Want to Edit Name on United Ticket? Here is a Helpful Guide!

Edit Name on United Ticket

What if your name was spelled incorrectly on the Airline ticket? It must be a puzzling crisis for passengers. Well, don’t fret when your booking has been done with United Airlines. To edit name on United ticket, the Airline permits their passengers to make significant corrections. Unless the name does not match the name on the passport or government-issued ID, passengers cannot board the flight due to security reasons.

As a trusted name in the Airways industry, United Airlines adopt a rather strict service approach to name changes. However, it allows passengers the freedom to rectify their minor name errors while booking. Hence, in this guide, you will delve into the name change policy and examine the process of changing United Airlines misspelled name on boarding pass

What is United Airlines Cost to Change Name on Ticket?

United Airlines name change policy may ask you to pay a certain amount depending on your modifications to the name on the flight ticket.

You may need to pay $75 for a major name change within 24 hours of buying the ticket. In addition, a charge of $200 may apply if you make changes to the name after 24 hours. You may also need to pay the fee multiple times if more than one passenger's name needs correction.

United Flight Tickets: Guidelines for Changing a Passenger's Name

Although the United Airlines name change policy allows you the opportunity to make any necessary changes or corrections, there are a few criteria and guidelines that you must keep in mind:

  • United name correction process must start the name alterations on the present PNR; if that is not feasible, then a six-digit record locator with the correct passenger name must be created.
  • Always secure the same booking class as ticketed, if that's not possible the flights have to be rebooked in the lowest available fare class. 
  • The OSI  entry must be added at the time of name modification, and be added to the new and the existing PNR.
  • Secure flight passenger data must be submitted again with the updated name and verified to match the DOB and gender information given at the time of the first booking. 
  • As per the policy, changes to both the name and DOB/gender are not allowed.
  • Continue with the voluntary exchange on the flight ticket, then pay the name change fee and any fare differences when it is allocated again.
  • Also, the United edit name on ticket is simple with the aid of the subsequent procedures. If the alteration occurs the same day, United Airlines may charge you a change fee.

United Airlines Name Change Types

According to the guidelines of United Airlines name change policy, travelers do not need to submit specific documentation For simple name changes/corrections. although, for changes apart from the minor ones, you have to attach a copy of documents.

1- Minor Modifications

You won't have to pay United name change fee and submit a supporting document in the following situations if:

  • Passengers want to change the passenger name spelling.
  • The spelling of the passenger's last name is not mentioned correctly.
  • The passenger wants to change the name to nickname or nickname to name.
  • The passenger wants to add or remove an initial or a middle name.
  • There is a need to make alterations to the passenger's first and last name.

2- Major Modifications 

Hence, all these were minor changes that passengers would want to make. Now look into some of the major changes that are required to supply legal or supporting documentation to complete the process. 

  • Adjusting the entire first and last name
  • Adding a middle name on the ticket.
  • Name change due to marriage or divorce.
  • Legal name changes on the passport resulted in the alteration of the ticket.

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What Documents Are Required to Change United Airlines Misspelled Name on Boarding Pass?

You must supply the following in order for the authorities to examine your information and edit name on United ticket:

  • Marriage certificate when the passenger's last name has to be changed.
  • Divorce agreement when adjustments are to be done as a result of the same.
  • Government-issued documents in case of legal name changes.
  • Identity documents that include both your old and new names.

How to Change the Name on a United Airlines Flight Ticket?

You can make changes to your United Airlines flight ticket either by visiting the official website or by calling their customer care number. Additionally, you will also need to Upload the necessary documents for some significant and major changes. Follow the given steps to Start the online process:

  • Firstly, open your browser and navigate to the United Airlines website.
  • On the homepage, tap on the “My trips” option to access your itinerary.
  • Input your "Last name" and "Confirmation number" from the e-ticket.
  • After you are done with all of this work, visit the page for booking details.
  • To make modifications, choose the "Edit" option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and save the changes to the booking.
  • Lastly, pay the United edit name on ticket fee (if required).
  • Once the Airline accepts saved updates, you will get a confirmation email to your registered email ID.

How to Change the Misspelt Name in the Mileage Plus Account?

United Airlines offers a name-change option for regular tickets and mileage-plus reservations.  Therefore, follow the instructions below to change the name on a United Mileage Plus booking: 

  • Open the United Airlines website on your browser.
  • Select "MileagePlus Program" by tapping the button in the top right corner.
  • Select the "My Account" option.
  • On the new page, enter your MileagePlus number and password for sign-in.
  • Select the booking you want to modify.
  • Make the required changes by submitting documents along with general details.

What is United Airlines Name Change Customer Care Number?

The process to change United Airlines misspelled name on boarding pass can be time-consuming and confusing, especially for those who have never done it before. Thus, if you don't want to go with the online process, and need personal assistance, call directly to United Airlines name change customer care number. 

In the event that the Airline don’t respond to your calls, you can contact them at +1-800-865-1848 with any questions you may have about the name change procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About The United Name Change Policy 

Q 1 - Can I tranfer my United Airlines ticket to someone else?

Ans - As per the United edit name on ticket policy, you cant transfer any ticket to someone but you can cancel United ticket and rebook for the person whom you wanted to transfer.

Q 2 - Why use the name affidavit on United Airlines?

Ans - When you do not have supporting documentation to complete the name change procedure, you will need to send an affidavit. The affidavit must be notarized and supplied to:

P.O. Box 1394

Houston, TX 77251-1394

Q 3 - Does United Airlines allow international ticket name changes?

Ans - As per United name change/correction policy, passengers are entitled to update their name regardless of the fare type, travel class, and trip type chosen. The names must also be changed up to two hours before the departure time.

Q 4- What if I need to put my middle name on the United flight ticket?

Ans - According to United Airlines policy on name changes, as long as the first and last names on your ticket match those on your government-issued ID, you will be allowed to board the flight even if your center name is absent. However, it is advised that you get in touch with United Airlines customer support as soon as you can to remedy the error.

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