Step-wise Detailed Guide on Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

Guide on Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

As the aviation industry is shooting up, the number of passengers who travel daily has soared. It results in rising traveler queries. The queries can be name change requests, flight change attempts, cancellation appeals, etc. Therefore, if you have bought a Hawaiian Airlines reservation and want to change your flight, you must glance through this post. In this post, we have talked about the Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy

With the help of the Hawaiian flight change policy, you can modify your flight in a few easy steps. We have mentioned almost every crucial detail regarding the flight change in this post. Let’s begin the read. 

What is Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Hawaiian flight change policy is pliable and detailed. It helps passengers to make adjustments to their Hawaiian flight tickets. With the help of this policy, a traveler can easily modify the flight. A customer has to follow the Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy & rules to execute the necessary changes in the flight. Here are the critical points of the Hawaiian change policy:

  • A passenger doesn’t need to pay the flight change fee for modifying the Main Cabin ticker or a higher fare.
  • If a ticket has been purchased with the Hawaiian Miles points, you will not require to pay any flight change fee.
  • A traveler can alter the Hawaiian flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase without paying any change charges. You must deliver the flight change fee if you request changes after the risk-free period.
  • Passengers can modify their Hawaiian tickets on the same day of departure. You can alter your flight up to one hour before the scheduled departure time.
  • If there are changes that cannot be fixed, then you must have to cancel the flight. With the help of Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you can revoke your ticket.

What are the Methods of Flight Modifications under the Hawaiian Flight Change Policy?

Hawaiian Airlines looks after its passengers and strives to provide convenience to them. Thus, it offers easy modes to alter the flight. A passenger can either use the official website of Hawaiian or the mobile app or call on its customer service number. Travelers choose the method of flight change at their convenience. 

Each of these methods is straightforward to use. Anyone can understand these methods and use them to modify the ticket. If you haven’t made modifications to the flight in time, you will have to cancel the flight. In case this happens. Try to cancel the flight within 24 hours to avoid a cancellation fee. According to the 24 hours Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you can revoke the ticket on the day of purchase without paying cancellation charges.

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Steps to Change Flight in Hawaiian Airlines

Now, when you know the Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy & rules. It’s time to understand the steps of moving forward with the execution of flight changes. The steps are comprehensible and easy to implement. Let’s glance over the following steps:

  • First - Go to the Hawaiian Official Website.
  • Second - Visit the “Manage Flights” tab.
  • Third - Navigate to the “My Trips” button.
  • Fourth - Fill in the necessary details like last name and six-digit confirmation code or ticket number.
  • Fifth - After filling in the details, press the “View My Trips” button. 
  • Sixth - Follow the “Alter Flight” link.
  • Seventh - Choose the passenger whose ticket you want to modify.
  • Eighth - Press on the flight you want to alter.
  • Ninth - Tick the “Search for New Flight” button after altering the route and travel dates.
  • Tenth - Pick a new flight.
  • Eleventh - Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Twelfth - Select new seats.
  • Thirteen - Review the itinerary and seats before pressing the “Book this Trip” section.
  • Fourteen - Wait for the confirmation email from Hawaiian Airlines.

That is how you can change the flight according to the Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy.

What are Hawaiian Flight Change Charges?

A passenger pays for flight changes depending on several factors. The factors range from flight type, date, origin, destination, etc. If you have booked a flight through Hawaiian Miles, you will pay $50. According to the Hawaiian flight change policy, if you reserved a ticket through a third-party agency, you have to pay an additional fee. 

A domestic traveler will pay $200 as a change fee for attempting modifications to the ticket. However, if you have purchased through Hawaiian Miles, you will pay $50. 

Summing up Hawaiian Flight Change Guide

No matter what kind of change you want to execute, the Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy can assist every passenger. From modifying the date to altering the time, a traveler can apply flight changes readily. When you are booked with Hawaiian Airlines, it is not much of a hassle. Hawaiian Airlines looks after passengers' requirements and put their convenience a top priority.

Whether it's a cancellation policy or a flight change policy, Hawaiian Airlines offers a quick resolution to passengers' queries. Still, if something comes up in between, you can trust Flying Rules to help you out. We are a well-known platform for airline policies. At Flying Rules, you will find every updated airline policy you can look at in your time of need. However, if you get stuck somewhere, you can contact us at +1-800-865-1848.

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