How To Get on The United Upgrade List? A Complete Guide!

united upgrade list

On your upcoming United Airlines flight, do you have visions of a spectacular first-class experience? Do you want to enjoy the extra legroom and exclusive amenities that come with flying in the premium cabin? Getting on the United upgrade list is the key to realizing this dream.

In this complete post, you will learn the process of how to secure a spot on the upgrade list of United and increase your chances of experiencing the perks of flying first class. Apart from that, you will also learn how to get a United Airlines upgrade seat.

How Does United Upgrade List Work 

The United Airlines upgrade seat list is a prioritized queue that regulates who gets the opportunity to move from their original flight ticket class to a higher class, such as economy class to business class or business to first class. Hence, The upgrade list is based on various factors, including fare class, elite status, and the availability of United Airlines upgrade seats.

1- Booking the right fare class

To increase the chances of getting on the United upgrade list, booking a fare class that is eligible for upgrades is important. Some fare classes, such as deeply discounted economy tickets, may not be suitable for upgrades. Choosing a higher fare class, like economy plus or business, gives passengers a better chance of being considered for a United Airlines upgrade.

2- Loyalty programs & elite status

United Airlines provide a loyalty program called Milega Plus, which offers several benefits to its passenger. Passengers can unlock a range of perks by earning elite status via frequent flying and meeting particular qualification criteria, including automatic upgrades. The higher your elite status, the greater your chance of securing a spot on the United upgrade list.

3- Upgrade instruments & certificates

United Airlines offers various United upgrade instruments and certificates that can be used to protect an upgrade. These include regional and global premier upgrades, allowing you to upgrade on select domestic and international flights. Understanding the way to earn and utilize these instruments and certificates can significantly increase your chances of getting on the United upgrade list.

How Do I Request The United Upgrade to Get on The List?

When you appropriately understand the United Airlines upgrade rules and policy, you can proceed to request the same online. Following are the necessary steps that you can follow accordingly. 

  • Reach out to the United Airlines official website on your preferred browser.
  • Tap on the sign-in icon from the top-right corner.
  • Log into your United Airlines Mileage Plus account with the correct number and password.
  • Choose the "Get an upgrade" option from the drop-down list.
  • Select the "Travel class" for which you want to upgrade the seat.
  • Select the preferred seats from the given seat map and proceed further.
  • Add the mileage plus number and the available Miles for the request.
  • Review the relevant details and place a waitlist.
  • Once the United Airlines upgrade is available and the list is cleared, you will get a notification from United Airlines.
  • Once all the above steps are completed, you can get a United upgrade list at the time of flight check-in for your destination.

Besides the online process to get a list of United upgrades, you can also communicate with the customer service agent. All you need to do is dial the United Airlines customer service number and follow the instructions. Once you are connected with experts, get on the United upgrade list for your booking. 

An Overview of United Upgrade with Miles?

United is one of the largest airlines in the world, with more than 35 other carriers worldwide, giving passengers plenty of options regardless of where they want to fly. But if you are looking for a touch of luxury, upgrading your ticket might be the way to go. 

Levelling up to a higher fare class can be costly. Consequently, learning how to use miles to purchase a United Upgrade can help you save hundreds of dollars. Before requesting an upgrade, check the below-listed information about United Airlines upgrade with miles work and fees.

About United Upgrade with Miles

MileagePlus upgrade awards, which you can earn using miles on United Airlines or Star Alliance flights, are available to all United Airlines members, regardless of whether you have a special status. 

These upgrades are available on both domestic and international routes. The next higher cabin or a premium plus seat in the main cabin are both available when upgrading an economy fare using miles. However, upgrades are not allowed for flights purchased with miles, travel in basic economy, or at significantly reduced rates.

Things To Consider Before You Request An Upgrade with Miles

Setting the right expectations is essential if you are looking for a better flight experience. The following are some essential considerations.

1- There's no guarantee 

If there are no spaces available for your United upgrade, you may be waitlisted. If this happens, you will get a refund of any miles, taxes, and co-pay you paid when you submitted your United Airlines upgrade request.

The first concern of the waitlist is based on the upgrade type, your status, fare class, United Airlines upgrade cost, and when you made the request.

2- You may get less than what you ask for

If you have various segments on your flight, it's possible that you won't get a United upgrade on everyone. Despite this, United will normally see your MileagePlus Upgrade Award as being used even if you get the upgrade on only one segment. In other words, you may be disappointed if you hope to upgrade the whole reservation.

