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United Airlines is a popular U.S. Airline based in Chicago, Illinois, near the will tower. After a merger with all continental Airlines, it became the world's third-largest Airline with the best policies, such as United flight cancellation, name correction on tickets, flight change, and more. 

In addition, the boarding services are beyond your expectations. You will not be disappointed with meals, including appetizers, salads, beverages, cocktails, and beers. Passengers can enjoy comfort and ease when booking their flight on United. Hence, if you plan to travel with United, check out this guide on United Airlines policies that include procedures, fees, and booking a ticket with United Airlines reservations.

The United Airlines Flight Reservation Process: Online or Offline 

How to book a flight is one of the questions that people have while purchasing United flight tickets. United Airlines permits you to make a reservation online and offline. Check below to get a clear explanation of both methods:

1 - Use the United Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Passengers can connect to the Airlines customer service department 24/7 through a United booking phone number and book their tickets. So if you are uncomfortable with the online method, you can easily do it using the United Airlines reservations phone number. Here are the few steps you can take:

First: Dial the official number of the United Airlines reservation.

Second: Give the customer service expert every detail regarding yourself and your flight.

Third: Select the correct flight from the list of flights.

Fourth: Give your payment details to the representative to finalize your reservation.

Fifth: Lastly, the expert will email your ticket. 

2 - Use Official Website to Book your United Flight

When journeying to different locations around the world, United Airlines is regarded as the most affordable option for acquiring online airline tickets. To reserve a seat with United Airlines, you may resort to the below-mentioned steps:

First: Visit the official United Airlines website on your web browser.

Second: Create a new account by adding your details. If you are already registered, then login it with your credentials.

Third: On the flight booking page, enter the required details in the blank spaces provided.

Fourth: Next, enter the departure city followed by the arrival city in case you have opted for a round trip.

Fifth: Enter the arrival and departure date, followed by the number of people travelling with you on the flight.

Sixth: Make the selection of the class in which you would like to travel.

Seventh: Check all the details you entered on the United flight reservation page.

Eighth: Select the flight you are interested in flying.

Ninth: Move to the payment page and pay the fees.

Tenth: Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with details regarding a reservation made with United Airlines.

All About United Flight Cancellation Policy  

United Airlines flight cancellation can be expensive or complicated but unavoidable too. Therefore, They have established guidelines to adhere to before changing a previously booked flight. Learn about United Cancellation terms and conditions before cancelling your ticket.

  • No flight cancellation fee will be waived for passengers who cancel their flight before 24 hours of booking.
  • If passengers do not complete their check-in on time, then United will cancel the flight refund and charge a cancellation fee. 
  • In the event that United Airlines cancels your flight, the Airline will either provide you with a ticket for the upcoming flight or issue a refund.
  • If your United flight is cancelled after a delay of more than five hours, you will be given a full refund.
  • You can reschedule your flight without incurring additional costs in case of a family member's death or a natural calamity.
  • United basic economy cancellation policy states that you can only cancel basic economy before 24 hours of booking, and a refund will be made on the original form of payment. 
  • For non-refundable flight tickets, passengers have only 24 hours from the time of purchase.

The United Airlines Flight Cancellation Procedure: Online or Offline  

1 - Use the United Airlines Cancellation Phone Number 

If you run into problems while booking or travelling, you can call to cancel a United flight. Simply dial the United Airlines cancellation phone number, and a helpful agent will help you. After calling, you can also acquire accurate information about the cancellation procedure or policy. In case you can’t reach professionals via official number, use this number +1-800-865-1848 for prompt assistance. 

2 - Use Official Website to Cancel United Flight

United Airlines understand your concern and has developed various alternatives for easy flight cancellation. Per the United flight cancellation policy, the following are the steps to cancel your ticket online. 

First: Navigate to the United Airlines website.

Second: Select the "My trips" option.

Third: Enter the confirmation number and the passenger's last name.

Fourth: Select the flight you have to cancel. 

Fifth: Select the "Cancel booking" option.

Sixth: Make payment for the cancellation charges (if required)

Seventh: Lastly, you will get a confirmation email on your registered email address. 

United Airlines Name Correction Policy 

United Airlines only permits minor name changes on tickets that have been verified. According to United Airlines Name Correction Policy, customers may make minor ticket changes as long as the information matches their official I.D. or passport. For more info on a name change and its policy, you can refer to the details below:

  • Your name spelling can only be changed/corrected if the flight is managed by United Airlines.
  • To change your name on the ticket, you have to pay around $75 if you do it within a day of the initial purchase.
  • After 24 hours, the cost of editing the name on the United ticket varies up to 200 USD.
  • Passengers can reissue their tickets after making the required corrections without additional cost.
  • The essential part is that you are only permitted to make a single change and may have to pay an amount of money and do lots of paperwork before making any other change in the reservation.

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The United Airlines Name Correction Procedure: Online or Offline 

1 - Use United Airlines Name Change Customer Care Number

One of the easiest ways to correct names on a United ticket is by calling a United Airlines name change customer care number. In reality, it is a preferred technique for many travellers who dislike browsing the web or buying tickets at the airport. For any interruptions while dialing the official number, call Spirit professionals at +1-800-865-1848. 

