How To Get On The Delta Upgrade List: A Comprehensive Overview

how to get on delta upgrade list

We all want that upgraded seat, don't we? The spacious first-class seats and windows. How do you get there then? Therefore, Delta Airlines seat upgrade can help you enjoy a luxurious journey. With this policy, you can get a better travel experience using companion upgrades, miles, or many other options. 

As per the Delta upgrade chart, there are up to seven travel class upgrades available after you get confirmed reservations. Although who gets these upgrades depends upon a lot of factors. This page discusses the various upgrade option offered by Delta Airlines, the upgrading process, the advantage of owning a Delta-branded credit card, and more. 

What is Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy?

Since you want to proceed with an upgrade of class for your Delta reservation, you should first check out Delta Airlines seat upgrade policy. The pre-established terms and conditions, which are listed below, govern the class upgrade:

  • According to the Delta Airlines SkyMiles program, seat upgrades are exclusively accessible to elite members. Remember, in case you are not a Delta Elite member, you can add credit card information. As a result, you will earn Delta miles for purchase.
  • Passengers also get the option of a class upgrade that would be in advance of their journey. You can easily request a change of seat assignment without paying any additional cost.
  • Customers can purchase an online ticket or on-call ticket 24 hours before the departure time. Once they offer the proof of payment, they will then be getting the eligibility to make the necessary changes. 

Types of Delta Upgrade 

Delta Airlines provides various upgrade possibilities, such as a mileage upgrade, a free upgrade for a medallion or elite status member, and many others. Evaluate the list of all types of upgrades on Delta Airlines.

1- Free Upgrade: Medallion elites can upgrade for free to Delta One, Comfort Plus, or first class on domestic flights, and are subject to availability.

2- Global Upgrade Certificate: The members of the diamond medallion elite can use the global Delta upgrade certificates to upgrade to first class on domestic, international, and regional flights operated by Delta Airlines.

3- Regional Upgrade Certificate: Platinum and diamond medallion elite members can use these Delta regional upgrade certificates to upgrade to first class on domestic, international, or regional flights.

4- Delta Upgrade with Miles: When you make a reservation, you can use miles to upgrade on a few flights within the 50 United States. Also, upgrades can be purchased with miles on selected international flights with confirmed reservations.

5- Companion Upgrade: Upgrades from Delta are free for passengers who are traveling with Medallion Elite members that are on the same reservation.

6- Same-day Standby Upgrades: These are accessible to all passengers for a price on the day of departure on a route that mostly runs via North America, Cancun, and the Caribbean, depending on availability.   

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How Does Delta Upgrade List Work?

Delta Airlines upgrade list is a system that prioritizes passengers for seat upgrades on their flights. The process begins with elite frequent flyers, followed by fare class, with higher-paying passengers given preference. Elite status tiers, like Diamond, Platinum, and Gold, enjoy higher priority. 
Delta Medallion members and general members have various upgrade options at their disposal. The following are the types of upgrades you are eligible for as a Delta passenger:

  • Complimentary Medallion upgrades
  • Regional and Global upgrade certificates
  • Upgrade using SkyMiles
  • Upgrade using cash

Is There A Way to Get an Upgrade List on Delta?

There are a few ways to help you get on the Delta upgrade list. Any of the following options will get you on the Delta Airlines upgrade list:

1- Attain A Medallion Status

Members of the Delta medallion upgrade program are entitled to cost-free upgrades to first class and Delta Comfort Plus. Free upgrades to Delta One business class are also available on domestic flights. However, international passengers are not entitled to free medallion upgrades.

When it comes to the timeliness of upgrade clearance or the confirmation of your new seat, your elite status tier is counted. As a result, top-tier members are given preference, and your chances of being upgraded increase as your elite level rises.

Medallion members can upgrade to Delta Comfort Plus in the following order, subject to availability:

Delta medallion status Upgrade confirmation timing
Diamond members Right after the booking gets ticketed
Platinum members Right after the booking gets ticketed
Gold members Starting 72 hours before departure
Silver members Starting 24 hours before departure


The time range for when Medallion members can expect a free upgrade from Delta to first-class seats is as follows: 

Delta medallion status Upgrade confirmation timing
Diamond members Starting 5 days before departure
Platinum members Starting 5 days before departure
Gold members Starting 72 hours before departure
Silver members Starting 24 hours before departure

2- Use Delta Upgrade Certificates

Delta upgrade certificates are offered to platinum medallion and diamond medallion members. They can only be used on flights operated by Delta Airlines. There are two types of upgrade certificates: Delta global and Delta regional upgrade certificates.

Availability of Delta Upgrade Certificates

Depending on the passenger medallion level, they will have access to numerous certifications. Moreover, Platinum Medallion members who choose to get upgrade certificates will receive four regional upgrades. Diamond Medallion members can choose from the following rewards:

  • Four worldwide upgrades
  • Eight regional upgrades
  • Four regional upgrades and two global ones.

How Do Delta Upgrade Certificates Work?

Whereas using a certificate gives you priority for a free Medallion upgrade, it does not ensure one. Depending on the service classes available on your trip, you might end up on a waiting list. 

If your flight does not have a premium select cabin, you can be upgraded to Delta one as soon as a seat becomes available.

