Royal Jordanian Name Change Policy

Did you notice a wrong/misspelled name on your confirmed Royal Jordanian flight ticket? Royal Jordanian name change policy permits passengers to correct a misspelled name on a flight ticket.

Royal Jordanian Name Change Policy

While booking, make sure you follow all the suggested instructions as per the policy so that expected name errors can be minimized. However, there are online/offline ways to change the Royal Jordanian name on the ticket. This page is aimed to educate you about all the rules associated with the name change or correction. 

What Is Royal Jordanian Name Change/Correction Policy?

The aviation industry understands how often a small name error can spoil your journey. Hence Royal Jordanian change name on ticket guidelines allows you to tackle name error issues on your flight ticket by requesting an alteration on it.

Passengers can use the official website to correct the wrong Royal Jordanian name on the ticket or may take help from the customer support department for major name correction requests. However, the Royal Jordanian name change fee completely depends on the fare type you purchased and time your are requesting for the name alteration.  

Highlights On Royal Jordanian Change Name On Ticket

It’s common to make silly mistakes while booking a flight ticket like name mistakes. To avoid name mistakes on your flight ticket, make sure you keep all the following terms and conditions into account. 

  • Passengers may correct their misspelled name on the ticket before departure.

  • Users are allowed to amend only up to three characters for free. 

  • In the event you want to change name on Royal Jordanian tickets completely, you need to pay certain charges.

  • In specific circumstances, when the airline does not allow modification with the name on the ticket, you have to cancel your ticket and rebook with a corrected name. 

  • For Royal Jordanian name change due to marriage or divorce, a marriage certificate or court orders will be required as per your situation. 

  • When your ticket was booked from a third-party agency, you need to approach them for correction. 

  • Passengers can directly speak with the Royal Jordanian representative via the customer support number and get help. 

Types Of Royal Jordanian Name Correction/Change Types

Passengers may encounter name errors of different types. Royal Jordanian name change on ticket guidelines allows passengers to request corrections on the following circumstances. 

1 - Typographical Errors

Typographical errors refer to spelling mistakes made while booking a flight ticket. There is a name correction procedure for the misspelled name on ticket. In major typographical error cases, you need to cancel your booking and book a new one with the correct spelling. 

2 - Name Change Due To Marriage/Divorce

Passengers who wish to change their last name after marriage or getting divorced may apply the request under the Royal Jordanian name change policy. However, legal documents need to be submitted for real identity verification. For instance, in marriage cases, you have to submit your marriage certificate. Moreover, divorce decree or court orders will be required in divorce cases. 

3 - Fixing Unordered First/Last Name

Sometimes, a passenger may find his first or last name in an incorrect order. As per the Roral Jordanian name alteration rules, you are allowed to correct and fix the sequence of your first name and last name. 

Necessary Documentation For Royal Jordanian Name Change On Ticket

Depending on the passenger’s request to correct Royal Jordanian wrong name on ticket, there are different requirements for documents. For instance - 

  • To correct your misspelled name on Royal Jordanian ticket, you will need to provide a copy of your passport or identification proof showing the correct spelling of your name. 

  • For Jordanian change name on ticket due to marriage, marriage certificate will be required. For divorce cases, court orders will be required. 

Royal Jordanian Name Correction 24 Hours Policy

Royal Jordanian 24 hours name change policy refers to the rules that allow a passenger to modify their name on a ticket within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. This is known as a risk-free period where the whole name correction procedure is free of cost. However, when this risk-free period passes, you will be liable to pay Royal Jordanian name change fee. 

How To Change Name On Royal Jordanian Flight Ticket?

To change name on Royal Jordanian flight ticket, there are multiple approaches to consider. You may use the official Roral Jordanian Airlines website or may dial their customer support number to directly talk with the executive and find solutions. 

Method 1 - Royal Jordanian Change Name On Ticket Via Website

Passengers can use the official website and request to alter the Jordanian name on the ticket by following the steps below - 

  • Step 1 - Visit the official website of Royal Jordanian Airlines. 
  • Step 2 - Tap on the option “Manage Booking”
  • Step 3 - Enter the customer’s last name and reservation number. 
  • Step 4 - Hit the search button. 
  • Step 5 - Choose the relevant flight from the available list of bookings. 
  • Step 6 - Alter the wrong name on your ticket. 
  • Step 7 - Pay the applicable charges to finish the procedure. 
  • Step 8 - Once the process is done, the executive will send you a confirmation on your registered mail ID. 

