Copa Airlines Name Change Policy

People often want to know what to do if they misspell their name on their Copa Airlines flight ticket. Even while it seems simple to spell your name correctly, very few of us are constantly vigilant. In general, Copa Airlines name change policy helps you change your name on the ticket. Thus, there is no need to worry if you have made a typo while booking a ticket.

Copa Airlines name change Policy

Copa Airlines offers the possibility of making name corrections to already-issued tickets that meet the conditions established for their applicability. Hence, to make corrections to your name with Copa, check all the crucial information about Copa Airlines name change fee, conditions, methods, and more.

What is Copa Airlines Name Change Policy?

The Copa Airlines name change policy allows passengers to change their name via online and offline methods. However, the airlines do not allow entire name modifications through the web portal. For this, You must contact the Copa Airlines customer service team to make significant changes.

Copa Airlines Name Change Policy: Terms & Conditions

Copa name correction policy provides a few possibilities to correct a name on a flight ticket already issued. To go ahead with the change, the following terms and conditions will be in effect:

  • As per the Copa name change policy, if you have to change the name on the ticket, don't use any of its segments.
  • To apply for any correction in your ticket, you must do it via the online name correction form.
  • The name change request would be applicable only to the unused portion of the flight. 
  • Only one name correction is permitted under the policy.
  • The request to correct the first, middle, and last names can't add up to more than three characters under the Copa name correction policy
  • You must pay some charges to change the name on the Copa Airlines existing ticket.

Copa Airlines Name Corrections Types

Sharing the following situations where you are allowed to change or correct the names as per the Copa name correction policy:

1 - Inverted first and last name: It means the passenger can reverse the order of your name, like the name as Surname and Surname as a name.

2 - Eliminating the middle or Surname: Suppose the name is not included in your travel documents. Therefore, you are permitted to remove it from your ticket. 

3 - Add name or Surname: if the name is missing on your ticket, but you mentioned it in your documents. Then, you are allowed to add it by submitting relevant documents.

4 - Legal reasons: if your last name is different from the one on your marriage certificate and divorce documents, you can change it by providing your marriage and divorce documents. 

5 - Typo errors: Passengers can rectify the error of up to three characters.

Required Documents For Copa Airlines Name Correction 

When requesting a Copa name change on a ticket, you must typically submit legal documents to verify the change. Here are some accepted identification documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • Government-issued ID card
  • You may be asked to submit a Marriage certificate (due to marriage). 
  • Court order if the name change is due to a legal process.

How to Change Name on Copa Airlines Ticket?

When traveling by air, mistakes can be brought on by name error issues. Hence, it's crucial that your name should be correctly mentioned on your reservation ticket. Copa Airlines has the best alternatives to correct your name on the flight ticket. Enlisted below are a few methods through which you can start the Copa Airlines name change process.

Method 1 - Name Correction Through The Web

You can correct your personal information on the flight ticket by utilizing the online web feature through these steps:

  • Open the Copa Airlines official website on your preferred browser.
  • Tap on the manage booking option.
  • Fill out the required information, like the confirmation code and your first or last name. 
  • Click on your profile and go to the edit section.
  • Pay the Copa Airlines name change fee if required.
  • Select the submit button.

Method 2 - Name Alteration Via Customer Support

The easiest way to change name on Copa Airlines ticket is through the customer support team. Flyers can dial 1-786-8402672, and then you have to follow the IVR instructions to get in touch with an agent. Also, you can dial online travel agency number: +1-800-865-1848 OTA, if you want 24/7 availability because the Copa Airlines name change phone number is only available for assistance from 5:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., Monday to Sunday. 

Method 3 - Name Change At The Ticket Counter

When you arrive at the airport, the help desk or ticket counter may be the initial spot to alert you of a problem with your flight. Simply go to the helpdesk, share the details, and the agent will help you with the appropriate information.

Copa Airlines Name Change Fee

Copa Airlines allows free name changes to economy classic, economy flex, economy full, business promo, and business full classes at one time. However, you need to pay $50 as a Copa Airlines name change fee for the basic fare if you purchased the ticket directly or indirectly from the airline.

Copa Airlines Name Change Policy Additional Information

The value of the Copa Airlines name correction charge in Colombia varies depending on the value of the fare contained in the ticket for the international routes. In the case of domestic routes, the current price stipulated for routes within Colombia applies. If the reservation was issued in USD and the customer indicates that they are in Colombia, the amount will be charged in COP for issues of handling the country's currency. 

However, if the reservation is issued in USD, but the passenger is outside of Colombia, the Copa Airlines name change fee is charged in USD. Moreover, the airline allows free name changes to economy classic, economy full, business promo, and business full classes at one time. 