The good news is that you do not lose your Delta upgrade certificates if there is no availability and you are unable to use them. Moreover, It's worth noting that Delta regional and Delta global upgrade certificates expire at the end of the year. Although, you can use them to upgrade other passengers traveling with you. 

3 - Delta Upgrade With Miles

It is possible to receive a Delta SkyMiles upgrade, but this is only valid for previously made domestic and international tickets on Delta Airlines. The cost or number of miles required is subject to seat type, number of hours, and destination. Check out the steps for different timings to get on the upgrade list Delta:

During Booking

When making Delta Airlines flight reservations within the United States, the Delta upgrade with miles option can be available. Therefore, to book your flight, log into your account and select the main cabin flight ticket. 

After that, the passenger will be offered the option to upgrade the reservation for cash or miles at 1 cent per mile. For example, you can choose to redeem 45,000 miles, if the upgrade costs $450.

After Booking

It's possible to use the mileage upgrade award for upgrading your existing Delta reservations. When you login into your account and see your trip, you get the option to upgrade with miles. After that, you will need to speak with a Delta SkyMiles team if you are unable to upgrade online. 

Additionally, the agent will let you know if the reservation qualifies for a Delta upgrade request and provide you with an estimate of the cost. Once the upgrade is confirmed, your account will be deducted for miles.

Delta Free Upgrades: How You Get It on Your Next Flight

Delta Airlines offers free upgrades to first-class and Delta Comfort + seats on all medallion tiers. Additionally, all Delta Medallion Elite members receive unrestricted free upgrades to the Delta One experience on domestic and international flights to Hawaii. Although, the flight must be marketed and operated by Delta Airlines. 

If you have elite status with Delta Airlines, it is considerably simpler to receive a free Delta upgrade, but you still have to compete for seats with other status holders. Those without status can benefit from having the correct Delta credit card, but you will still have to compete with elite travelers who want to upgrade to those premium seats.

You will move up the Delta upgrade list if you have an upgrade certificate, and you will move up the list even more quickly if you incur cash or SkyMiles. However, the only method to guarantee a specific seat is to pay in full for the class you want to enroll in. Whether with miles or cash, paying for a ticket in a premium cabin is a sure way to get you the upgrade you want. 

How to Increase Your Chance of Upgrade?

With or without the elite status of the Delta SkyMiles Medallion, passengers can receive a safe upgrade. As follows:

1- With Delta SkyMiles: For members of Delta SkyMiles medallion elite status, this is how to get on a Delta upgrade list:

  • You can access regional and Delta global upgrade certificates by earning the Delta diamond medallion elite level.
  • Earn Delta regional upgrade certificates by being a Delta Platinum Medallion elite member. 
  • Get a Delta reserve credit or debit card.
  • There is no change fee for the Same day flight upgrade for diamond, platinum, or gold medallion members. 

2- Without Delta SkyMiles: Without Delta SkyMiles Medallion elite membership, there are limited options to request an upgrade. Such as

  • Requesting Delta Comfort Plus upgrade up to three hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Spend miles to upgrade an existing flight.
  • On partner airlines including China, Eastern, and Aeromexico, you can obtain discounted business, first, and premium select fares.
  • When a flight is fully booked, offer to give up your economy seat in exchange for a Delta complimentary upgrades.
  • If you are wondering how to upgrade to first class on Delta then book a last-minute first-class upgrade.

How to Contact The Delta Agent for An Upgrade?

By examining all the information regarding the upgrade on Delta, hope you now easily get on the upgrade list in different ways. If you still face any issues or need further details about Delta Airlines seat upgrade policy, talk to the Delta representative directly or visit the upgrade page on Delta Airlines. 

When the airline is busy and does not answer your call during technical problems, you can call on this number +1-800-865-1848. By calling on this you can obtain a quick response to any questions you have concerning the Upgrade list Delta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to request an upgrade on the Delta app?

To request an upgrade on the Delta app, open the app, navigate to the "My Trips" section, select the desired flight, and look for the "Upgrade Options" tab. Click on it and follow the prompts to submit your Delta upgrade request. Ensure to provide relevant information and preferences for a better chance of success.

Q2. How to upgrade on Delta international flights?

To upgrade on Delta international flights, sign in to your SkyMiles account on the Delta website or app. Go to the "My Trips" section, select the desired flight, and click on "Upgrade Options." Choose the Delta upgrade method (miles, certificates, or cash), select your preferred seat, and complete the upgrade process by following the prompts.

Q3. How to get on the upgrade list for Delta?

Here are a few ways to get on the Delta upgrade list: Reach a medallion status Get the right credit card Use Delta regional and Delta global upgrade certificates Upgrade using SkyMiles for cash

Q4. How to upgrade Delta flight?

To upgrade a Delta flight, log in to your SkyMiles account on the Delta website or app. Visit the "My Trips" section, select your flight, and click on "Upgrade Options." Choose your desired upgrade method (miles, certificates, or cash) and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process.

Q5. How does the Delta upgrade list work?

The upgrade list Delta prioritizes passengers based on several factors, including elite status, fare class, and time of request. Eligible passengers are placed on the list, and as upgrade seats become available, they are assigned based on the priority order. Factors like loyalty status and time of request impact one's position on the list.

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