United Airline Wheelchair Assistance: How to Request and Utilize the Services

United airlines wheelchair assistance services

Enjoying a flight is only possible when you sit comfortably, depending on whether you get a preferred seat. When flying with United Airlines, you can get numerous benefits and choose a preferred seat under the United Airlines seat reservation policy. 

Even with so many policies in place, some people still require additional assistance. To ensure that all passengers, regardless of their physical capabilities, have a comfortable trip, United Airlines offers wheelchair assistance service. All wheelchair models, whether folding, non-folding, collapsible, powered, or manual, are accepted. 

Those who fly with United Airlines with a disability should familiarize themselves with United wheelchair assistance policy. After purchasing a flight ticket, You can notify the Airline of any wheelchair assistance. So that you may travel comfortably, this guide provides all the information on how to request hiring an assistant.

Make Your Journey Pleased With United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Services

United Airline wheelchair assistance services are reachable for passengers with mobility problems such as injury, obesity etc. The model of the wheelchair offered will depend on the customer's requirements. Therefore, the Airline offers various options to guarantee that passengers can travel pleasantly.

1- Manual Wheelchair 

For those who have trouble ascending stairs or travelling long distances, manual wheelchair assistance is available. United Airlines offers trained personnel to assist passengers in using manual wheelchairs. Plus, these models are designed to be lightweight, making them ideal for navigating busy airports. 

2- Electric Wheelchair Assistance

Electric wheelchair assistance service is helpful for those who require additional assistance and support. These wheelchairs are secure and comfortable, with features such as footrests, armrests, and adjustable seats. 

3- Boarding & Deplaning Assistance

This assistance is only for passengers with mobility issues during boarding and deplaning. Usually, those who need wheelchair assistance can board the plane first. It will enable them to settle in before additional passengers board. 

  • The United Airlines trained personnel can assist passengers in stowing their medical equipment.
  • It will ensure that they sit comfortably.
  • When the aircraft arrives, specially trained airline staff will fetch the wheelchair and help the customer depart. 
  • Moreover, United Airlines wheelchair assistance will accompany the passengers to collect their luggage. Before departing the airport, they also ensure passengers have everything they require.
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4- Airport Assistance

United wheelchair assistance provides services from when passengers arrive at the airport until they depart. Along with boarding the plane, it also involves checking in and going through security. They also assist passengers in keeping additional requirements like medical equipment or medication.

How to Request Wheelchair Assistance on United Airlines?

As you know, United Airlines has several policies, including flight changes, seat reservations, name changes, flight cancellations, and more. In addition, it offers disabled people extra assistance at the airport and during the trip. When you need United wheelchair assistance, you shouldn't be concerned because United Airlines offers on-the-ground and in-flight wheelchair support. 

Hence, there are various ways for a United wheelchair request. This section below will explore how to contact the Airline staff through different channels.

Method 1: Book or Request Wheelchair Assistance on The Official Website.

The United Airlines website offers an easy and convenient way to request wheelchair assistance for your upcoming flight. Here is how:

  • First, visit the United Airlines official website and tap the "My trips" option.
  • Second, enter your flight reservation details and tap the "Find" button.
  • Third, once your flight reservation is displayed, tap on the "Edit" option next to the passenger's name who wants to request United wheelchair assistance.
  • Fourth, after that, select "Special assistance." and choose the "wheelchair service." option.
  • Fifth, enter the "Specific requirements," such as whether you require an electric or manual wheelchair. 
  • Tap the "Continue" button and review your request before submitting it.
  • Lastly, You will get a confirmation email on your registered email address. 

Method 2: Requesting Wheelchair Assistance Through Email

You also have the option to submit your United Airline wheelchair assistance request through email. You have to send the mail to the official customer service email address, which you can find on the website contact us page. Here are the few steps you need to follow:

  • Compose an email and send it to the United customer service team at the official email address.
  • Include your reservation details and specify that you need wheelchair assistance.
  • Specify the kind of wheelchair needed, whether an electric or manual wheelchair and any other unique requirements.
  • Review your email and then submit it.

Method 3: Requesting Wheelchair Assistance via Phone Call

You can also choose to phone; in this case, you only need to visit the United Airlines website and select the "Contact Us" link. You can dial that number and follow the IVR steps to reach the Airline's official number.

  • Press 1 to select the language.
  • Press 2 for the new United Airlines reservation.
  • Press 3 for changes and cancellations in the United ticket.
  • Press 4 to talk to a live person, and when the call gets connected, tell him the six-digit reference number and the passenger's last name. After that, tell them that you want United wheelchair assistance and the justification also. When they have all of your information, they will mark it and guarantee that you can prove you are receiving wheelchair assistance.

