Frontier & Spirit Airlines Gets Rid Of Change Or Cancellation Fee: A Thorough Introduction

Frontier & Spirit Change Fee

Two of the biggest low-cost airlines in the United States have eliminated nearly all flight change and cancellation fees. Just days after Frontier Airlines announced they plan to eliminate most change and cancellation fees, Spirit Airlines also announced they will end Spirit Airlines fee for changing flight and cancellations as well.

This big change represents a break from many airlines' typical fee-heavy business model and a dedication to improving consumer satisfaction in the cutthroat world of low-cost air travel. To learn about the most recent pricing revisions for both airlines' change charge structures, read the guide.

Frontier Cancellation Fees & Change Fees: Pricing Update

Frontier overhauled its pricing and services, including eliminating Frontier change fees for most fares and offering new ticket options with included benefits. In addition, Frontier unveiled a new, more transparent tariff structure, which represents a departure from the airline's long-standing ultra-low-cost business strategy that offered ala carte options for seating, services, and pricing. The following new fare classes are being added.

1- Basic fare: The basic fare is structured for budget-conscious passengers. It includes a personal item and additional amenities available for purchase. 

2- Economy class: This fare includes a complimentary carry-on bag and personal item, standard seat selection, and no Frontier change fee or cancellation fee.

3- Premium class: This fare preferred seat selection, a carry-on bag, and priority boarding with guaranteed overhead bin space.

4- Business class: This fare class adds two free checked bags under 50 pounds, extra legroom seating near the front of the aircraft, and a guaranteed empty middle seat.

Eliminate Frontier Airline Cancellation Fee & Change Fee

Frontier eliminated their flight change and cancellation fee for most fares to give travelers more flexibility. Moving forward, you won't pay any change fee Frontier Airlines or itinerary. However, you will be responsible for any difference in price between your original flight ticket and the new fare. You will not get a refund amount or travel credit if your new fare is lower. 

"For Less" Price Guarantee 

Apart from eliminating Frontier Airlines change fee and cancellation fee, Frontier also announced a new "for less" price guarantee, promising customers 2,500 miles if they find a cheaper flight on the same route and date after booking a ticket with Frontier. 

Hence, to claim your 2,500 miles under the "for less" guarantee, fill out the claim form within 48 hours of booking the flight if you find a cheaper option elsewhere meeting specific criteria. Miles are awarded after your qualifying flight.

Spirit Change Fees And Cancellation Fees: Pricing Update

Following Frontier's announcement of these big changes, Spirit Airlines also dropped the fee for changing and canceling flights. Before this update, the change fee Spirit Airlines ranged anywhere from $69 to $119, depending on the airline fare class and how close to departure the change was made. Modifications are now possible up to an hour before the planned departure. A reservation credit for a year will be issued for canceled fares. 

Although Spirit hasn't changed its prices much like Frontier did, there may be more improvements to the traveler experience in the future. The airline's standard flying experience doesn't change for the time being. While Spirit Airline cancellation fee and change fee are gone, you can still expect to pay an extra amount for seat selection and checked bags.

Advantages Of New Transitions In Spirit And Frontier Airlines Change Fee

Frontier and Spirit Airlines recently announced that they will no longer charge flight change or cancellation fees for the majority of their fares, a decision that could drastically alter the market for low-cost air travel. Hence, here are all the significant advantages that passenger gets after eliminating the Spirit and Frontier change fee:

1 - A Transition to Customer-Focused Policies

Frontier and Spirit's decision to eliminate these fees is a daring move toward better integrating their rules with the requirements and preferences of their customers. By removing Frontier and Spirit Airlines fee for changing flights, both airlines are promoting themselves as more customer-centric options in the industry.

2 - Enhanced Flexibility for Passengers

Travelers on Frontier and Spirit Airlines now have more options when it comes to changing their itinerary because modification and cancellation fees have been eliminated. Travelers can now make changes without worrying about paying high Frontier and Spirit change fees, even if they need to change their trip dates or schedule suddenly. 

3 - A Competitive Edge In The Low-Cost Airline Industry

Both airlines stand to gain from increased customer base growth by providing more transparent pricing and lowering the financial risks involved in making reservations. Given that travelers are increasingly prioritizing flexibility and affordability in their travel arrangements, this strategic advantage of change fee Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines may result in a rise in market share and client loyalty.

4 - Consumer Expectations And Response

Customers' reactions have been mainly favorable, with many praising Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines for their efforts to streamline the travel process. Travelers may start to demand comparable arrangements from other airlines as they grow more used to flexible booking options, which would raise the bar for industry norms.


Frontier and Spirit Airlines' elimination of change and cancellation fees marks a major turning point in the development of low-cost air travel. Contact their customer service department to learn more about Frontier and Spirit Airlines itinerary or fee structure. You can also dial this online travel agency number +1-800-865-1848 to get an immediate response from a travel expert.

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