Top 5 Airlines That Offer Refundable Tickets: Are They Worth Purchasing?

Top 5 Airlines That Offer Refundable Tickets

Air travel can be expensive, so most people book flights with low-cost Airlines such as Southwest Airlines reservations. The possibility of a refund is something that most people miss, but it is significant when a passenger has to cancel their flights due to an unforeseen circumstance. 

It's crucial to understand whether or not the airlines offer refundable and non-refundable flight alternatives before making a reservation. Therefore, To know which Airline offers completely refundable tickets, you can find more information below, including their benefits and cancellation/refund policies. The full definition of refundable tickets and the advantages of purchasing them are also covered in detail in this guide.

What are Refundable Tickets?

A refundable ticket is an Airline ticket that permits passengers to cancel their flights and receive a full refund of the ticket price. This simply means you can change your plans without worrying about losing money. 

Airlines may provide a variety of refundable tickets, including completely refundable and flexible ones. Fully refundable tickets can be canceled for a full refund, while flexible flight tickets allow changes to be made to the travel plans without incurring fees. It's significant to remember that not every ticket is refundable. Non-refundable tickets are cheaper than refundable ones and often have strict restrictions and penalties for cancellation and changes.

Compiled List of Airlines That Offer Refundable Tickets

Right now, many air carriers and travel agencies prefer to provide vouchers instead of refunds. However, you should know that you can decline the voucher or request a refund. Be advised that anyone holding a voucher will lose their money if the Airline goes into administration. As we already discussed refundable tickets, here is an overview of different Airlines offering refundable tickets.

1 - United Airlines

United Airlines is a major American Airline that allows you to cancel your flight at any time without paying a penalty. You will get a full refund through a credit or debit card or the payment method you originally used to purchase your flight ticket. With a refundable ticket, you are entitled to receive a refund if you change or cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, 

Moreover, to add an extra layer of security to your United Airlines flight reservations, you can add cancellation protection to your booking. With this protection feature, you can get a full refund if you cannot make your flight due to illness or disruption.  

2 - Southwest Airlines

As per the Southwest Airlines refund policy, if a passenger cancels a flight and wants a full refund, they must purchase a refundable ticket. The refund also depends on how you purchased the ticket with cash, reward points, or miles. 

Southwest refundable tickets include business class and anytime tickets, which you can use to cancel Southwest Airlines flights and will be eligible for a full refund. Moreover, the refund will be provided to you within seven days from the day of the refund request. 

3- JetBlue Airlines

Jetblue Airlines offers two types of refundable tickets- fully refundable and refundable with change fees. When you buy a refundable ticket from JetBlue Airways, you can cancel or change your booking without paying JetBlue cancellation fees or change fees. However, you must pay a fee if you have a refundable ticket with change fees. 

The price of JetBlue refundable tickets can also change based on the ticket you buy. Jetblue offers numerous refundable tickets, including blue flex, mint flex, and more. Each of these tickets offers varying levels of benefits and flexibility with corresponding price points.

4- Delta Airlines

For both domestic and international flights, Delta offers refundable and non-refundable tickets. With the exception of its lowest economy tickets, which are fully non-refundable, it often does not charge costs for changing your tickets. 

Moreover, Delta has some change or cancellation fees for non-refundable flight tickets. Depending on the route used, the cost of Delta change flight and cancellation for domestic travel ranges from $0 to $400. Also, you will need to pay the difference in any flight cost. 

5 - Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is a large north American Airline where you can buy refundable or non-refundable tickets. Buying a non-refundable ticket can leave you paying more than refundable tickets, but you must pay Alaska flight cancellation and change fees. 

Alternatively, when you buy refundable tickets, you are entitled to a complete refund with just an additional amount for the cancellation fee. Therefore, if you want an Alaska airline ticket, we strongly recommend you purchase a refundable ticket that adds flexibility.

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Why Purchase a Refundable Flight Ticket?

