What is United Farelock? How Does United Fare Lock Work?

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When you plan a trip to visit your selected destination, you have to look for multiple things, and the fare services are one of them. To get the best fare, you must look for various airlines and make flight reservations with the best price facilities. While booking with United Airlines, you will get multiple facilities; Fare lock is one of them. 

United Airlines Farelock is the system that allows passengers to hold their reserved flight and complete their purchase later. While you take your time making your purchase, you can relax, knowing that your flight's cost won't increase. Hence, to know how you can hold flights on United Airlines by using Fare Lock, go through this post to learn about Farelock United.

How Does The United FareLock Work?

United Airlines provided a service called "FareLock" that allowed passengers to hold a reservation and lock in the fare without immediately purchasing the ticket. With this feature, you will have peace of mind that the price of your flight won't go up, and it won't sell out while you take your time with your purchase. 

When booking eligible itineraries through the United Airlines website or mobile app, a traveler may opt for United Farelock during the reservation process. After selecting the Farelock option, the passenger must pay a non-refundable fee, which varies based on the lock-in duration and flight, typically 3 or 7 days. During this time period, the fare remains fixed, even if the price for that flight increase. 

United Airlines Farelock: Terms & Conditions

While holding the fare on United Airlines, you must abide by several terms and restrictions provided by the airline. Read the information below to learn about Fare Lock United policies.

  • The Farelock system on United Airlines allows the passenger to lock in the prices of their United flight by buying a Farelock guarantee. Farelock United is available for reservations booked via the official website, the United app or the United customer support number. The charge is per reservation and applies only to flights operated by United.
  • The Farelock service fees are not deducted from the flight ticket price and are not refundable.
  • Farelock is not available at the time as it is subject to availability.
  • Customers who have a reserved fare with Farelock United can easily finish the transaction at their convenience prior to the expiration of Farelock on the United Airlines website or by calling the United customer contact center.
  • According to the United 24-hour booking policy, Reservations held with Farelock can be changed or refunded.

Do United Airlines Have a 24 Hour Hold Policy?

Yes, United Airlines has a 24-hour hold policy under which customers can make adjustments free of charge up to 24 hours after booking. This will include the cancellation of your tickets and a request for a 100% refund of a ticket. 

There are no changes in the basic reservations within 24 hours, but suitable for a refund within 24 hours. Here are some essential key factors about United Airlines 24 hour hold policy:

  • It is applied to flight ticket booking with the United website and customer service.
  • If you seek a refund, the money will be returned back to the initial form of payment, excluding any purchases made using a gift certificate from United Airlines.
  • Group reservations and tickets purchased using the union, cash, and e-certificates are excluded from this policy.
  • The time of 24 hours frame starts when you book the flight.
  • If you pay any fees to hold United tickets, the fee will not be refunded.

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How Do I Hold Reservations on United Airlines?

Booking a flight is one of the easiest processes, but finding cheap deals is a tough issue in many situations. However, because of the heavy demand for seats and the fact that rates can occasionally change when you search for a flight on different airlines, you get different prices when you come again. 

When you tour with United Airlines, you can keep your reservations for up to fourteen days with the help of United Airlines FareLock choice. If you recognize the right method, you can perform United Airways to preserve a reservation system. Follow the instructions below to hold your United Airlines flight:

First: Open your preferred browser and navigate to the United Airlines website.

Second: Click on the "New booking" option.

Third: Fill out the destination name and departure airport name.

Fourth: Fill out the travel date and, if it is your round trip, the date of coming back.

Fifth: Enter your name, contact number, and email ID and send your details.

Sixth: Select the "Hold price" option on the payment page.

Seventh: Pay the application fee if you see any charges, and you will email holding the booking on United Airlines.

How to Hold The United Ticket for Free?

There are some easy ways to hold reservations at United Airlines for free. Below are the steps you need to follow to start the process:

Step 1 - For freehold, use the payment page and the phone order page link for paying.

Step 2 - After that, select the confirmation number.

Step 3 - Move to the drop-down reservations and select "Change/view existing reservations."

Step 4 - Tap on the "More" option and open it.

Step 5 - Click the "Complete this purchase now" option and complete the reservation without extra fees.

How do I know if my United Reservation has Farelock?

You can follow few simple steps to check if your United reservation has Farelock. First and foremost, visit the United Airlines website or use its mobile. Log in to your account and tap on the “My trips” section. There you have to find a list of your booked flights. After that, look for any Farelock indication associated with your specific reservation. This may appear as a Farelock icon or a label indicating that the reservation has Farelock protection.

Furthermore, you can check your email confirmation or flight ticket details of United Farelock. If you are still unsure and have questions, it is best to contact United customer service for assistance. They can confirm your reservation has Farelock and provide any additional information you want.

Note: Not all United flights are eligible for Farelock, and its availability may vary depending on factors such as date, route, and demand. 

United Farelock What If Price Goes Down?

There is no method to know when airfares will go up or down. Similarly, there is no particular day when you can expect for a cheaper flight. In this regard, it is advisable to lock in your fare as soon as you see it, since the price is constantly going up.

There are instances in which an airline will allow you to hold your fare for up to 24 hours without charging you. You must grab this option. If the ticket price goes down, you may rebook your flight at low cost. If it supposed to go up, you can book at the original cost.  

United Airlines Farelock Pros & Cons

United Airlines allows passengers to hold their reservations with the FareLock feature, which allows them to hold and decide about the reservations freely. The services offered by Farelock have numerous advantages. Check out the points below to learn about both the advantages and disadvantages of the United Airlines Fare lock.

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United Airlines Fare Lock Pros

  • The only way to hold a United fare for seven days
  • Reasonable fee
  • It gives passenger time to transfer miles or price shop.
  • Small price to pay if your plans are not certain, or there may be a fare war leading to even low fares.

