Delta Airlines Pet Policy: Flying With Pets At Leisure

Delta pet policy

It might be difficult to travel with a pet, but it doesn't have to be if you are aware of the laws and guidelines pertaining to pet travel policies. With Delta pet policy, you can travel to many locations worldwide with your favorite pets, either as cargo or in the cabin.

Find all the details for flying with pets, including fees and all the rules and regulations, so that you can make your journey hassle-free with your pet.

What Pets are Allowed on Delta Airlines?

If you have a small dog, cat, or household bird, Delta Airlines happily accepts them as your carry-on pets. All you need to pay is an additional one-way fee. Also, if you have rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc., you can bring them as checked baggage. However, any snub dogs and cats are not welcome on Delta flights. 

To know all about Delta Airlines traveling with pets in-cabin or cargo policy, check all the stated rules for carry-on or cargo pets. 

Delta Pet Policy in Cabin Rules:

  • Any pet at least 10 weeks old can travel domestically with you in the aircraft cabin.
  • On each Delta flight, four dogs are allowed in the main cabin, whereas first class and business class do not really allow dogs to travel.
  • For international travel from the European Union to the USA, your pet has to be at least 15 weeks old. 
  • According to the Delta pet policy in cabin, Only one pet can travel in one kennel in some special cases, such as: 
    • A female dog or cat with her unweaned litter between the ages of 10 weeks and 6 months can travel in a single kennel.
    • The kennel should be according to the Delta Airlines dimensions to be allowed, and you will only be charged for 1 pet. 
    • In case there are two same-breed size pets between 10 weeks and 6 months of age, they can travel in a single kennel.
  • Your cabin kennel pet counts as a carry-on, and they have to be harmless and odourless. 
  • Give them nothing to eat in the hours leading up to the flight.
  • Take them to a vet before flying to ensure that there is not any problem with their health. However, if you think that your pet is not well before boarding, then as per the Delta Flight change policy, you can easily reschedule your flight and rebook another flight.

Delta Airlines Pet Policy Rules for Carry-On Pet 

  • Your pet should be small enough to fit comfortably in its kennel and properly move around.
  • Kennel's size must be enough to fit underneath the seat in front of you.
  • Any hard-sided and soft-sided kennel should be totally leakproof.
  • For international travel, it must have four sides of ventilation opening and 3 for domestic.
  • The largest kennel size may change depending on the kind of aircraft. However, the recommended is 18 inches X 11 inches X 11 inches. 
  • As you board, during the flight, when you deplane, or while you wait in the lounge, make sure your pet stays in the kennel. 

What are The Cargo Requirements Under Delta Airlines Pet Policy?

Delta Airlines does not obtain pets as checked baggage, and pets that do not meet the size requirements to fly in the cabin can be shipped by cargo. When you ship your pet under cargo, the airline will take proper care of them. However, you must review the following requirements before booking:

  • Pets must be on a separate itinerary than yours, and an additional fee or charge will apply. 
  • You cannot book a Delta cargo domestic service for a pet up until 14 days prior to the departure date.
  • The airline does not guarantee to ship the pets on the same flight as the customer or during the same flight schedule. 
  • To ship the pets, you must drop them off at the Delta cargo location a minimum of three hours before the flight departure. Additionally, the location and passenger check-in are distinct.
  • You can pick them up at Delta Airlines cargo location at the destination airport after arrival.
  • To ensure the safe international shipment of pets, Delta Airlines pet policy for cargo exclusively accepts shipments from established shipping companions. 

Delta Airlines Traveling With Pets Required Documents

Passengers travelling with pets on Delta flights may be asked to show a completed veterinary health form and proof of immunization that all are up-to-date within the last year. Hence, you will typically need the following documents:

  • Proof of latest vaccination records, including rabies vaccination.
  • A certificate from a licenced veterinarian confirming that your pet is healthy.
  • Statement of health
  • Identification tags
  • Your name and address proof

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Delta Pet Policy: The Booking Process

As per the Delta pet policy in cabin, you will need to first verify that the flight you are boarding allows pets and then book your flight. After confirming whether your pet can travel or not with Delta, book your flight on the airlines website or through an agent. 

Book Your Delta Flight With A Pet Online: 

When booking online, visit the official Delta Airlines website, select the "travelling with pets" option and provide the necessary information about your pet. Remember that the airlines may charge you 200 bucks as per your currency as a delta-checked pet fee per way.

After booking, call the Delta Airlines agent to confirm that your pet will be flying with you. You can even ask any questions you have at this time, whether it is a change of name on the Delta ticket in case you spelt the wrong name of your pet. 

Book Your Delta Flight With Your Pet By Calling:

Call a Delta representative at 1 (800) 221-1212 and ask for the CRO desk to add your pet to your reservation. The agent then asks for your pet's name, breed, and weight. Also, you will need to have your carrier dimensions (length, width, and height) ready when contacting the agent.

Remember that only six pets (two carriers in the first class and four carriers in the main cabin) are permitted on board. If the maximum number of allowed pets has been reached already, then as per the Delta cancellation policy, you can easily cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking. Therefore, be sure to book your flight as early as possible to guarantee your furry friend a spot. 

How Do I Check In for My Pet With Delta?

To check in, go to the special service counter of Delta and get help from a Delta Airlines agent, who will ensure that your pet and kennel meet all the requirements for your travel. He will also collect the fee from you for traveling with pets.

Remember to have some additional time at the time of checking in. Also, according to the Delta pet policy in cabin, you must get your cabin pet tag to go through the security and take your pet out of the kennel for mandatory checks.  

How Much Does It Cost To Reserve A Pet With Delta Airlines?

With Delta Airlines, the fee for pet travel is about USD 125 each way and on international flights, the fee is $200. Pet travel from Brazil costs you $75 each way. If you ship a pet, the cost will depend on the pet's weight, height, and carrier size. 

Last words!

Hope now you are aware of all the rules and regulations of Delta Airlines pet policy and how you can book your flight with a pet. However, if you still have any concerns about your trip, contact Delta at 1 (800) 221-1212 or this additional number +1-800-865-1848 for independent support. The customer service staff will be able to assist you with your concern regarding the Delta pet policy.

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