How To Change A Flight On United Airlines?

how to change flight on United Airlines

Anyone may experience this: They plan a United ticket, then need to alter it a few days, a few weeks, or a few months later due to unforeseen circumstances. You'll need to be informed of the procedures for changing flights if that happens so you can make a decision about what to do next.

You may modify a United Airlines flight, whether you paid with cash or United MileagePlus points, by following the carrier's policies, which are shown below.

United Airlines Change Flight Policy

With the exception of primary economy tickets, United Airlines no longer charges change fees for domestic travel.

Here’s what you need to know about:

  • For fares in economy, economy plus, first class, business, and united premium plus, there are no change costs.
  • Tickets for domestic travel (to and from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) as well as between the United States and Mexico or the Caribbean are covered by the policy.
  • Additionally, there are no change fees for international journeys beginning in the U.S.

How Do United Flights Change Or Canceled?

On the United website, flight tickets purchased through United.com can be amended or canceled. For this, go to United's website and carry out the actions listed below:

  • Log on to “United Account”
  • Navigate to the “My Trips” option.
  • To modify or cancel a trip, click the "Manage trip" icon to its right.
  • Select "Change flight or cancel flight" by clicking the button at the top of the screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

United will issue you a voucher to apply for a future purchase when you cancel a purchased ticket.

You must call the OTA you bought with to cancel or amend your ticket if you can't access your reservation online, which would be the case if you booked with an OTA.

Last but not least, United permits same-day modifications for both purchased and awarded tickets. All MileagePlus Premier members no longer pay same-day change costs as part of United's elimination of change fees. You will be responsible for paying the cost difference if the airline you wish to change to doesn't offer the pricing bucket you initially reserved.

If you have an award ticket, you cannot modify your flight until a flight in the same cabin becomes available. At check-in or by accessing your reservation and choosing the same-day change option, you can make same-day modifications.

When Is United Airlines Change Flight Refund Available?

Even if United change flight fees are no longer an issue (for now, at least), buying the lowest-paid tickets on United still means you won't receive your money back. You'll often be given a coupon to spend on a future flight. However, there are still a few circumstances in which you can receive a refund to the original payment method.

Within 24 Hours Of Booking

If your reservation is scheduled at least seven days before departure, the U.S. Department of Transportation mandates that all airlines allow consumers a 24-hour window to cancel flights after booking.

You can cancel your ticket on United.com within this grace period without incurring any fees, and all refunds will be handled to the original mode of payment. Since your ticket is not non-refundable until 24 hours have passed, this is an excellent method to lock in a price while you complete other travel plans.

Please note that within the 24-hour grace period, refund requests for group tickets and tickets bought with an e-certificate are not accepted.

Scheduled Changes

If your schedule changes significantly, you can cancel a United flight. Since United doesn't complete its flight schedules until the start of each season, this often occurs when you book a ticket far in advance.

Even in this situation, the airline will handle processing your return as a flight credit. You can ask United to reimburse your original payment method if you haven't utilized this bill credit within a year. If the revised itinerary doesn't fit your travel plans, you can request United to put you on another flight.

United will inform you about your United change flight as soon as they occur, but you should also develop a routine of checking your itinerary in advance. When you access your itinerary online, United will ask you to approve the updated adjustments if your flight is susceptible to change.

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Special Circumstances

United may also forgo United Airlines change flight costs in a number of other situations. For instance, you will often be entitled to a full refund of your ticket without incurring any fees in the event that a travel companion on your schedule passes away or if military orders change. Just be sure you have proof of this unique condition in the form of documents.

Furthermore, there is no harm in calling United to make your case even if the precise reason you need to change or cancel a ticket isn't covered by a waiver. An understanding phone agent could provide a one-time exemption and cancel your flight without charging you. Whatever the conclusion, make sure to be kind to the representative.

Wrapping Up!

It's never enjoyable to cancel a vacation, but being aware of United Airlines change flight policy and how to prevent fines might be helpful. The next time you need to cancel a United flight, be sure to keep these suggestions in mind. If you qualify for a schedule adjustment, fee waiver, or refund due to a travel waiver, doing so might save you hundreds of dollars. Contact the airline expert for further information on the change of flight. You can contact this number, +1-800-865-1848 if the official hotline is unable to reach you and you need a prompt resolution to all of your problems.

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