How To Change Name on Delta Ticket? A Complete Guide

Change Name on Delta Ticket

Did you enter the incorrect name while making a reservation with Delta Airlines? Don't fret, as the airlines allow you to easily change your name on a ticket. With the Delta ticket name change option, you can correct mistakes in your name but make sure the name mentioned on your ticket matches the name on the government-issued ID; otherwise, you will be denied boarding. 

If you have purchased a Delta ticket and seeking help on how to change your name on a ticket, you must have specific details about changing name on Delta ticket, so you can travel without any hassle. In line with this, this blog post contains all the important details about the name change policy and how passengers can change their names online or offline.

What is Delta name change on Ticket Policy?

When entering their information on a ticket, anyone can make an error, and Delta Airlines is well aware of this. Thus, it offers a Delta ticket name change policy for passengers' ease. However, Before starting the process, you should carefully check all the rules below for a seamless experience. 

  • You can ask for a correction online for small spelling mistakes.
  • The policy allows a passenger to change an inverted name.
  • Delta offers first and last name adjustments on tickets.
  • Per ticket, passengers are only permitted one reissue.
  • Only changes up to three characters are allowed.
  • If you have already requested to change name on Delta ticket and want to do further modifications, you must reissue it per ticket.
  • Delta's name change policy also covers changes in the date of birth and gender.

How To Change Passenger Name on Delta Through Website?

The official website for changing name on Delta ticket is a highly recommended method to request a name change. Here are the steps you need to follow to start the process:

  • Head to the official Delta Airlines website to issue a Delta change name on the account.
  • Click on the "My trips" option for Delta Air to manage to book.
  • Enter the "Confirmation number" and "Last name" of the passenger to access your booked ticket.
  • Once you submit all the details, tap the arrow to proceed further.
  • After accessing the flights, you have to choose the "Delta name change on ticket" option.
  • Enter the correct name or rectify the wrong name on the reservation and supplement the request with official government-issued documents.
  • Make sure to confirm your changes and print a new ticket showing the correct name.
  • Pay the applicable name change fee and the fare difference to complete the online Delta name change on ticket procedure.

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How To Contact Delta Airlines Over The Phone For Change Name On Delta Ticket?

Customer care representatives on the phone are a further option to change name on Delta ticket. These are the steps that you need to take:

  • Visit the official Delta Airlines website and select the "Need help" option from the main menu for changing name on Delta ticket.
  • Select the "Help Center" option, and you will see the customer service number on this page. Give a call on this number (800-221-1212) to connect with Delta's professionals or dial this alternate number  +1-800-865-1848 for 24/7 quick assistance from the travel experts.  
  • Once you connect with them, share the details of your Delta reservations, and then the agent will tell you whether you are eligible for a name change or not.
  • If you are eligible, share your Delta ticket name change request with the representative.
  • After that, he will ask you to provide booking details and the correct name information.
  • The Delta agent will change the name on your behalf simultaneously.
  • Lastly, pay all the applicable charges and follow their instructions. 
  • After the charges are done, you will get a confirmation email.

How To Change Name On Delta Ticket At The Airport Counter?

To change your name on your Delta ticket at the airport, it is recommended to reach 2 hours before the scheduled flight time to finish the change name on Delta ticket request and complete boarding. Follow the steps as follows:

  • Head to the airport counter and tell the airline representative about the name change.
  • Provide the flight ticket details like confirmation number and full name.
  • Once they retrieve the booking, share the correct name and relevant documents such as marriage or divorce certificates, government-issued IDs, or travel documents.
  • Pay the applicable fee and fare difference to complete the changing name on Delta ticket process.

How To Change Name on Delta SkyMiles Account?

Changing your name or any other personal information on your SkyMiles account is quite simple. You can avail of this SkyMiles facility through airline agents over the phone or by visiting Delta's official website.

Method 1: Through the official Delta Website

  • Visit the Delta Airlines website and click the "SkyMiles login" option.
  • Enter your SkyMiles number, PIN, and last name to access your account.
  • Click on the "Manage booking" option.
  • Now, you can modify your name underneath the red edit button.
  • After entering the right name, click the "Submit" button.

Method 2: Calling airline representative

  • The Delta name changes phone number for new or existing reservations is 800-221-1212. However, sometimes the officials cannot be with you because of technical issues. In that case, dial +1-800-865-1848, the alternate number of the consolidation desk, to get 24/7 assistance.
  • Give them the information about your SkyMiles account and the type of change of Delta SkyMiles name. 
  • You must authorize certain court documents, such as a marriage or divorce certificate, court orders, or any other legal paperwork, in order to change name on Delta ticket

Delta Name Change Policy For Domestic & International Flights

When making name corrections for domestic and international flights, there are certain conditions and fees to change name on Delta ticket. Here are the specific fee and conditions that passengers have to pay for the service:

  • If passengers make the minor modifications within 24 hours of the booking, then certainly there will be no fees for passengers.
  • When passengers make minor changes after 24 hours, then they certainly need to pay a certain amount.
  • The amount for minor changes depends upon the Delta flight ticket and its changes. However, the price ranges from $75 to $500. 
  • The charges are imposed depending on minor or major changes and the time left for the Delta flight ticket.

