Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy

Errors can happen, and they can sometimes lead to costly consequences. If you've made a reservation with Lufthansa and realized that there's an issue with your name, there's no need to panic. In compliance with Lufthansa name change on ticket policy, the name on a ticket can be amended or rectified.

Lufthansa name change policy

We'll review the steps to take if you need to change your name today and learn important information about fees and restrictions. Therefore, read on to see how Lufthansa can assist, whether you're worried about the misspelled name or the missing middle initial.

What Is Lufthansa Name Correction Policy?

Lufthansa ticket name change policy allows passengers to make necessary changes or corrections to the name on their ticket. The airline permits minor corrections, such as fixing typos or misspellings, at no extra charge. 

However, for significant Lufthansa name correction, they may require passengers to rebook the ticket, which could involve additional fees, depending on the fare type and destination. Passengers should contact Lufthansa's customer service or visit their website for specific guidance and assistance regarding name corrections on their tickets.

How Lufthansa Name Change Guidelines Can Affect Your Ticket?

The name on the airline ticket must exactly match the name on the passenger's official document (passport, ID card), according to Lufthansa name correction policy. Passengers should always ensure that their names are appropriately put on the ticket when making a reservation. 

The rules for changing the name on a Lufthansa ticket are as follows, and they must be followed: 

  • The flight must have the LH flight number and be run by Lufthansa Airlines.
  • There may only be one change name Lufthansa, per ticket.
  • According to Lufthansa name change on ticket policy, changing the passenger's name is unauthorized.
  • The Lufthansa name change policy only applies to individual reservations.
  • The name on a Lufthansa ticket may be changed in accordance with the contract if a group booking does so.
  • In a mixed PNR that also includes flying segments from other airlines, any inaccuracies made by Lufthansa regarding the name on the ticket cannot be accepted or carried out.

Which Types Of Modification Is Permitted By Lufthansa Name Correction Policy?

The sorts of adjustments listed below are those that are permissible under the change name Lufthansa policy. 

1 -Legal Name Change

If the following conditions apply, you may change passenger name Lufthansa in accordance with the legal name change. 

  • For reasons such as gender reassignment, divorce, marriage, legal requirements, and/or the need for a new passport or official ID, the airline permits passengers to alter their names.
  • If the legal Lufthansa name correction process was successfully completed between the booking date and the day of the flight, you may request a change. 
  • For any legal changes, the person traveling must be verified using the most recent, legitimate documentation available.

2- Misspelled Name

Every alteration is not considered a name correction by Lufthansa Airlines. The following adjustments are permitted under Lufthansa name change policy:

  • The initial name, middle name, or last name may be changed by up to two letters.
        Example: Seelna to Selena
  • You can also request that nicknames be altered as well. 
        Example: John to Johnathon
  • The name of Lufthansa may be corrected when it appears incorrectly or inverted by the Lufthansa Agency Support. 
        Peter/William to William/Peter
  • Passengers who purchased tickets in Brazil or India can get in touch with the Lufthansa service department to seek Lufthansa name correction and changes. 

Restrictions To Change Name On Lufthansa Ticket

  • The initial name, middle name, or last name cannot be changed by more than two letters.
  • Passengers with their first and last names reversed, nicknames or legal name modifications are exceptions. 
  • Changes were made to the middle name in the passenger's entire name. 
  • If the traveler hasn't had a name change as a result of marriage or divorce, the second family name may be added or removed. 
  • If there is an incorrect or missing input, titles like Mr., Mrs., or Ms. and academic titles like Dr. or Prof. cannot be changed, deleted, or added. 
  • The ticket cannot be transferred, and a new ticket must be provided before another passenger may board.
  • If a new person boards a ticket instead of an earlier passenger, the previous ticket will be reimbursed. 

How Can I Request A Name Change On My Ticket With Lufthansa?