You might ask who purchases refundable fares, as they often cost twice as much as non-refundable flights. Many travelers still find refundable fares appealing despite their high cost because of these reasons:

1 - Businesses

Many companies prefer to buy unrestricted airfare for greater flexibility when travel is reserved in advance. Meetings and priorities change, and it's worth the added cost for employees to make cancellations and changes without hassle. Also, as part of their agreements with Airlines, a few larger companies agree to purchase only unrestricted airfare in exchange for a discount.

2 - Travelers with Unpredictable Schedules

Refundable airfare may be advantageous for some people, especially when making a last-minute purchase. You might have to plan to travel around the events with ambiguous dates or the needs of a sick relative. In that case, these refundable fares give flexibility to those who need it.

3 - Award Travel Enthusiasts

Refundable tickets generally earn bonus redeemable miles and elite qualifying miles. While the bonus is generally not worth the extra expense, it's not a bad plan for achieving elite status toward the end of the year or accruing miles toward a particular award if the price difference isn't too high. 

4- Upgrade without status

A ticket can put you at the front line for an upgrade. When you purchase a full-fare ticket from a number of airlines, including Delta and United, fast upgrades are possible if there is space. 

Can Passengers Get a Refund for the Non-Refundable Ticket?

Your first strategy should be to consult the little-known rule 260 in each airline's contract of carriage. This rule says that if an airline refuses to carry you for any reason or your flight is delayed or canceled, you can apply for a full refund, even on a non-refundable ticket. Each carrier must meet requirements to qualify for an involuntary refund. However, some Airlines are quite flexible. 

If the 260 rule does not apply, call the respective airline’s representative and explain your situation. You might find a compassionate agent who will let you off the hook if you have a valid reason for changing your ticket, especially if it's unavoidable.

Bottom line

Buying a refundable or non-refundable ticket depends on your travel plans' circumstances and how concerned you are about potentially losing money. As we have seen in the top five Airlines, they provide refundable airline tickets to those who want to travel with them; I hope now you want to make your upcoming journey with them.

Further, you can contact the customer support centers of any of the Airlines you prefer for any query regarding refundable or non-refundable tickets. If the Airline number cannot connect with you, dial this toll-free +1-800-865-1848 for prompt solutions to any queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Refundable Airline Tickets

1 - How much refund can I get on flight cancellation?

Ans - The refund on your flight cancellation will depend on the Airline you are flying on and the type of ticket you have purchased. If you buy a refundable ticket, then you will be entitled to a complete refund on your flight ticket, as long as it states that ticket cancellations are free of charge. If it states the cancellation is not free, you must pay the specified amount to process the refund.

2 - How do I know if my flight is refundable?

Ans- To know whether your flight is refundable or not, you can opt for any of these measures:

  • Verify on the flight page whether the refundable filter is active.
  • High fare denotes refundable tickets, and Low fare denotes non-refundable tickets.
  • Contact the airline customer care through their official helpline number.
  • Ask for information from the travel agent who is booking your flight ticket.

3 - What are Delta passengers' rights for a flight refund?

Ans - You are legally entitled to a complete refund if your flight is canceled by the Airline or if you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of Delta flight reservations. Depending on the terms of the ticket, such as with a refundable ticket, you are entitled to a refund if you cancel for any reason. 

4 - When am I not eligible to get a refund for an airline ticket?

Ans - You are not legally entitled to a refund if you cancel your non-refundable ticket for personal reasons, such as being sick or arriving late to the airport. Additionally, if you don't like the airline service or if you spend extra money on a rental vehicle or a hotel room, you are not entitled to a refund. However, many Airlines will grant refunds in these scenarios and are not legally obligated to. 

5 - Can I request a refund over the phone with JetBlue Airlines?

Ans - Yes, refund requests can be easily raised over the phone. You just need to call JetBlue Airlines reservations phone number to request refunds if eligible. JetBlue offers 24-hour phone service, so you can get a quick reply to all your questions.

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