United Airlines Fare Lock Cons

  • The fee is not credited to your flight, even if you reserve it (as with any option or insurance)
  • Only for advance purchase: not offered for flights departing on or before your departure day, so forget about trying to manipulate the system to get around 14-day advance purchase regulations. 
  • Not offered for Star Alliance, other partner codeshares, or partner flights: only United Metal.
  • You may not be offered the seven-day hold period if you have enough miles in your account.

Do not forget that you do have other options:

  • Passengers can cancel a purchased fare within 24 hours of purchase without any penalty.
  • If it's a United award ticket, passengers can cancel and redeposit their miles for free as a top global service member (premier 1K, Premier platinum) or pay $150 to do so as a non-elite ($125 as premier silver and $100 as premier gold)
  • Using the phone booking option, a Freehold on a United fare is still available until midnight of the following day (up to 48 hours).

Why My Farelock is Not Working?

If your United Airlines Farelock is not working, there could be various reasons for this problem. Firstly, make sure that you selected an eligible itinerary for Farelock because not all flights qualify for this service, and availability may vary based on factors like date and route. 

Another reason is that there might be technical difficulties on the United website or app. Temporary system outages can prevent the Farelock feature from functioning correctly. In such cases, waiting a while and trying again later might fix the issue. Additionally, if you find any error during the payment process or your payment method is declined, the Farelock may not be applied successfully to your booking.

Moreover, to resolve the issue, you can contact the United Airlines customer service department for assistance. Their representative will guide you to troubleshoot the problem. The alternative number, +1-800-865-1848, can be used to get a quick response to all of your questions when the airline number isn't able to contact you due to technical issues.

Is United Farlock Worth it? 

Yes, the Farelock feature of United Airlines allows you to hold a great fare or award ticket you have found and purchase it either within 72 hours or 7 days for a fee. The actual Fee varies, depending on the flight and your hold period, but it is usually in the $5-$20 range. Remember that you have other choices:

  • Within 24 hours of purchasing a fare, you may cancel it without incurring any fees.
  • If it's a United Airlines award ticket, you can cancel it and redeposit your miles for free as a top elite or pay $150 to do so as a non-elite.
  • By using the phone booking option, it is possible to hold a unified fare for no cost until midnight of the subsequent day (up to 48 hours).

Wrapping up!

Hope that all the aforementioned information about booking a flight using the United Fare Lock will be useful to you and help you decide what is best for your trip. Thus, if you still have questions regarding the Farelock system on United Airlines, you can contact the United Airlines customer service agent for guidance, as they are available 24/7. 

Further, you can use this number +1-800-865-1848 if the official number cannot connect with you due to technical issues. By calling on this number and talking with a representative, you will get any information you want, such as United Airlines 24 hour hold policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the United Farelock mean?

United Airlines Farelock means passengers can book the flight by paying a limited amount. You only need to spend the remaining amount within a certain period. The airline will revoke your booking if you don't make complete payments within that time. Moreover, you also have the option to make the fare by using your United miles and regular award tickets available on the United website. If you apply for the Fare lock, you can only modify the booking once you complete the payments.

Q2. Is United Airlines Farelock worth it?

With United Farelock, customers can pay a charge to hold onto a great fare or award ticket they've acquired and purchase it 72 or 7 days later. The original fee varies, depending on the flight and your hold period, but it is generally in the $5 to $20 range.

Q3. Where to find Fare Lock on United?

To find Fare Lock on United Airlines, visit their United official website and navigate to the flight booking section. Look for the option to add a Fare Lock United during the booking process. It allows you to secure a specific fare for a limited time, giving you the flexibility to complete your travel plans without worrying about price fluctuations.

Q4. How do I know if my United reservation has a Fare lock?

To confirm if your United reservation has Fare Lock, log in to your United Airlines account and access your itinerary. Look for a "United Airlines Fare Lock" or "Fare Lock Confirmation" status associated with your flight. If you don't see it or have concerns, contact United's customer service for assistance and clarification.

Q5. What is a United vacation fare lock?

United Vacation Fare Lock is a service offered by United Airlines that allows you to secure a vacation package, including flights, hotel accommodations, and more, at a fixed price for a specific period. It provides peace of mind by protecting you from price increases while you finalize your travel plans.

Q6. How do I find my United Air Fare Lock?

To find your United Air Fare Lock, log in to your United Airlines account and access your reservation or itinerary. Look for confirmation or status indicating the presence of a Fare Lock. If you cannot locate it or have questions, contact United's customer service for assistance and further information.

Q7. What day do you need to book a ticket if you did seven-day fare lock United?

If you have used a 7-day with United Airlines Fare Lock, you must complete your ticket purchase within 7 days. It is crucial to book your ticket before the expiration of the Fare Lock period to secure the locked-in fare and avoid any price changes.

Q8. How to cancel a United itinerary but keep Fare Lock?

To cancel a United Airlines itinerary while keeping the Fare Lock, log in to your account on their website, access your reservation, and modify the flight. Choose the cancellation option and confirm the changes. Ensure the United Fare Lock remains intact. Contact United's customer service if any issues arise, and retain Fare Lock documentation for reference.

Q9. What does a United Fare Lock cost?

The cost of United Airlines Fare Lock service varies depending on factors such as the length of the lock period and the specific flight details. The price is typically displayed during the booking process, allowing you to evaluate and decide whether to opt for Fare Lock based on the offered fee.

Q10. When does United allow you to Fare Lock?

United Airlines allows you to use their Fare Lock service during flight booking. When selecting your flights, you can add Fare Lock United if it is available for your itinerary.

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