Delta AirLines Restricting Access of Basic Economy Ticket Holders to Airport Lounges

New Delta Skymiles reservations guidelines

Are you a traveler and prefer traveling with Delta Airlines or a regular passenger of Delta Airlines? Then, you must know about the changes Delta Airlines plans to make in its Delta Airline reservations policy and how it will impact your trip.   
Delta Air Lines plans to change how passengers can enter its Sky Club and enjoy elite frequent flyer prestige with the Atlanta-based airlines in 2025. Let's discuss these changes in detail.  

What Changes Does Delta Air Lines Plan to Implement Starting 2025?  

Recently, the Atlanta-based airline announced it plans to restrict entry to its Sky Clubs beginning February 1, 2025, for the American Express Platinum and Platinum Business users. According to the new Delta SkyMiles reservations guidelines, these cardholders will have six visits per year unless they spend 75,000 USD on their card yearly. 

Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business and Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardholders will obtain ten Sky Club visits annually unless they spend at least 75,000 USD annually on their card. 
Delta's Platinum Business American Express and SkyMiles Platinum cards will only receive club access if the users purchase the club membership or have elite standing with Delta, which lets them choose a club membership as a benefit. 

The yearly membership for Delta's lounges is 695 USD. 

A few restrictions will begin on Jan. 1, 2024, with the airlines declaring that passengers who purchase a basic economy ticket won't be able to access Delta's lounges, irrespective of whether they own a Platinum Card or a premium credit card. 

According to recent news, the airline struggled to manage the overcrowding at famous lounges at Delta's notable hubs, such as Atlanta or JFK Airport.

Together with the lounge cutbacks, the airline is also making it more challenging for its passengers to qualify for status on the SkyMiles program. 

Travelers will no longer get status depending on the number of miles they travel with Delta but will obtain status based entirely on the amount of cash they spend with the airline. 

Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business American Express and Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardholders get 1 MQD (Medallion Qualifying Doller) for each $10 spent on the card; on the other hand, Delta SkyMiles Platinum and Platinum Business American Express cardholders get 1 MQD for each $20 spent. Following are the new status requirements:
Diamond Medallion - 35,000 MQDs
Platinum Medallion - 18,000 MQDs
Gold Medallion - 12,000 MQDs
Silver Medallion - 6,000 MQDs

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