Introducing Jetblue New Travel Credit Policy for Future JetBlue Flight Reservation

Travel Credit Policy for Future JetBlue Flight Reservations

A change in JetBlue Flight Reservations' policies is not uncommon. The airline always stays up to date with the new travel commands and ensures that they address the requirements of their corporate travellers. Good travel policies always make travel cheaper for you. Therefore, JetBlue Airline recently developed a new policy about travel credits by emphasizing the demands of the passengers and providing them with a cheap journey.

In this blog, we will introduce you to JetBlue new travel credit policy. Moreover, you will learn how it benefits you when the JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy fails, or the airline refuses to refund you. Before proceeding, comprehending the term "Travel Credit" is crucial. 

What are Travel Credits?

When your flight has been delayed or cancelled, and your booking scenario doesn't permit you a refund, what helps you there? In this situation, the respective airline will reward you with the amount booked to be used for your forthcoming bookings. Similarly, JetBlue flyers can be rewarded with travel credits in response to flight cancellations caused by bad weather, crew issues, or unusual circumstances. Usually, the travel credit applies to air tickets on a corporate journey. 

What does JetBlue New Travel Credit Policy offer? 

When JetBlue Airlines rewards passengers with travel credits, they are stored in a customer's travel bank. Flyers can use these funds to book their forthcoming JetBlue flight. However, the airline has recently announced or updated the terms and conditions associated with your JetBlue travel credits. Passengers should know the JetBlue new travel credit policy. Here's what you must know about it to drive your future bookings as conveniently as possible - 

  • For flights after Mar 8, 2023, that are cancelled for any reason or rescheduled for a lower fare, travel credits will be valid for 12 months.   
  • Flights booked or cancelled before Mar 8, 2023, will continue to follow the rule of being honoured a year after the credits were issued. 
  • You must apply travel credits to a new or upcoming flight before the fund expires. This will prevent you from losing travel vouchers or credits. 
  • JetBlue Airlines also updated that your travel credits cannot be extended once they expire. 
  • Passengers don't need to complete the travel by the credit expiration date. Rather, make sure you apply them toward your future JetBlue Flight reservations.  

Jetblue Announced 3 New Routes: Use Your Credits Here Before They Expire!

As discussed in the previous section, JetBlue Airlines allows you to use your travel credits within one year of the original booking date. Apart from this, JetBlue Airlines will also be adding three new routes to its catalogue this summer. All those routes will be a part of its Northeast Alliance with American Airlines. 

As part of its expansion, JetBlue will add the following three routes: 

First Route - From John F. Kennedy International Air Station to Ronald Reagan Washington National Air Station

Flights for the above route will commence on Jun 15 and operates a day with a following schedule thrice.  

Flights from JFK to DCA

Flights from DCA to JFK

 JFK - DCA (Flight #1887) - 07:00 am to 08:40 am)

 DCA - JFK (Flight #1888) - 06:30 am to 07:55 am

 JFK - DCA (Flight #2487) - 1:15 pm to 03:01 pm

 DCA - JFK (Flight #2488) - 02:10 pm to 03:45 pm

 JFK - DCA (Flight #2587) - 07:15 pm to 08:55 pm

 JFK - DCA (Flight #2588) - 05:00 pm to 06:48 pm


Second Route - From Westchester County Air Station (HPN) to Martha's Vineyard Air Station(MVY)

Flights for the above-stated route will commence on May 25th, 2023. It will work daily with the following schedule - 

Flights from HPN to MVY

Flights from MVY to HPN 

 HPN - MVY (Flight #2666) - 03:45 pm to 04:55 pm

 MVY - HPN (Flight #2665) - 01:50 pm to 03:00 pm


Third Route - From Westchester County Airport (HPN) to Charleston International Air Station (CHS)

Flights for the above-stated route will commence on May 25th, 2023, and will operate daily with the following schedule -

Flights from HPN to CHS

Flights from CHS to HPN

 HPN - CHS (Flight #2647) - 11:59 am to 02:14 pm

 CHS - HPN (Flight #2648) - 03:15 pm to 05:30 pm

Pay Attention to JetBlue Refund Policy 24 hours.

If you need to cancel a JetBlue ticket, you must consider JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy first. We understand how frequently our travel can be flipped within a moment. If you feel a change in your travel plans and need to revoke your flight booking, you should be familiar with the airline refund policy.  

Take a closer look at JetBlue Airlines' refund policy that leans on the fare type you choose - 

 1 - JetBlue Refund Policy 24 hours

 If your JetBlue flight reservation is bought seven or more days before the scheduled departure date; you have 24 hours from the time of ticket purchase to cancel your flight. Moreover, you may claim a full refund under JetBlue Refund Policy 24 hours. 

 2 - JetBlue Vacation Refund Policy 

 JetBlue vacation flight packages are non-refundable and subordinate to a JetBlue cancellation fee. The leftover amount will be your future travel credits for one year from the date you revoke your flight. These credits will be applied to future ticket purchases with JetBlue Airlines. 

Still Baffled about JetBlue new travel credit policy?

 According to the daily navigator report, JetBlue Airlines has limited the usage of travel credits to 12 months from the date the ticket was purchased. Apart from knowing the latest jetBlue updates, getting familiar with all travel approaches, including JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy, is crucial.  

 Regardless, you can access all policies in written form on the official website. However, if you require a live travel expert, please visit the Flying Rules website and email us at [email protected]. Or you may opt to call us at +1-800-865-1848 directly. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions summarising what we have covered in this blog.  


Q 1  - What is the JetBlue travel credit expiration period?

A 1  - As per JetBlue new travel credit policy, for flights issued after Mar 8, 2023, that are completely cancelled or modified to a lower fare, travel credits are valid for the next 12 months from when you purchase the ticket. 

Q 2 - What is JetBlue refund policy 24 hours? 

A 2 - If your flight was reserved seven days or more prior to the organised departure date, you have 24 hours to revoke your reservation. These 24 hours are from the time the booking was made. This way, you won’t be asked to pay any cancellation fee with a full refund according to the JetBlue refund policy 24 hours.  

Q 3 - Is there a fee to cancel a flight on JetBlue?

A 3 - Most fares except Blue Basic have no change or cancellation fees. Blue Basic fares are subject to an adaptation or flight revocation fee of approximately $100 for travel within North America, the Caribbean, and Central America. Moreover, $200 for all other routes. Rather, as per JetBlue 24 hour cancellation policy, you won’t be charged any can cancellation fee if you revoke your flights within 24 hours of booking. 

Q 4 - Do you have to pay to call JetBlue?

A 4 - Passengers can save a $25 per-person phone fee by booking their JetBlue flight reservations online at JetBlue official website. If you don't know how to book online or need external help, call an agent and ask for assistance.

Q 5 - Can I book JetBlue over the phone?

A 5 - If the online reservation process isn’t attainable, you can use the official JetBlue reservations phone number to have a live representative for booking-related queries. However, sometimes reaching out to the JetBlue representative directly can be formidable. In this situation, call Flying Rules at +1-800-865-1848 and get the best Travel agent with all the JetBlue flight reservation and cancellation assistance. 

Q6 - Can JetBlue travel bank be extended?

Ans - Credits cannot be extended once the JetBlue travel credit expiration completes. However, passengers don't need to complete travel by the expiration date; they need to apply them toward a future JetBlue reservation before expiring. 

Q - 7 How long does JetBlue travel credit expiration last?

Ans - Jetblue flight credit is valid for 1 year from the date the ticket was issued. 


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