Unveiling The Best 6 Airline Lifetime Passes of 2024

Airline Lifetime Passes

In an age where travel is both a necessity and a luxury, the concept of unlimited flying has revolutionized how avid travelers and frequent flyers view air travel. The "all you can fly pass," an innovative offering by some forward-thinking airlines, allows passengers to take unlimited flights for a fixed period at a flat fee.

Many frequent travelers dream of unlimited flights, and with more airlines providing flight passes, that dream is getting closer to becoming a reality. This blog will explore the airline lifetime pass, which offers different flexibility and services.

What Is All You Can Fly Pass?

All You Can Fly Pass is a subscription service offered by airlines. These passes are designed to provide frequent flyers with cost-effective travel options and fill empty flight seats. Here are some Key features of a lifetime airline pass:

  • Unlimited flights within a particular network, sometimes limited to domestic routes or regions.

  • Different subscription periods, including quarterly, annual, and monthly.

  • Various classes or tiers offer varying degrees of flexibility or service.

  • Blackout dates and advance reservation requirements are used to control capacity.

  • Additional costs for various supplementary services, taxes, and airport fees.

All You Can Fly Pass Airlines: An Overview

While larger airlines are beginning to provide international ticket packages, certain low-cost carriers in the US and Canada offer quite generous packages for flight paths within North America.

Here are the best airlines that provide lifetime airline pass in North America and beyond. If you are planning a long-term trip or are a frequent traveler, take these into consideration.

1- Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airline lifetime pass is a subscription-based membership that grants you access to up to 24 roundtrips annually among 15 destinations in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.

Furthermore, this membership does not have blackout dates, so you can fly on major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving without paying additional costs. Mileage plan elite status members will get free updates to first—and premium-class seats when available.

2- Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is popular for its brand-new GoWild fly pass. You can access all of Frontier Airlines' domestic and international destinations with this one-time payment. That said, domestic flights are confirmed for one day before departure, while international flights can be confirmed up to 10 days from departure, so only purchase the pass if you are comfortable with last-minute travel.

Furthermore, flights are subject to blackout periods, so don't bank on using your GoWild pass over the holidays. However, you will have access to a veritable "all you can fly pass" service for the length of your monthly or annual pass for just the cost and taxes.

3- Air Canada Flight Pass

The Air Canada flight pass works slightly differently from its American counterparts, but it is still worth considering if you regularly travel to and from Canada. This airline lifetime pass is available based on zones and destinations, and unfortunately, it does not allow mixing and matching.

This means if you book one given destination to another, that's the only flight path you can easily access. It is best for students or business travelers who regularly communicate from school to home.

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4- Porter Airlines Pass

Porter Airlines is another Canadian airline that offers a fly pass worth considering if you travel to and from Canada regularly, especially since Porter Airlines has started a massive network expansion.

The Porter fly pass comes in the form of 10, 20, 50, or 100 prepaid flight credits, which are valid for one year after purchase. With this program, you can exchange flight credits with other passengers and customize your trip patterns. Remember that the Porter fly pass is only available for members of the VIPorter loyalty program, which is free to join.

5- Air Tahiti Multi-Island Pass

Air Tahiti is making it simpler than ever to see various islands during your trip to Tahiti. Various multi-island passes are available, ranging from the discovery pass to more comprehensive passes like the Bora Tuamotu max fly pass.

These packages could be a money saver if you are planning a long trip to French Polynesia, so do the math and check if they make more sense than purchasing flight tickets.

6- Southwest Airlines Companion Pass

This airline lifetime pass is different from the other flight passes, but it's worth mentioning. When members of Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards accrue 135,000 qualifying points in a calendar year, they are eligible to get a companion pass. After that, for the balance of the current year, members are able to use a companion pass on any Southwest flights.

Members may switch their designated partners up to three times a year. The companion pass applies to points reserved with cash or quick rewards points. Moreover, there are no usage limitations or deadlines, and it can be used on any local or international Southwest route.


A flight pass is an investment compared to buying a one-off flight, but if you travel multiple times per year, it might be worth looking into the airlines. Hence, the above information provides all the details on airlines that offer all you can fly pass. If you still have questions, contact each airline's customer service staff or use this OTA number: +1-800-865-1848 for a faster response.

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