Within the allotted time, passengers can request a name change on a fare ticket through the mentioned methods:

Method 1 - Lufthansa Ticket Name Change Via Online/Website

In the "Lufthansa Manage booking" area of the website, travelers can submit a request to Lufthansa name correction on an existing reservation. The following is how to apply:

  • To access the reservation under "Manage Booking," enter the passenger's last name and the six-character booking reference code. 
  • To alter the name on your booking with Lufthansa, click the "Name Change" button in the upper right corner of the website. 
  • Read the directions before requesting a Lufthansa flight ticket name change to the first, middle, or last name of up to two letters. 
  • Keep in mind that the website only handles tickets that have been directly booked with Lufthansa. 
  • Select the incorrect names, then type the right names in their place. 
  • Verify that the name matches the travel papers. 
  • To process the request, upload the papers to the site with the updated name. 
  • Save the data you've entered.
  • Your browser will take you to a checkout page. Pay the Lufthansa name change fee in accordance with the request. 
  • Passengers could be responsible for covering any applicable fare variations and additional fees. 
  • The new ticket is dependent on supply. The amended ticket is for a lesser or identical class of cabin. 
  • A request confirmation will be sent to your registered phone number or postal address. 

Method 2 - Name Correction On Lufthansa Ticket At The Airport

The travelers can arrive at the airport early to submit Lufthansa name change on ticket and other requests for seat changes or selections, special dietary needs, etc. 

Here is how to make a name change request at the airport:

  • Get to the airport's help/assistance desk. 
  • Let Lufthansa know if you want the passenger name on the ticket changed. 
  • Give the flight number, ticket/PNR reference code, or booking ID. 
  • Share any name-related mistakes and give the proper name as it appears on official papers. 
  • The agent will inquire as to why the adjustment was made. 
  • Mention the legal justifications, such as adoption, marriage, divorce, misspellings, or name changes. 
  • Copy of marriage or divorce decrees, government-issued IDs, and other papers should be submitted. 
  • Pay the Lufthansa name change fee and any additional fees for changing classes, fares, etc. 

Method 3 - Lufthansa Ticket Name Change Via Call

You can contact one of the Airline's call executives at +1 800 862 8621 or dial  +1-800-865-1848 to reach online travel agency if you need assistance submitting the Lufthansa flight ticket name change request using alternative channels. To alter the name on a Lufthansa ticket, follow these steps:

  • Go to the "Connect with us/Help and Contact" tab and choose the Lufthansa phone number. 
  • Give the ticket number or the code for the booking confirmation. 
  • Tell the agent about the name's misspelled characters. 
  • Give your name exactly as it appears on your official ID and travel papers. 
  • Pay the applicable fare differences and the name change cost. 
  • The airline mails and calls the registered number to confirm the name change. 

Method 4 - Name Correction on Ticket Via Live Chat

Passengers can ask questions and submit requests by contacting the live chat assistant. Be sure to have your ticket reference number and booking confirmation code on hand (if applicable).

Here's how to use Lufthansa's live chat service:

  • Go to the website's "Connect with us" option. 
  • Select to speak with the online chat agent. 
  • Either select an option from the list or put in your request. 
  • "Name change" should be entered. Give the ticket code or the PNR for the reservation. 
  • Obey the directions displayed on the screen. Pick the appropriate concern category. 
  • In the dialog box seen on the gateway, type the new name. 
  • Send the request in. Pay the appropriate fare differences and the Lufthansa ticket name change cost. 
  • Confirming your request to change name Lufthansa aircraft will be sent to the address or phone number you provided. 

What Documents Are Required For Lufthansa Name Change?

To seek a name change or correction on a Lufthansa ticket, travelers must submit the following documentation:

  • A government-issued form of identification (such as a passport, license, or voting credentials)
  • Documents such as a marriage certificate, legal notification, or divorce document are used to validate name changes.
  • Passport and Visa.
  • Receipt for the Name change.