Method 2 - Royal Jordanian Name Correction Via Call

Passengers who need mutual assistance on call for Royal Jordanian name correction may dial the customer support number and directly speak with the representative. 

  • Step 1 - Dial the Royal Jordanian name alteration phone number +962.6.5100000 or Contact a third-party agent at +1-800-865-1848. (if the official number is unreachable). 
  • Step 2 - Once the agent is connected, explain that you wish to change the misspelled name on your ticket.
  • Step 3 - Provide your booking details, like reservation number and last name. 
  • Step 4 - Submit your supporting documents as per the situation. 
  • Step 5 - Pay the name change/correction fee.       

Method 3 - Name Alteration on Ticket At the Airport

Sometimes, travelers aren’t satisfied with the on-call and online assistance. They need virtual, in-person assistance at the airport for more clarification and satisfaction. Once a passenger finds the error with the name on the ticket, they can visit the airport and talk to the customer support executive at the airport. They are 24/7 available to assist you with name correction requests. 

Royal Jordanian Name Change Fee

Royal Jordanian name change fee can range based completely on the fare guidelines, destinations, timing of the name change request and ticket type. Hence, you should be prepared to pay the charges. While the change passenger name procedure, make sure you inquire about the fee and avoid complicated charges. 

How To Avoid Royal Jordanian Name Correction Cost?

To avoid name correction costs on Royal Jordanian flight tickets, you must try to contact the customer support team within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. In this period of time, you will not need to pay any charges. 

Can I Travel With The  Royal Jordanian Wrong Name On Ticket?

No, traveling with the Royal Jordanian wrong name on ticket is not allowed. It may cause plenty of disruptions during accommodating the flight. As per the aviation regulations and Royal Jordanian name change policy, it’s necessary that the name on your ticket and the name on your Royal Jordanian ticket match to avoid future boarding complications. 

How To Change Last Name On Royal Jordanian Ticket?

Passengers change their last name due to legal reasons like marriage or divorce. To change the last name on the Royal Jordanian flight ticket, it's significant to reach the live representative for help. Dial +962.6.5100000 to speak with the official agent. Moreover, you may contact a third-party agent at +1-800-865-1848 when the official live person is unreachable. 

Should I Add Middle Name on Royal Jordanian Flight Ticket? 

Adding a middle name on a Royal Jordanian ticket is completely a passenger’s choice. However, as soon as your first name and last name match the names on your government-approved identification, you can board without a middle name. But, it is considered to thoroughly read the name change policy of Royal Jordanian prior name change process. 

Can I Transfer My Royal Jordanian Ticket To Someone Else? 

No, as per the Royal Jordanian name change policy, you can’t transfer or change the ownership of the ticket. In this case, first you need to cancel your flight and than rebook a flight with new passenger’s credentials. 

What Is The Email Address For The Royal Jordanian Name Change? 

Passengers who wish to change their name on the ticket using the email address may explain their query at [email protected] and get a response with appropriate assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the customer support number to change the name on Royal Jordanian tickets?

Passengers can dial +962.6.5100000 to speak with the live Royal Jordanian agent. However, to speak with the team of a third-party agency, contact at +1-800-865-1848 and get swift assistance.

Q2. How much does it cost to change name on Royal Jordanian flight ticket?

Royal Jordanian name change fees vary depending on the fare type you have purchased and the time you are requesting it.

Q3. What is the Royal Jordanian name correction 24-hour policy?

Royal Jordanian name correction/change 24-hour policy allows passengers to correct their wrong or misspelled name within 24 hours of booking a flight ticket free of cost.

Q4. How long does it take to amend Royal Jordanian wrong name on a ticket?

As soon as a passenger requests for Royal Jordanian name change on ticket, it may take from a few hours to 24 hours to correct the name on ticket.

Q5. How many characters are allowed while changing the name on Royal Jordanian ticket?

Passengers are allowed to change up to 3 characters of the incorrect name.

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