Method 4: Requesting Wheelchair Assistance via Live Chat

The chat process of submitting your United Wheelchair assistance request is another best option you can follow to get assistance. Here's how to send a request:

  • Open the official United Airlines website and click the "Contact Us" option.
  • After that, you will find the chat icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap on the icon and select the topic of wheelchair assistance.
  • Once you send your request, the executive will respond to your query and provide you with the surety for wheelchair assistance.

Method 5: Get Wheelchair Assistance at the Airport

You can still ask for assistance at the airport even if you didn't order a wheelchair in advance. This is how:

  • First, when you reach the airport, proceed to the check-in counter.
  • Now, let the customer service representative know that you require wheelchair assistance.
  • Then, they will arrange for trained personnel to assist you with your wheelchair needs.
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Tips for a Smooth Experience with United Wheelchair Assistance Service

Here are some tips to bear in mind to make your experience with United wheelchair assistance as seamless as possible:

  • Provide as many details as possible: When requesting United Airline wheelchair assistance, provide as much information as possible. It will be about your mobility and any other requirements you may have.
  • Arrive early: Get to the airport early to give yourself plenty of time for wheelchair assistance.
  • Communicate with the wheelchair assistance United Airlines team: Do not hesitate to contact the united wheelchair assistance support team if you have any worries or inquiries.
  • Put the necessities in your carry-on bag: Bring any necessary items, including prescription medication or a cane. To ensure you always have them with you, put them in a carry-on bag.

What is United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Phone Number?

At United, we strive to guarantee that people with disabilities can access our wheelchair facilities and services. Ask to meet with a Complaint Resolution Official (CRO) if you are disabled and have travel-related assistance. Additionally, for concerns during travel and after your travel is completed regarding wheelchair assistance services, you can contact the United 24-hour accessibility desk at 1-800-228-2744. 

Furthermore, you can call +1-800-865-1848 to ask questions or get more help in case the official airline number is unable to reach you due to technical issues.

Final Verdict!

Under the United seat booking, the handicapped desk will gladly help you find a comfortable seat that suits your needs. Moreover, if you are looking for United Airlines wheelchair assistance, you can request it. The aforementioned techniques cover the several ways you can ask for wheelchair assistance from United Airlines. 

Before booking your flight, if you have any questions about the process, you can contact customer service, which can offer appropriate help. If the Airlines official number is inoperable, call this +1-800-865-1848 number for instant support by travel professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there any additional fees to hire United Wheelchair Assistance?

No, Airlines are obligated to accept wheelchairs for free on board. If your wheelchair is incompatible with the particular plane you are boarding, The Airline will probably provide you with a wheelchair for free use.

Q2. Can passengers bring their wheelchairs on United Airlines flights?

Yes, you are permitted to travel with your wheelchair. Mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs can all be checked in for free with the Airline.

Q3. What is the different way to submit a United wheelchair request?

You can submit your United wheelchair or assistance request through the United website, email, phone call, live chat, and at the airport. You can also do this when making reservations at the airport.

Q4. What to do if my wheelchair is lost?

If your wheelchair is lost, you must provide the following information to the United assistive device desk by calling their number or via email: Your itinerary Bag tag The type of wheelchair Proof of purchase or ownership of wheelchair The serial number and model of your wheelchair Proof the item was lost or damaged, such as the baggage incident report number.

Q5. How to add wheelchair assistance in United Airlines online?

To hire United Airline wheelchair assistance online, select "special assistance" or "wheelchair assistance" during the booking process. Alternatively, you can contact United Airlines directly after making the reservation to request wheelchair assistance be added to your booking.

Q6. How to get wheelchair assistance United Airlines

To obtain wheelchair assistance from United Airlines, you can request it during the online booking process, or you can contact United Airlines directly via the United Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number.

Q7. How to request wheelchair assistance on United Airlines offline?

According to the wheelchair assistance United Airlines policy, you can contact their customer service agent directly by phone To request wheelchair assistance. All you need to do is provide them with your flight details, including the departure and arrival airports, and inform them of your need for wheelchair assistance. They will assist you in arranging the necessary support for your travel.

Q8. How to get wheelchair assistance at airport United?

To get wheelchair assistance at the airport with United Airlines, you can make a request at the ticket counter or gate when you arrive. Trained personnel will assist you with mobility within the terminal and boarding the aircraft. Simply inform the staff about your need for wheelchair assistance.

Q9. How to select wheelchair assistance on United Airlines through website?

To select United wheelchair assistance, you can indicate your need during the online reservation process by selecting the wheelchair assistance option. Alternatively, you can contact United Airlines through their official website or phone.

Q10. How to book wheelchair assistance in United Airlines through email?

To book wheelchair assistance in United Airlines through email, message the airline's customer service or accessibility support email address. Provide your flight details, including the date, time, and airports, along with your request for wheelchair assistance. The United Airlines team will assist you in making the necessary arrangements.

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