How to Change Name On United Airlines Ticket?

United Airlines Name Change

United change name on ticket policy, streamlines and simplifies the name alteration process to save your time and effort. The policy allows passengers to modify an incorrect name or change a name resulting from marriage or legal considerations on their flight booking. However, you should provide valid documents like a passport or government-authorized photo ID to support the change. The airline allows travelers to place a name correction request online or offline. 

How Does the United Airlines Name Change Policy Work? 

United Airlines allows you to correct minor errors or name changes due to legal considerations. To modify a name, ensure you must meet the following criteria. 

  • United Airlines should operate the flights, and the passengers can make name correction requests for United's segments. 
  • Passengers cannot request a name alteration after completing the check-in procedure. 
  • The ticket inventory should start with 016. 
  • Only a single ticket reissue is possible for altering names on United Airlines flights. 
  • You can alter a United misspelled name for free within a 24-hour risk-free period. 
  • To change a name resulting from divorce, marriage, or legal compulsion, passengers must produce valid documents to justify the change. 
  • Remember, to request a name rectification resulting from legal consideration, you should contact United Airlines customer service. Furthermore, you can save time by dialing +1-800-865-1848, a consolidation desk number.

What Documents Are Essential for United Change Name on Ticket?

To justify a name alteration on your flight ticket, you must keep the following significant documents handy: 

  • Name modification application and the original flight ticket. 
  • A government-authorized photo ID, like a driver's license or passport. 
  • Passengers must provide a divorce decree or marriage certificate for name correction requests resulting from divorce or marriage.  
  • The airline might request a court order to verify the legal name change request. 
  • For minor name alteration, additional documents might be required. 

How to Request United Airlines Name Change?

Travelers can rectify a name online via the official website. To change a name, travelers must contact United Airlines customer service. 

Method 1: United Name Alteration Online 

Walk through the instructions below to change a name through the official website. 

Step One: Go to the United Airlines official website and choose the My Trips option. 

Step Two: Input the 6-digit confirmation code and last name. 

Step Three: After accessing your booking, navigate and select the Name Correction option. 

Step Four: Specify the accurate name and provide the required documents. 

Step Five: Check the details you provided and pay the fee, if any. 

Method 2: United Name Change Over the Phone 

Requesting a name modification via phone helps you to directly connect with the airline's representative. After connecting with a representative, follow the common instructions below: 

  • Explain your reason and request for a name alteration. 
  • Share the essential information, like the booking reference code, ticket name, and name you must alter. 
  • To correct a misspelled name on United ticket, you must present supporting documentation, like a passport, marriage certificate, or court order. 
  • Once the representative processes your request, you will obtain a confirmation from the airline. If you cannot connect with the airline, dial +1-800-865-1848, a consolidation desk, to fix your problem in minutes. 

Method 3: United Name Correction At the Airport 

If you prefer the traditional method, United Airlines allows travelers to correct a name by visiting the nearest airport. The airline representative will carefully access the request and help you with the procedure as long as you make the name modification/change request at least 24 hours prior to the departure. Remember to carry your valid documents.

How United Airlines Name Change Policy Beneficial for MileagePlus Members?

Per the United name change policy, the name on your flight ticket and boarding pass should be identical to the government-authorized ID. This helps to confirm that each traveler's name on the ticket is precise. Remember, if the name on your ticket is incorrect, the airline can stop you from boarding the flight. You must request a name alteration as soon as you realize the mistake.      

United change name on ticket policy permits passengers to alter a name on their already booked flight ticket. Let's understand the type of name correction/change United supports: 

Minor Name Correction 

  • Travelers can make spelling alterations to the first name or last name. 
  • Correct the title, prefix, inverted first and last changes, nickname to read the name, and add/remove the middle name. 
  • Travelers can change or modify a name on their MileagePlus account with the supporting documentation.
  • Passengers can make simple name modifications via their MileagePlus account profile or United Airlines customer service. 

Major Name Change 

  • For significant name modification, passengers must provide proper legal documentation. 
  • In case of United Airlines name change, marriage, divorce, or adoption, the passenger must produce a supported divorce decree, marriage license, or court order. 
  • A government-authorized ID must reflect your former and current names.  
  • Note: In case you can't provide the documents outlined above, United Airlines permits you to provide a Name Affidavit with a new name and a copy of the government-approved ID.   
  • Upload the valid document to the MileagePlus account or mail the Name Affidavit. 

United Airlines can take up to two weeks to process a major name alteration. In a few cases, passengers might need to provide legal documentation to support minor name modification, like nicknames, military titles, misspelled names, hyphenated names, and variations. 

How Much is the United Airlines Name Change Fee?

United Airlines does not charge a fee for minor name adjustments within 24 hours of flight reservation. You must provide valid documents to support the change. However, the airline can approximately charge a fee between $75 to $200 in case of ticket re-issuance. The fare difference between previous and new fares will apply.  

How Do I Change My Misspelled Name on United Airlines Ticket?

To alter a United Airlines misspelled name, you must reach out to the airline's customer support team via phone. Dial the United Airlines official number 1 (800) 864-8331 or connect with our travel expert +1-800-865-1848. When connected to a representative, explain your situation and the reason for correcting the name. Provide the legal document to support the change and pay the fee to complete the procedure. 

Can I Correct a Misspelled Name on Airline Ticket United?

Yes, indeed, United Airlines permits passengers to modify a misspelled name or typographical error on their flight booking. However, you might need to provide supporting documentation such as a government-authorized photo ID or passport.

How United Airlines Wrong Last Name On Airline Ticket Can Stop Me From Boarding?

United Airlines has very strict rules regarding passenger names, so you can't board a flight with the wrong last name. In case the United Airlines name spelled wrong on ticket, you must alter the name as soon as possible. As per the name correction policy, you must present valid documents like a government-approved ID or court order in case of the legal name change. 

Final Thought 

Realize a misspelled name on United ticket? Fear not, as the airline has designed a passenger-friendly name-change policy to help its passengers. So, to successfully place a name alteration/change request, you must understand the policy, methods, and fee. You can contact United Airlines customer service or head to the official website to learn more. Moreover, you can dial +1-800-865-1848, a 24/7 independent support, for quick assistance.   


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