How To Change/Correct Name On The Southwest Airlines Ticket?

Southwest Airlines name change and correction policy

Unexpected events always necessitate a sudden change in plan. This might be the same case with you if you are a frequent Southwest Airlines flyer. As a traveler, you might have queries including name changes on tickets, flight modifications, and flight cancellations. In these circumstances, Southwest Airlines representatives are expected to pay attention and provide alternative options to solve the queries.  

For a calm and easygoing travel experience, you must be aware of various policies including Southwest Airlines change flight policy. This way, you can make changes to your recent booking in a sudden plan change scenario. On the other side, you can drop the idea to change your flight or rebooking if the case is just the misspelled name on your ticket. To avoid flight alterations and cancellation hustle, It's essential for you to know Southwest Airlines name change and correction policy. Through this, passengers are allowed minor name modifications on their existing tickets. To know Southwest Airlines policies better, read the post till the end! 

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy: A Quick Look!

  • Southwest Airlines doesn’t allow the ticket transfer to another person in any circumstances. 
  • The name change policy of southwest airlines refers to altering a few spelling errors in the name. Remember, it doesn’t mean to entirely substitute the name with another person.  
  • In a misspelled name, you are allowed to change up to three characters at once. 
  • The first attempt of the name change process is free of cost. Airlines may charge you for frequent changes. 
  • In the legal name changes scenario (marriage or divorce), you must show the legal documents to the Airline.

How to change the misspelled name on the United Airlines Ticket?

If you are flying with Southwest Airlines, you get the facility of Southwest Airlines name change policy. As per the policy, you can change your name online via the website or offline by contacting the Airline’s travel agent. 

Method 1 - Change the name on Southwest Ticket Online

Many travelers need to correct a misspelled name on their ticket but are uninformed of the procedure. The simplest way to change your inaccurate name is using the official Southwest Airlines website as shown below. 

  • First, Go to the Southwest Airlines website.
  • Second, click on the “Manage Booking” options. 
  • Third, fill out the details like the booking confirmation number and the last name. 
  • Fourth, select the flight that you want to make changes with. 
  • Fifth, navigate to the name section and fill in the correct name correctly. 
  • Sixth, save all the changes.
  • Seventh, check if there are any name change fees you need to pay. If so, pay them accordingly. 
  • At last, wait until you receive the confirmation mail from the airline. After that, a new ticket will be issued to you.

Method 2 - Change the name on Southwest Ticket Offline

Apart from the website, the name change request on the Southwest ticket can be completed via the Southwest Airline name change helpline number

  • First, when you are connected with the Southwest representative over the call, make sure you have a six-digit booking number handy. 
  • Second, the travel agent will ask you to submit copies of legal documents that reflect the accurate name of the passenger.  
  • Third, you can request name corrections on the first, middle, and last names. Remember, you are only allowed to alter around 4 characters that should not be understood separately for the first and the last name. 
  • Now, the agent will ask you to pay the Southwest Airlines name change fee.
  • Once the process is done, you’ll get a confirmation of your registration. 

Are you evaluating Southwest Airlines Name Change Fees? Here it is! 

If the passenger requests a name change on their existing southwest ticket within 24 hours, the airline may ask you to pay 150 USD. to initiate the name change process, make sure you submit the legal documentations that reflects the authentic name. After 24 hours, you can alter up to 4 characters which will cost you around 200 USD. 

How to change the Flight with Southwest Airlines?

Now that you are aware of Southwest's policy on name changes, It's time to apprehend the Southwest Airlines change flight policy for pleasant travel experiences. You can gain insight into beginning an online request for a flight change by paying attention to the procedures listed below.

  • First, open the official Southwest Airlines website.
  • Second, search for the “Manage Booking” section and click on it. 
  • Third, navigate to your bookings and choose the ticket you want to alter.
  • Fourth, head to the reservation’s data section and change the dates. 
  • Fifth, you will be redirected to the new page where you can search for new flights.
  • Eighth, confirm all the changes. 
  • Ninth, make the payment for the airfare difference. (If applicable)
  • Tenth, After confirmation from the airline, you will get your re-issued ticket on your registered mail id.   

Can you change your Southwest Flight same day? 

According to Southwest Airlines Same Day flight policy, flyers are allowed to change their flight on the same day. To make flight alterations at your convenience and sidestep additional expenses, all you need to pay concentration to the flight change policy equipped by Southwest Airlines. If your booking is eligible for free changes, the airline will not ask you to pay any flight change fees.

Is Southwest Flight Change Policy Free?

With the flexible flight change policy of Southwest Airlines, you are entitled to change your existing reservation without paying any fees. In case you are affected by any plan change due to personal circumstances, the changes to your flight can be made within 14 days from your initial booking date.

If Applicable, How much does Southwest Airlines charge for Flight Change?

Generally, Southwest Airlines doesn’t ask their passengers to pay and flight change amount if they do it 14 days before the flight departure. But if it’s not under 14 days, Southwest Airlines may charge 25 USD to 150 USD, depending on your fare type.

Wrapping Up! 

With a better knowledge of Southwest Airlines name change policy and flight changes method, you can enhance your travel experience. By using the online methods mentioned above, it's completely secure to initiate flight change and name change policy by yourself. 
If you are unable to proceed with the online methods mentioned above and seeking effortless offline assistance, we at Flying Rules can aid you! All you need to call on +1-800-865-1848 to get all your Southwest Airlines-related queries resolved quickly.   

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