Southwest Schedule Extended: Find The Cheapest Airfare To Reduce Travel Costs

southwest airlines reservation schedule

Southwest flights are currently quite affordable, therefore if you need to book flights for the upcoming months, now is the time to do so. Although some airlines permit you to book flights about 11 months in advance, Southwest Airlines extends its booking window in batches of only a few months at a time.

Formerly, you could only make Southwest Airlines reservations through early January. But today, Southwest extends its schedule through March 6, 2024. This makes now a fantastic snag for a good deal on Southwest flights this winter, including during holiday travel times.

Why Make Southwest Reservations When It Extends Its Schedule?

Booking flight tickets quickly when Southwest extends its schedule can save you money. Even though availability will persist for some time, you won't discover lower rates than what is currently offered for popular travel dates.

Southwest flight cancellation and change policy also make it easy to book now, even if you are not sure you will take the trip. Here are some cancellation rules of Southwest if you cancel at least 10 minutes prior to a flight schedule departure:

  • You will get travel funds if you paid for a wanna get away or wanna get away plus fare.
  • If you paid for an Anytime or Business select fare, then You can request a complete refund to your original payment method or accept travel funds.
  • The points will immediately return to the original account from which they were booked when you redeem Southwest miles. Also, you can request Southwest refund taxes and fees to your original method of payment.

How to Score The Best Southwest Reservations Deals?

In order to stick travel budget and fulfilling financial goals, many tourists search for the finest strategies for airfare discounts. If you are flying with Southwest, Here are the five tips for getting the best deals on Southwest flights:

1- Book Right Now

We recommended to make Southwest Airlines reservations immediately when the booking windows open, especially if you want to travel during peak times. However, flights have already become available, so there may still be affordable rates to be possessed.

2- Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points To Southwest 

Redeeming Southwest points is often preferable for Southwest Airlines reservations because of the airline's accommodating award policies. If you must cancel a flight reserved with points, your points go straight into your rapid rewards account, and you can get the taxes and fees you paid returned to your account.

Further, you can transfer Chase's ultimate reward points to Southwest at a 1:1 ratio if you have an ultimate reward earning card.

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3- Use A Companion Pass

The Southwest companion pass is the most valuable reward in the air travel industry that allows a family member or friend to travel with you for free (plus fees and taxes). Although the pass typically expires on December 31 of the year after the year in which you earned it.

If you don't have a companion pass but making a plan to earn one before your flight, you can still book now and add your Southwest companion ticket later. Just keep in mind that when you wait too long, your flight may sell out if you are traveling during peak hours on a popular route.

4- Have Alternatives Dates in Mind

When arranging your flights, take advantage of any flexibility you may have. You can use Southwest Airlines low-fare calendar to check the least expensive dates for the flights you want. 

The most expensive days to book your flights are typically Fridays and Sundays. Thus, if you shift your dates a few days, you might find the price significantly less. 

5- Look For Price Drops

You may get the difference in Rapid Rewards points returned to your account if your travel costs decrease between the time you book and fly. These flexible policies of Southwest Airlines reservations still exist when you pay for your fare with cash, but you will end up with Southwest travel ends.

Final words!

Knowing the ins and outs of Southwest Airlines reservations can help travelers reserve the most affordable and finest journey for their family. If you want to take a trip in spring, you should get your tickets as soon as possible to take advantage of Southwest's greatest offers.

Overall, the most recent update we described above, in which Southwest announced a schedule extension until March 6, 2024, makes this a fantastic time to book a Southwest ticket at the lowest price

To know more about Southwest latest news, you can visit the Southwest website or contact the travel agent through their customer support number. Also, you can dial this number +1-800-865-1848 for up-to-date information on Southwest Airlines.

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