What Are The Rules For Lufthansa Name Change On Ticket?

The following rules will be followed when handling your request to have your passenger name changed on a flight with Lufthansa: 

  • Modify Your Name On Ticket: Passengers may modify their first, middle, or last name up to two characters according to Lufthansa's policy on name changes. The two-character limit is a combined figure and should not be interpreted as two characters for the first, middle, and last names, respectively. 
  • Change Middle Name On Ticket: Passengers on Lufthansa can change, add, or remove their middle names. In these situations, a request for re-issuance would be taken into consideration, and flights would be rebooked in the same class or one that was lower or higher. The Lufthansa name change fee, as well as any relevant fare difference, will be the responsibility of the passengers. 
  • Critical Name Change: According to Lufthansa's policy on name changes, customers may ask to have their names changed if certain conditions apply. 
    • Marriage request for a name change at Lufthansa.
    • Middle name or last name change due to divorce.
    • New legal name on Government Issued-ID.

What Is The No Last Name Policy For Lufthansa?

Lufthansa's no-last name policy necessitates ensuring your first and last name on the ticket is accurate. Contact their customer support at +49 69 86 799 799. If the line is busy, you can also opt to call an online travel agency assistant at  +1-800-865-1848 to inform them of the situation, likely requiring government-issued identification displaying your full name. Upon approval, you can proceed with boarding using only your first name, adhering to Lufthansa's policy. This process ensures a hassle-free travel experience in line with the airline's specific requirements.

What Is Lufthansa Name Change Fee For Different Fare Types?

The change name Lufthansa cost varies based on the kind of ticket you've bought. There is typically more flexibility and a reduced price for name changes for Flex and Business Class flights. The restrictions and costs are often tougher and more expensive for Economy and Basic Economy tickets. 

It's important to be aware of these differences before making a reservation because the specifics may vary depending on the terms of your ticket and the route you're taking. When making modifications 24 hours after booking, Lufthansa normally doesn't charge anything, but beyond that, there may be a small fee of a new ticket. To avoid any unpleasant surprises while making modifications to your reservation, always carefully review the airline's terms and conditions.

Can I Board With An Incorrect Name On Lufthansa? 

No, It may be difficult to board if your name is spelled incorrectly on your Lufthansa ticket, especially if it differs from the name on your identification. Most airlines demand that the name on your ticket closely match the name on your passport or other official identification.

How Can I Contact Customer Service For Lufthansa Name Change?

Please call +1 800 862 8621 to talk with a Lufthansa representative regarding the Lufthansa name correction policy. You may also opt to dial +1-800-865-1848 to speak at online travel agency, as it may occasionally be challenging to contact the officials owing to poor connectivity.

Note: Flying Rules are intended to provide passengers with information regarding airline policies. Therefore, all information presented here is authentic and has been taken from official sources. Nonetheless, as a service provider, we strive to enhance your travel experience, regardless of the airline. Please take note that we at Flying Rules are not liable for the actions of the official airlines and will not be held accountable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When I get married, can I alter my name on my Lufthansa ticket?

Passengers may seek name changes in accordance with Lufthansa name change policy for reasons of legality. For a traveler to legally change their first, middle, or last name, or any/all of these names together, Lufthansa must receive legal paperwork.

Q2. How often may I alter my name on a Lufthansa ticket?

As per Lufthansa name change policy, each Lufthansa Airlines ticket only allows one name change. For more accurate information, you can contact Lufthansa customer support at +49 69 86 799 799. Alternatively, you can call +1-800-865-1848 to talk with third-party representatives, as it may not always be easy to reach the officials.

Q3. How can I alter the middle name on my Lufthansa ticket?

You can change up to two initials in your middle name. Call +1 800 862 8621 to speak with Lufthansa customer service for more precise information. If it's difficult to reach the officials due to technical issues, you may also phone +1-800-865-1848 to speak with third-party personnel.

