for different requests. 

Name Correction Type Travel To And From the United States Travel Within New Zealand & Australia Other International Routes
Name Alteration up to 3 characters 100 USD Free 100 USD
Name Correction beyond 3 characters 200 USD 75 USD 250 USD
Name Change due to Marriage or Divorce 250 USD 75 USD 250 USD

Can I Transfer My Air New Zealand Ticket To Someone Else?

As per the change passenger name guidelines of Air New Zealand, all the tickets are non-transferable to another passenger. If you are no longer ready to fly or need to change your plans for whatever reason, you can cancel your ticket and rebook for another person.

Can I Change My Last Name On An Air New Zealand Ticket?

Yes, Air New Zealand change passenger name is allocated under legal circumstances like marriage, divorce, or adoption. However, your request won’t be approved until legal documents like marriage certificates, court orders, and divorce papers are submitted. 

Do I Need To Have My Middle Name On Air New Zealand Ticket?

No, as per the Air New Zealand change name on ticket guidelines, your first name and last name on the ticket should match the name on your government-approved identification. A missing middle name on the ticket or a wrong middle name will no longer affect your journey.  

Need Help Regarding Air New Zealand Change Passenger Name? 

To receive complete assistance for amending the wrong name on Air New Zealand flight ticket, passengers are advised to dial the customer service number: 1 (800) 262-1234. However, sometimes you can’t get through to the official executive. The representative may not be available due to technical difficulties. If this is the case, call +1-800-865-1848 for 24/7 quick response from the OTA experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I request an Air New Zealand name change online?

Visit Air New Zealand website > Manage Booking > Enter ticket number and passenger’s name > Tap on the change option to retrieve your booking > Edit your wrong name > Pay the applicable charges (If any) > Submit the asked documents > Save the changes.

Q2. How long does it take to process a name change on Air New Zealand ticket?

Changing wrong name on an Air New Zealand ticket may take 24 hours or more it depending on the time you are requesting. If you request within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket, it will be free of charge.

Q3. What types of name changes are allowed on Air New Zealand ticket?

Corrections for spelling mistakes, modifications for swapped first and last names, and changes due to marriage or divorce, with appropriate documentation, are allowed.

Q4. What documents are required for a Air NZ name change?

There may no documents required for minor spelling corrections with the name on ticket. However, significant legal name changes due to marriage or divorce will need a marriage certificate, court papers as per your request.

Q5. Can I make an Air NZ name correction at the airport?

Yes, you can. But it is not recommended to reduce the changes of possible delays and complications. Hence, make sure you check your ticket once it’s confirmed and request immediately if you encounter any error in the information.

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