3- You may be charged a co-pay

If your original fare was reduced, United could also require a "Co-pay" in addition to your miles. However, there are some regions that have a few exceptions if you are a premier member.

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How Do You Get A United Upgrade With Miles During The Reservation?

If you already know you will request a United upgrade while reserving your flight, now is the best time to do it. Ensure you are logged into your MileagePlus account first, then select the "Advanced search" option.

After that, enter the details of your itinerary and select "MileagePlus Upgrade Award" for your United Airlines upgrade type. You will then see the cost in miles and co-pay under the United fare price and can compare different options. If the seats are available at the time of reservation, your request will be confirmed immediately, and if not, you will be placed on a waitlist.

How Do You Get A United Upgrade With Miles After Booking?

If you already reserved your flight and have since decided to upgrade. There are three ways you can ask for one.

  • Request an upgrade online through your mileage plus account
  • Call a United Airlines reservation line or your assigned premier line if you have premier status.
  • Speak to a United Airlines representative at the check-in counter or gate at the airport. Keep in mind that this only works if it's within 24 hours of your scheduled departure time. 

Wrapping up!

The information described above is everything about United Airlines upgrade policy and includes the online and offline procedures for submitting an upgrade request to be added to the list. Additionally, it displays all the relevant details on United improvements. 

Even then, if you want to learn more about the upgrade policy on United, call the expert directly through their official helpline number. They will help you in finding solutions to your problems. In case they are not connected with you, you can dial this number: +1-800-865-1848 to get a quick response to all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does getting a United upgrade with miles cost?

The United Airlines upgrade cost with miles is based on various factors, both in terms of co-pay and the miles, including region of travel, seat type, Fare class, and availability. Generally, upgrades can start at around 5,000 miles but can go much higher for premium cabins or long-haul flights.

Q2. Can you use United miles to upgrade seats

United Airlines allows passengers to use their miles to upgrade their seats. This can be done by booking a higher fare class and then using miles to request a United upgrade.

Q3. Can I upgrade my United Basic Economy tickets?

United Airlines generally does not allow upgrades from Basic Economy fares using miles or other means, as these fares are designed to be non-upgradable. Also, you cannot pay for United Airlines upgrade to higher class.

Q4. Can I Upgrade United flight with points?

You can use United MileagePlus miles, United's loyalty program points, to upgrade your seat on United Airlines flights.

Q5. Can I use United Miles to upgrade to Economy Plus?

You can use United MileagePlus miles to upgrade to Economy Plus on United Airlines flights. Availability and the number of miles required for this upgrade may vary based on factors such as route, fare class, and your elite status within the MileagePlus program.

Q6. How to become upgrade-eligible on United?

To become upgrade eligible on United Airlines, you can achieve it through various ways. Earn elite status in United's MileagePlus loyalty program by accumulating qualifying miles and segments. Alternatively, purchase a higher fare class ticket or use MileagePlus miles to upgrade your existing reservation, subject to availability and fare rules.

Q7. Can you upgrade the United Award ticket?

It is possible to upgrade a United Airlines award ticket using miles, typically through MileagePlus. For certain award tickets, you can use additional miles to request an upgrade to a higher cabin class, but specific rules and availability may vary, so check with United for details.

Q8. What are United Airlines upgrades based on?

The miles required for a mileage plus upgrade award are based on where you travel, fare class, seat type, and premier status. If you reserved a ticket in the O, Y, or B class, you won't be charged a co-pay, but other fare classes will require a co-pay.

Q9. How do I ask for an upgrade with United Airlines?

To request a United Airlines upgrade, you can sign in to your MileagePlus account and pull up your reservation. Also, you can call United Reservation at their official number or your designated premier service line.

Q10. What are the different types of flight upgrades on United Airlines?

United Airlines features unique types of upgrades, and one can secure an upgrade after or before a flight ticket booking. Request a United upgrade with miles by using the airlines representative mode to check if the seats are available for preferred upgrades. MileagePlus upgrade award Complimentary upgrades PlusPoints upgrades Star Alliance upgrade awards Instant upgrades

Q11. How can I find out if a United Airlines seat upgrade is available?

To check if United Airlines seat upgrades are available, visit their website or use their mobile app. Log in to your MileagePlus account and select search preferences. Then, look for the expert mode option and save it to activate. In the expert mode, you can view the available fare class that indicates how many seats are available in that class for upgrades.

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