How To Change Name On Volaris Ticket?

change name on Volaris ticket

When you book a flight with Volaris expecting a great air travel experience, and the departure date is just around the corner, you realize that you typed an incorrect name during the booking process. Could you handle this situation? Yes, you can. The Airlines allow passengers to change name on Volaris ticket only if they follow the complete guidelines associated with name alteration process. 

This blog post has been created to educate you on different ways to execute while modifying your incorrect name on a Volaris flight ticket. However, before you make any changes to your ticket, make sure you read the more comprehensive guidelines below. 

Volaris Name Change & Correction: An Introduction

A basic understanding of the difference between name change and correction is also important prior to using name change techniques. Consequently, you will be able to identify whether your name change request will be approved or not. 

Name change refers to a situation where you need a complete name change due to legal reasons like marriage, divorce, adoption etc. On the other hand, name corrections are typically amending typographical errors or spelling mistakes limited up to three to four characters. 

Rules For Volaris Change Passenger Name & Corrections 

Changing or changing your name on the ticket are two distinct scenarios with separate rules and regulations. As a result, if you're looking for ways to change your name, make sure you understand the laws that govern name change and correction requests initially.

  • The Volaris name change request can only be made if the flight is operated by this airline. Moreover, your booking must include a “036” as the ticket stock number. 
  • Every name change request must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure on the official website. 
  • As per the policy, a traveler can’t request a change in passenger type (adult, senior, infant, or minor).
  • In Case when there are multiple passnengers in one booking, only one passenger can request form a name change at a time. However, it would be best if he/she contact Volaris Airlines phone number and get immediate assistance. 
  • Any type of name correction on Volaris ticket does not excuse passengers from not paying any fare difference, additional charges, etc, when the original booking class or ticket type is no longer available. In that case, the fare difference will be calculated from the new fare cost and the cost of the existing fare. 
  • Your name correction/change request won’t be accepted if the itinerary includes a flight segment from multiple airlines or code-shared partners. 

All Types Of Volaris Name Change Requests

A name correction on Volaris ticket may have a variety of types, including misspelled names and much more. However, each type has its own limitations and execution procedure to fix the error, as it is mentioned below - 

  • Minor Name Changes (Spelling Mistakes)

Minor name corrections include troubleshooting spelling mistakes or typographical errors done mistakenly by the airline’s end. A passenger is allowed to correct only up to 4 characters on the first name, middle name, and last name. 

  • Middle Name or Last Name

It’s your choice to add or eliminate your middle name from the booking. However, as per the rules to change the name on Volaris ticket, a wrong or misspelled middle name won’t affect your journey. As long as your first name and last name match your ID, you may travel hassle-free.

However, a passenger can also request for last name change. Usually it may happen due to marriage, divorce, and adoption cases. 

  • Legal Name Change

A Passngers can request for legal name change due to all kinds of legal considerations. However, they may be asked to submit supporting documents like a new photo ID with an updated and accurate name for identity verification. 

Note - It is recommended that all passengers verify their details before purchasing the ticket. Make sure you confirm that all the details on the ticket appear identical to your ID proofs.

Limitations Of Name Correction On Volaris Ticket

The use of every facility is subject to certain restrictions. When it comes to Volaris change the passenger name or correcting a few letters, it is not possible to do so as per your preference. For the sake of avoiding boarding difficulties, you must remain aware of a few unavoidable restrictions.

  • Documentations are required as proof of the accurate name.
  • Make sure you follow the time restrictions. Volaris name change must be made within a specific time frame. Usually, at least 4 hours before the flight departure. 
  • Volaris Airlines does not allow you to transfer your ticket to another person. No matter if it includes a significant change, you have to cancel it first and then rebook it with a new passenger’s details.
  • Only one name correction on Volaris ticket is allowed per passenger. 
  • Your name change request will not be approved if you have already taken the outbound flight. 

How To Change Name On Volaris Ticket?

Volaris change passenger name or altering typographical mistakes in your name can be corrected by following some simple methods. You can use the official website of Volaris, dial the customer service number, or use social media channels to request. 

Method 1 - Name Change Online Via Website

The online method to alter misspelled or wrong names on tickets is quite convenient. All you need is your mobile phone which you can use from anywhere to access Volaris website. Here’s how you can start with name correction on Volaris ticket process online. 

  • Step 1 - Visit the official website of Volaris Airlines.
  • Step 2 - Head to the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Step 3 - Tap on the name change tab and enter the booking reference and last name in the given field.
  • Step 4 - Select the booking you would like to change your name on. 
  • Step 5 -  Enter the accurate name. 
  • Step 6 - Pay the required amount for name change and related documents.
  • Step 7 - Once you are with the documents verification and payment process, you will be redirected to the booking landing page.
  • Step 8 - Once your name has been updated on the itinerary, the email confirmation will be sent. 

Method 2 - Dial Volaris Airlines Phone Number

Dialing a customer support number is one of the best offline alternatives for Volaris change passenger names or correct misspellings. To achieve the fastest help from live administrators by call, follow these instructions.

  • Step 1 - Call the Volaris Airlines phone number at +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). For more faster and less waiting service, you may opt to dial +1-800-865-1848 and speak to the thrid party agent for swift assistance. 
  • Step 2 - Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Step 3 - Once the live executive is connected, Request a name change. 
  • Step 4 - Provide an agent with your document proofs and complete the payment process. 
  • Step 5 - Wait for the agent to complete your request. 
  • Step 6 - Once the process is complete, you will receive the confirmation on your registered email ID. 

Other Ways To Change Name On Volaris Ticket

Dialing Volaris Airlines phone number or visiting their official website are not the only options available. To change name on Volaris ticket, consider such more sustainable approaches as a frequent flier and obtain assistance. 

1 - Via Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp

Volaris name change requests can also be made through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. You can visit the link to reach an expert via Facebook Messenger or opt to +52 55 5898 8599 to join the team via WhatsApp. 

2 - Via Online Request Form

Filling out an online request form for various boarding concerns provides a unique level of comfort for customers to contact a live agent and receive assistance. For Volaris change passenger name or modifications, a traveler can fill out this online request form. After successfully submitting your request, you will receive a response from a professional flight specialist.     

3 - Via Social Media

Volaris Airlines facilitates passengers with their different social media handles so that the passengers can address general concerns about the services and different guidelines, including Volaris name change/correction policy. A traveler can reach Volaris experts on different social media channels stated below - 

  • Facebook -
  • Twitter -
  • Instagram -

4 - Via Airport

To know how to change name on Volaris flight ticket, a passenger can visit the airport’s customer support desk and ask for in-person assistance. Explain that you want to change or correct your name on ticket. Provide your booking details. Ensure you have all your supporting documents ready during the process.

What is Volaris Airlines Name Change Fee?

All the Volaris name correction/change requests are subject to fee depends on the time of your request and fare type. However, if you request within 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket, there will be no Volaris name change fee. 

The overview of applicable name correction charges on Volaris flight ticket is given below - 

Scheduled departure time Request made online Request made at the airport Request made at the airport
Less than 15 days USD 250, including fare difference USD 250, including fare difference USD 300, including fare difference
More than 15 days USD 300, including fare difference USD 300, including fare difference USD 350, including fare difference

Still Need Expert’s Advice?

In this blog, we covered all aspects of Volaris Airlines name change policy and available options to alter a misspelled name. Nevertheless, if you remain perplexed, contact +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747). If the official representative is unavailable due to technical difficulties, you may call +1-800-865-1848 and speak to the OTA experts for immediate help. 

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