How To Change Name On JetBlue Ticket?

JetBlue Change Name

Sometimes, passenger enter their name incorrectly while booking tickets online. Although it's prevalent for people to make such silly mistakes, you must go through a specified process to correct impurities. Like other airlines, if you made such a mistake with JetBlue, fret not. JetBlue has a convenient name change policy, which helps you make necessary modifications to correct your name. 

This comprehensive guide will show you "how to change name on JetBlue ticket" using various online or offline methods. Let's learn each method in detail so you can ensure your trip runs smoothly. 

Is JetBlue Change Name On Ticket Permitted?

A JetBlue name change is not permitted after the ticket has been issued. However, you can transfer your flight ticket to someone else after you book a new PNR and pay the new fare. Furthermore, as long as you are not changing your flight, travel date, fare code, or fare class, you are free to make a one-time name correction.

What is JetBlue Name Change and Correction Policy?

The change name policy of JetBlue Airlines does not allow you to change your name after you have purchased your flight ticket. However, under the JetBlue name correction policy, you can fix all the mistakes in your name as you comply with the following guidelines:

  • According to the name change policy rules, you are not permitted to make name changes on your PNR after ticketing. However, you are permitted to use your ticket for another passenger if you reserve a new ticket and pay the new fare in addition to the current flight.
  • JetBlue change name on ticket is only permitted if the airline carrier is JetBlue Airlines (B6/279) and all flights on your ticket are validated by JetBlue and OA interline JetBlue partner.
  • To make your flight ticket transferable to another passenger, you have to cancel your ticket and book a new PNR for the new passenger on a current fare.
  • According to the JetBlue name change marriage policy, you can change your name by submitting legal documents such as a marriage certificate.
  • Name correction and JetBlue name change are two distinct things. You can correct an inaccurate name in the letter, whereas the former includes a name change due to legal reasons.
  • You can not change the DOB or gender along with the name correction. 

What Is JetBlue Name Change Marriage Policy?

Sometimes, a waiver code can be used to accomplish the adjustment. Marriage is one example. Hence, if you are flying with JetBlue, then according to the JetBlue name change marriage policy, you can alter your last name by speaking with a live agent and providing all the relevant documents. Furthermore, passengers can communicate with the airlines in advance and use a waiver code to avoid a name change fee.

What Are The Different Ways To Change Name On JetBlue Ticket?

To proceed, JetBlue change name on ticket process, and the airline publishes various online or offline procedures for name corrections. These channels include the official website, mobile app, live chat, and airport counters. Hence, check all the possible ways you can use to change your incorrect name on the ticket:

1- JetBlue Name Correction Through The Website Or App: If you reserve your flight ticket through the JetBlue mobile app or website, log into your account and check for a self-service option for name correction.

2- JetBlue Name Change Via Customer Support Number: To initiate the name correction process more frequently, contact a JetBlue live agent by phone. 

3- Change Name On JetBlue Ticket At The Airport: If you prefer in-person assistance, visit a JetBlue ticket counter. The airline staff can guide you through the entire process.

4- JetBlue Name Correction Via Chat: The live chat option is another best way to modify your name. All you need to do is visit the JetBlue Contact Us section and choose the live chat option. Once the representative connects with you, share your flight details and explain your concern about the JetBlue name change. 

How To Change Name On JetBlue Ticket Online?

With the quick progress of internet technology, many passengers prefer to make flight reservations online. Therefore, check the step-by-step instructions on which you can learn how to change name on JetBlue ticket online:

Method 1: Change Name Via Website

According to JetBlue change passenger name policy, you can change misspellings in your name via the website but can't change the complete name. Here is how you can start the process:

Step 1: Go to the official JetBlue Airlines website.

Step 2: Click on the "Manage trip" option.

Step 3: Enter the last name of the passenger and the flight confirmation number.

Step 4: Tap on the edit option next to passenger information.

Step 5: Enter the new name that is mentioned in the government ID.

Step 6: Tap the continue button.

Step 7: Review your change and check if it matches your ID.

Step 8: Once you have finished all of these, a confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox.

Method 2: Change Name On JetBlue Ticket Through The App

One of the simplest methods to change name on JetBlue ticket is through the mobile app. Customers must first download the app and begin the procedure by following the instructions below:

Step 1: First, log in to your JetBlue account using an app.

Step 2: Select "Manage booking" from the menu.

Step 3: To access your flight, provide information about your booking.

Step 4: Select the adjustment you want to make.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to alter the incorrect name.

Step 6: Confirm the modifications and request a boarding pass with a new name. 

How To Change Name On JetBlue Ticket Through Customer Service?

If you are not happy with the digital ways to modify your name on a ticket, you can follow the offline method to request JetBlue change name on ticket. Here are the details:

Method 1: Change Name By Calling A Live Agent

Dialing the JetBlue customer service number is the best option for those who want someone to manage their booking on their behalf. This JetBlue change name on ticket process will result in a resolution from the executive in a short period of time.

Step 1: Call 1-855-ADA-LINE, the official helpline number, or +1-800-865-1848 online travel agency experts.

Step 2: Listen to the IVR and carefully listen to the IVR instructions.

Step 3: Select to speak to a JetBlue live person.

Step 4: Share your concern about the wrong name.

Step 5: Request the airline representative to change the name.

Step 6: Share the relevant information and reasons.

Step 7: Provide supporting documentation if required.

Step 8: Confirm the changes 

Step 9: Pay the JetBlue name change fee if necessary.

Step 10: Get confirmation from the airline agent.

Method 2: Correct Name At The Airport

Most people consider reaching the airport and meeting the agents to perform the JetBlue name change process with them.  If you are not aware of the process, Here are instructions you can follow: 

Step 1: Visit your local nearest airport in the city.

Step 2: Visit a JetBlue airline helpdesk counter.

Step 3: Share your concern regarding the JetBlue name change.

Step 4: Provide your details and provide a supporting document if necessary.

Step 5: Proceed with the change and confirm the changes.

Step 6: Pay the fee, if any, and complete the process.

Step 7: Check the confirmation email once you confirm the changes.

Method 3: Change Name Through The Live Chat Option

You can use JetBlue's live chat function to change a passenger's name. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to do so.

Step 1: Visit the JetBlue Airlines website.

Step 2: Tap to the "Contact Us" option.

Step 3: Select the "Live Chat" feature.

Step 4: Select the "Manage booking" option in the box.

Step 5: After that, your conversation will be connected to a customer service agent.

Step 6: Share your details, and the changes will be made. However, for legal name changes, you also need to share the documents.

What is The JetBlue Name Change Fee?

According to JetBlue name change policy, the fee for changing a name depends on the ticket type; however, it ranges from $100 to $200. Passengers traveling with the Blue Basic fare have to pay USD 100 as change fees on flights to the U.S., Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. On the other hand, JetBlue charges USD 200 as a change fee. 

To learn more about the JetBlue name change fee, visit the JetBlue official website or contact the airline agent by dialing their customer service number at  1-855-ADA-LINE. To avoid waiting time or getting a more fast response, dial +1-800-865-1848 at OTA.

Final Verdict!

Correcting your name on the JetBlue Airlines flight ticket is not a big deal, as the airline allows you to do it with much ease. Just be sure to check out all the details of JetBlue name change policy in detail. Hence, to learn more, You can contact a JetBlue representative at 1-855-ADA-LINE or talk with an Online Travel Agency at +1-800-865-1848 to avoid waiting time.

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