Why Is Spirit Airlines Tickets So Cheap?

Why Is Spirit Airlines So Cheap

It is absolutely correct that Spirit Airlines charges so low for flight reservations and picking up the preferred seat according to comfort. You can easily make Spirit Airlines booking after selecting the date and time with the proper preferred destination and can enjoy your seamless journey. 

If money is more important than your comfort, you must save money by skipping this process, i.e., the fee for the fast assignment. There are several reasons why Spirit Airlines fares so cheap. Hence, to know the reason for Spirit Airlines cheap flight fares, read this complete guide and choose your preferred seat at an affordable price. 

What Makes Spirit Airlines Cheap?

Spirit Airlines' affordability is due to its business model and cost-saving efforts. Hence, read the points listed below to learn in-depth information regarding all the reasons that make Spirit Airlines fares so cheap.

1- The "A La Carte" Model

Spirit Airlines' a la carte price structure sets it apart from the competition. In contrast to conventional airlines, which include various facilities in the base fare, Spirit offers a basic fare that includes transportation from A to B and a seat. 

There will be extra charges for anything beyond that, such as in-flight meals and checked baggage. By doing this way, Spirit Airlines can maintain low base fares, which is best for budget-conscious passengers. On the other hand, passengers should be aware that extra expenses may crop up along the way. 

2- Streamlined Fleet

Spirit Airlines is proud to be known as an ultra-low-cost airline that runs on a leaner strategy that prioritizes cost reduction. For instance, its fleet includes two types of aircraft: the Airbus A319 and A320 families and the more contemporary A321. The airline's no-frills attitude is also evident in other areas. 

You won't find any in-flight entertainment on Spirit Airlines flights, and the seats are notoriously upgraded and cramped. This allows Spirit Airlines to keep their flight booking rates and expenditures down. Therefore, a streamlined fleet can also be the answer to why is Spirit Airlines so cheap.

3- Operational Efficiency

Spirit Airlines optimizes routes and minimum ground time at airports. Airlines typically plan flight schedules and paths, minimizing unnecessary delays. For example, Spirit chooses direct routes between popular destinations. 

Additionally, airlines schedule flights during off-peak hours, when airports are less congested. By focusing on efficiency, Spirit lowers operating costs, which translates into lower fares for passengers.

4- Direct Connection Model

One of the main reasons Spirit Airlines is so cheap is the direct connection model. Traditional airlines often route flights via key hubs. However, Spirit operates on a point-to-point paradigm, which implies that it bypasses a hub altogether and connects cities directly. This technique can be more cost-effective due to the reduced requirement for substantial ground infrastructure.

How Are Spirit Airlines Fares So Cheap Than Competitors?

You know, when you go to fancy restaurants, they will have a pre-selected list of dishes, all for a fixed price. The price is high, but it has a starter, a main course, and a dessert. That is how airline fares have traditionally been sold. 

Just like a restaurant with an a la carte menu, Spirit Airlines offers you the freedom to choose what you want. Their advised bare fare includes a few extra amenities, but the rest is up to you. Hence, the following are extra items on the Spirit menu that you can select to decide whether Spirit Airlines is worth it or not.

  • Seat Selection: You will have to pay an additional fee to choose your seat if you wish to sit near your family or avoid the middle seat.
  • Extra Legroom: If you do not want to be cramped, select a seat with extra legroom. This is especially important for long flights or for tall people. 
  • An Extra Wide Seat: You can upgrade to the big front seat that is super comfortable and wide. 
  • Bringing A Larger Carry-On Bag: The Spirit Airlines bare fare only allows you to bring one personal item, 33 liters. With Spirit Airlines, you can pay an extra fee to bring a huge 64-liter carry-on, but you don't own a bag this size.
  • Checking a bag: You can bring checked baggage, but there is a charge.
  • Printing Your Boarding Pass: You must pay $10 to print your boarding pass with Spirit Airlines.
  • Drinks And Snacks: No drinks and snacks are included. However, the water costs you $3.
  • Changing Or Canceling Your Flight Ticket: There are fees involved if you need to change or cancel your flight. 
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How Reliable Is Spirit Airlines?

At Spirit Airlines, your experience is designed with simplicity and cost efficiency in mind. This approach permits significantly lower fares, primarily by offering essential travel services and additional amenities for a fee. Here is what you can expect in terms of basic services with Spirit:

  • Seats: Standard seating is more compact and maximizes cabin space, but it is still comfortable. Because of the arrangement, you will pay less because more travelers can be accommodated.
  • Carry-ons: You are permitted one personal item that fits completely in the smaller sizer box at no additional charge. However, be prepared to pay a fee for larger or additional carry-on bags.  
  • Refreshments: Snacks and drinks are not included in the ticket price, but you can purchase them during the flight.
  • Customer Support: Customer support and check-in services are available but require less personal interaction. The airline encourages self-service options.
  • Boarding: Expect a straightforward Spirit Airlines boarding pass without any frills. 

Tips for Spirit Airlines Cheap Flights

Spirit Airlines charges for everything, whether it is check-in or baggage processing. However, by following the tips below and planning in advance, you can find Spirit Airlines fares so cheap

  • Check the ticket counter times at the airport before driving there.
  • The best time to buy a flight is within 1.5 months.
  • International flights have different fees attached to them, so that they will cost more.
  • Spirit Airlines fares so cheap if your flight to Vegas and if you buy them at the ticket counter.
  • Flights to Puerto Rico are under $100 if you purchased them at the airport.
  • There is no special discount for Spirit Airlines on Tuesday.

Spirit Airlines Fares So Cheap: Is It True?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has established a position in the industry airline by providing affordable fares, such as base fares and standard fares. Read the below-listed points to know each fare in detail:

Spirit Airlines Lowest Base Fares

Spirit Airlines keeps its base fares lowest and then charges passengers for every extra service they require. The airline offers extensive amenities to passengers at an extra price since it offers major services at the lowest prices. As your flying companion, Spirit Airlines offers the following benefits:

  • Low overhead charges on the Spirit Airlines reservation.
  • Low charges are collected for checking their bags.
  • Benefits on demand of booking Spirit tickets
  • Extra assistance on request by Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Standard Airfare

As per the terms of the Spirit standard fare policy, travelers are entitled to the most affordable and optimal airfare, and they can add additional alternatives to their reservation.

  • With Spirit standard fare, you will be assigned a seat and one personal item to carry onboard the flight. 
  • Snacks, lunches, beverages, and wi-fi services are not included in the base price.
  • Additional amenities like more legroom and a seat of your choosing cost extra.

Is Spirit Airlines Cheaper At The Airport?

Yes, buying Spirit flight tickets at the airport is cheaper and saves you a ton of money. It permits you to bypass what the airlines call a “passenger usage fee.” This charge is $19.99 per person per flight. A family of four traveling on a round trip could save $150 by booking at the airport. 

It is also suggested that you pay for your bags as soon as possible because Spirit Airlines charges more when you check in at the gate. As a result, you will get a Spirit Airlines cheap flight ticket if you buy them at the airport instead of purchasing them online.


Spirit Airlines fares so cheap compared to other airlines because of its different business model. This is because of its no-frills approach, which includes charging for extras like seat selection and carry-on baggage. 

Additionally, the airline utilizes newer, fuel-efficient aircraft and optimizes flight routes. Hope the details mentioned above help you to know how cheap is Spirit Airlines. If you still require further information, dial 1 (855) 728-3555 and communicate with the airline representative.

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