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What Types of Changes Are Allowed Within Delta Airlines Legal Name Change?

Delta Airlines change name on ticket policy will not let you revamp the name entirely that appears on the flight ticket. They will allow for minor name corrections, including small adjustments to the first, middle, and last names. Hence, look at all the types of adjustments you can make with Delta Airlines.  

1- Adding A Middle Name To Delta Flight Ticket

This is one of the easiest of all the name modifications that Delta Airlines allows. Middle names can be added or updated online on the manage booking page, mobile app, phone, or Delta texting assistant.

The passenger's name on the ticket must match what is on their valid photo ID. While middle names are not usually required, it never fails to have your names as correct as possible.

2- Changing A Last Name in The Case of Marriage or Divorce

If you have gotten married and have already reserved travel under your maiden name, you are permitted to change the last name on your Delta ticket to your spouse's last name. Remember that you must provide marriage certificates and government-issued documents for Delta Airline name change marriages. 

Likewise, for divorce-related changes, you need to present the government-issued ID, divorce agreement, decree, legal notice, and other crucial documents to claim such requests.

3- Correcting Minor Spelling Mistakes on Delta Reservations

If you look at your Delta reservation and realize that you accidentally misspelled any part of your name, you can make any necessary changes to correct it, and the Delta ticket name change or correction policy makes this conundrum easy to resolve.

If you notice the mistake within 24 hours of reservation, you likely will not need to pay any kind of Delta Airlines change name on ticket fee. If you see the error after 24 hours, you may be subject to a fee, as the airline may have to issue you a new flight ticket. In any case, paying a minor price is preferable to attempting to travel with a ticket that contains the incorrect name because a mistaken reservation can ruin your trip.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Name on Delta Ticket?

In the event that your name is wrong despite having reviewed the details and booked a flight, you will be required to pay a fee ranging from $75 to $500 per person. However, It is essential to know that a valid name change cost on a Delta ticket depends on the flight, destination, and route. 

To obtain precise details on the Delta name change fee, it is recommended to check the airline website or contact customer service directly at 800-221-1212. Further, you can dial this consolidation desk number: +1-800-865-1848 to get quick assistance.


The information above will be enough for you to understand the procedure for changing name on Delta ticket. However, if you have any inquiries about the name change or correction policy, you can get in touch with Delta Airlines customer support at 800-221-1212 and get the answers you need. In addition, dial +1-800-865-1848 if you want a prompt response. This is another number to call for flight specialists to get all your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to change the last name on Delta SkyMiles?

To change your last name on Delta SkyMiles, you have three options: Filling out the identity verification form Contacting the customer care department Simply log into your SkyMiles account.

Q2. Does Delta require a middle name on the ticket?

When making a reservation, you only need to provide your first and last names as they appear on your government-issued identification or passport. However, it's essential to double-check Delta name change on ticket policy as airlines may update their requirements from time to time.

Q3. Can a passenger change the name on a plane ticket Delta?

Typically, non-refundable tickets cannot be changed to a different individual's name. However, some flexible fare options might permit name changes with certain fees and restrictions. It's essential to review Delta's current policies or contact their customer service at 800-221-1212 or +1-800-865-1848 (a backup number) for the most up-to-date information and guidance regarding Delta Airlines change name on ticket policy.

Q4. Can you transfer a Delta ticket to another person?

Passengers cannot transfer their tickets with Delta to another person. However, there are situations where you can qualify for a refund for most e-tickets purchased directly through the Delta Airlines website.

Q5. Does Delta allow name changes on tickets?

Yes, it is possible for the passengers to make adjustments on Delta tickets, but Delta Airlines generally does not permit it for most fare types. Exceptions might exist for premium or flexible fare categories, but they often involve specific rules and fees for changing name on Delta ticket.

Q6. What if I forgot to put my middle name on the Delta plane ticket?

According to Delta Airlines change name on ticket policy, forgetting to include your middle name on a plane ticket with Delta may not necessarily be a problem. In most cases, middle names are not crucial for domestic travel within the same country. However, for international flights or if your identification requires a middle name, it's best to contact Delta's customer service as soon as possible.

Q7. Can passenger change their name on the ticket that is already printed?

No, you cannot change the name on the ticket, which is issued already under a different name. To enquire more, visit the Delta official website or talk with an airline representative at 800-221-1212. Also, dial this additional number +1-800-865-1848 for quick response and avoid waiting time.

Q8. Does Delta Airlines take more than 24 hours to change the name?

When you change the name in the document, it takes 24 hours to get your name updated on the Delta ticket.

Q9. Why does Delta Airlines charge for name changes?

Name changes on Delta tickets involve administrative work verifying records, ensuring correct travelers, and updating records. Also, the fees help airlines recoup costs while still providing name changes as an option close to departure.

Q10. Does Delta allow name changes on tickets after marriage?

Yes, you can make name changes on Delta flight tickets after marriage. However, you have to provide a valid document to make changes such as a marriage certificate.

Q11. How much does it take to change name on Delta ticket?

Generally it is done faster, but if it takes more time, it is done within 24 hours. Somehow, if it still looks tedious, you can log on to the Delta official website or call the customer service agent at 800-221-1212 or you can dial +1-800-865-1848 (a backup number) to connect with another flight expert.

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