Q4. Can a Lufthansa ticket be transferred to another person?

No, the Lufthansa name change policy forbids transferring tickets to another person.

Q5. When flying with Lufthansa, is it required that my middle name be entered?

The name that appears on official papers and the airplane ticket must match. However, a middle name is not required while booking as soon as your first and last name matches the name on your government-approved ID.

Q6. How do I contact Lufthansa customer service?

Dial +1 800 862 8621 to speak with Lufthansa customer service. If it's inconceivable to reach the officials, you may also call +1-800-865-1848 to speak with third-party professionals.

Q7. Can you change a name on a Lufthansa flight online?

Yes, you can visit the official website of Lufthansa and change your name from the “Manage Booking” area. But always read the policy before starting the procedure.

Q8. Can I change name on Lufthansa ticket at the airport?

Yes, the passengers can arrive early at the airport assistant desk to request name changes on tickets issued by Lufthansa.

Q9. Is the Lufthansa name change fee the same for all fares?

The Lufthansa name change fee varies depending on factors like the ticket type and destination, so it's not the same for all flights.

Q10. Do Lufthansa frequent flyers receive any name change fee discounts?

Lufthansa frequent flyers may receive Lufthansa name correction fee discounts or waivers depending on their loyalty status, but specific benefits vary by membership level and individual circumstances.

Q11. What are the consequences of not changing the wrong name on my Lufthansa ticket?

Not changing the wrong name on a Lufthansa ticket can result in denial of boarding, cancellation of the reservation, or forfeiture of the ticket with potential financial losses.

Q12. Is the name change process different for Lufthansa group bookings?

Yes, the Lufthansa name correction process for Lufthansa group bookings often differs from individual bookings, with specific policies and procedures applicable to group reservations.

Q13. Are there any name change fees for infants or children traveling with an adult?

Infants and young children flying on Lufthansa with an adult may be subject to name change costs. However, this might vary depending on the circumstances and ticket type. For further information, contact Lufthansa customer support at +1 800 862 8621. You may call +1-800-865-1848 to consult with third-party experts if it's hard to reach the authorities.

Q14. Does Lufthansa offer any options to correct minor name spelling errors without a fee?

Lufthansa may provide options to correct minor name spelling errors at no cost, but this is subject to Lufthansa name change policies and the specific nature of the error.

Q15. Is there a deadline to change the name on a Lufthansa ticket?

Depending on the particular circumstances and ticket type, Lufthansa's regulations may include a deadline for Lufthansa name change on ticket. For further information, contact Lufthansa customer support at +1 800 862 8621. If contacting the authorities is problematic, you can call +1-800-865-1848 to talk with third-party experts regarding Lufthansa name change deadlines.

Q16. Can I change the name on a Lufthansa ticket if it's already been checked in?

Lufthansa name change on ticket after check-in may be subject to different Lufthansa restrictions. Name changes are frequently more difficult once check-in has taken place.

Q17. Are there any situations where Lufthansa might waive the name change fee?

Lufthansa may consider waiving the Lufthansa name change fee in exceptional circumstances, such as bereavement or emergencies. Individual cases are typically reviewed based on their specific circumstances.

Q18. Are there special considerations for name changes on Lufthansa business class tickets?

Lufthansa name correction policies regarding name modification on business class tickets may differ from economy class tickets. Check their specific terms and conditions by calling customer support at +1 800 862 8621. Dial +1-800-865-1848 to speak with third-party specialists if contacting the authorities proves difficult.

Q19. Can I change the name on my Lufthansa ticket for a future travel date?

There may be differences in how Lufthansa handles name changes for future travel dates. It is critical to refer to Lufthansa name change unique terms and conditions by calling to the customer support department.

Q20. Can I change the name on a Lufthansa ticket if I have a non-refundable fare?

Lufthansa name change policies on altering the name on a non-refundable fare ticket can vary. It's best to check their specific terms and conditions for guidance.

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