What is The Copa Airlines Name Change Phone Number?

If you need professional assistance and guidance to start the Copa name change process, you can dial the toll-free number 1-786-8402672. However, you can use this independent support number +1-800-865-1848 OTA to get 24/7 assistance as the airlines' official helpline is available 5:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., Monday to Sunday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Copa Airlines name change policy?

Copa Airlines name change policy allows passengers to make minor name corrections or rectify spelling errors for free. However, major changes or transferring tickets to another person may involve fees or the purchase of a new ticket.

Q2. Can I change my name on the Copa Airlines ticket?

Yes, Copa Airlines allows name changes on tickets in certain cases. However, specific conditions, fees, and requirements may apply. Contact Copa Airlines for assistance and guidance.

Q3. How can I change name on Copa Airlines through the website?

Visit the official Copa Airlines website> tap the My Trip option> enter the last name and confirmation code > pay the Copa Airlines name change fee > save all the changes > select the submit button > wait until you receive Copa name change on ticket confirmation.

Q4. What is the Copa Airlines name change fee?

Copa Airlines name change fee varies depending on the specific circumstances and the type of ticket. However, it may fluctuate between $25 to $125.

Q5. I need to transfer the ticket to someone else. Does Copa Airlines name change policy allow that?

Under the Copa Airlines name change policy, the passenger is not permitted to replace the name on the ticket of one passenger with another. This would come under transferring the ticket ownership, which is impossible under any circumstances.

Q6. Can I correct or add the middle name on the Copa Airlines Ticket?

It is still possible when the first or middle name is absent, but one of them is still included on the ticket since Copa Airlines will correct the problem for a one-time cost.

Q7. Can the first name be changed on the Copa Airlines flight ticket?

Copa Airlines allows changes to the first name on a ticket. However, specific conditions and fees apply. Contact the airline for guidance and assistance regarding the Copa name correction policy.

Q8. What are the rules passengers should consider to change name on Copa Airlines flight ticket?

According to the Copa Airline name change rules, the passenger name on the ticket must match the name on their passport or other travel documents. Plus, Only one name change is allowed per ticket, and no more than three characters may be added to the first, middle, or last names.

Q9. Can I make a Copa Airlines name correction if my spelling is wrong?

Yes, you can go for a Copa Airlines name correction process. It allows minor spelling alterations. However, please keep in mind that only a few character limit alterations are allowed to be made to your name.

Q10. Can I make a Copa Airlines change name on ticket by contacting a live agent?

Yes, you can generally make a Copa Airline name change by contacting a live agent. They will guide you through the process and any associated fees.

Q11. How can I call the airlines to change name on Copa Airlines ticket?

Call their customer service hotline to change the name on your Copa Airlines ticket. Provide your booking details and follow their instructions for Copa Airlines name corrections.

Q12. Is it possible to transfer a ticket to someone else name with Copa Airlines?

No, you cannot transfer your already booked ticket to anyone else at Copa Airlines. This is against the Copa Airlines name change policy, and you can put your flight on hold in case you are caught doing this.

Q13. What documents do we need to change name on Copa Airlines flight ticket?

To start Copa Airlines change name on ticket process, you typically need government-issued photo identification and the relevant supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate or court order, if applicable.

Q14. Does Copa Airlines name change policy allow name changes with date, time, and destination?

The airlines permit travelers to change their names in addition to the change in flight destination, time, and date. However, you need to pay the fee of $75.

Q15. Can frequent flyer members of Copa Airlines change name on their ticket without any fee?

Preferred members holding gold, silver, or star gold membership have to pay the rectification fee when tickets are reserved through the travel agency.

Q16. What is Copa Airlines name change phone number I can use to start the process?

you can connect with the agent on the toll-free number at 1-786-8402672 to initiate the Copa name change process.

Q17. Can a passenger change name on Copa Airlines ticket if it was purchased from a third-party agent?

Yes, the Copa Airlines change name on ticket process is accepted if the ticket is purchased through third-party agents but may be subject to additional restrictions and fees.

Q18. Can I change my name on the ticket without paying the Copa Airlines name change fee?

Usually, there is a specific fee under the Copa name correction policy. However, legal name changes can be corrected without incurring a service Copa name change fee. The only consideration is to submit valid documents to support the request.

Q19. How can the Copa Airline name change process be initiated at the airport?

Visit the Airline ticketing or customer service desk at the airport to start the Copa Airline name change process. They will help you with the appropriate procedures and any payments involved.

Q20. Is Copa Airline name change marriage permitted?

Copa Airlines typically allows name changes due to marriage. All you need is a marriage certificate as supporting documentation to proceed with the Copa Airline name change process.

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