2 - Use Official Website for United Airlines Flight Name Change 

In addition to calling United Airlines, If you need to change the name immediately, you can amend it on their website. Follow the given steps to start the online name change process. 

First: Visit the official United Airlines website on your trusted browser.

Second: Select the "Manage booking" section.

Third: Enter your booking number and passenger name one by one.

Fourth: Click on the "Edit" option.

Fifth: Follow the on-screen instructions to fix the misspelled name.

Sixth: Once you are done with that, save the changes to the booking.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy - Change Your Flight For Free

Making changes to a booked flight is uncommon when planning to travel. This is a common issue, and hence United Airlines offers a United Airlines flight change policy to modify your flight itinerary promptly. Here is an overview of the same:

  • As per the flight change policy of United, passengers might have to pay a certain amount if they want to make modifications on the same day. 
  • Most flights change on United Airlines depending on the fare type, destination, origin, route, etc.
  • If you switch to an earlier or later flight on the same day, you might be able to save money.
  • According to the United 24-hour flight change policy, customers who booked at least seven days before departure have 24 hours from the time of booking to make free changes. However, this rule only applies to all basic economy tickets.

The United Airlines Flight Change Procedure: Online or Offline

1 - Use United Airlines To Change Your Flight Phone Number

Passengers travelling with United Airlines are allowed to modify their existing booking. If you have an unavoidable emergency and need to change your flight instantly, call the United Airlines change flight phone number and speak to the executives to make the required changes. However, if you cannot connect with a call, you can reach them via alternative number +1-800-865-1848. 

2 - Use Official Website to Change United Flight

According to United Airlines policy on ticket changes, changing your flight online only requires a few simple steps. 

First: Open your trusted browser and go to the United Airlines website.

Second: Click on the "My travel" option.

Third: Enter your confirmation code and the passenger's last name.

Fourth: Select the itinerary you would want to make amendments to.

Fifth: Make changes to the updated travel plan.

Sixth: Pay the service fee (if applicable)

Seventh: Once all the changes are done, you will get a confirmation email.

Need Help? Contact A Live Agent at the United Airlines Customer Service Department Today! 

It's superficial to purchase a United Airlines ticket online using the official website or by calling the United Airlines customer service center. After reading the above, I hope you are fully informed about any services or policies offered by United Airlines. 

If you still have queries, Call or text the United Airlines representative. They can help you in resolving any issue you may be having with reservations, cancellations, and changes. If they cannot reach you, dial the supplementary United Airlines number +1-800-865-1848 for a quick response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to make a reservation on United Airlines by phone?

One of the best ways to book a flight is by contacting the reservation team at United Airlines official number. You just need to dial the United Airlines reservations number, which can be found on the airline website. Once you connect with the expert, provide all the passenger information and select a fare type and payment method to complete the process.

Q2. What are the payment methods with United Airlines?

Reserving a flight to any of your chosen destinations is as simple as the United Airlines payment mode. Credit/debit cards and gift cards can be paid on United Airlines flight reservations. In addition, the Airline also supports American Express, MasterCard, Chase Pay, and Apple Pay.

Q3. Does United Airlines customer service offer special assistance to passengers with disabilities?

United Airlines offers quality services to passengers with special needs. Simply fill out a special need request in the "Traveler details" section during the reservation process. Or else, you can call the United Airlines reservation number to get the services special needs can avail when flying to their chosen destination with a major US-based Airline.

Q4. What is the total number of passengers I can book in one United reservation?

According to the United group reservation policy, you can book up to eight passengers in one reservation with United Airlines. If the traveller is more than eight, it's important to contact the airline executive to get assistance for a group reservation of nine or ten passengers.

Q5. What to do if United Airlines cancel your flight?

when your flight is cancelled by an airline, then you have two distinct options as per United Airlines cancellation policy. You can either choose a rebooking from United Airlines. You can get your money refunded. To be clear, you don't need to accept the new reservation the Airline offers you. You are fully entitled to cancel your flight and request your money back.

Q6. What if I don't put my middle name on a United Airlines flight ticket?

A missing middle name won't keep you from boarding the trip as long as the first and last names match the government-issued I.D. Although, the name should match the name on your government-issued ID.

Q7. Does United Airlines allow international ticket name changes?

Yes, passengers can correct the name regardless of travel class, fare type, and trip type selected. However, the names must be corrected two hours before the scheduled departure.

Q8. Can I make as many changes as possible to my United Airlines flight?

Yes, the United flight change policy allows you to make unlimited alterations to any flight ticket. However, The price difference between the flights must be paid each time you make changes, though.

Q9. Is it possible to adjust the travel time with United Airlines?

For domestic flights within the U.S., you can modify your flight time or date as long as you pay the applicable ticket difference.

Q10. How do I check my flight reservation on United Airlines?

Customers can check their flight status from the "My itineraries" tab on the official United Airlines website. Then, enter your confirmation number, e-ticket number, credit card number, and your last name. Once logged in, you can easily check all the details of your United flight reservations.

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