How To Change Name On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

Singapore Airlines Name Change

Nowadays airlines are firm with their regulations. Hence violating any aviation rule can create trouble. Likewise, traveling with the incorrect name can lead to arduous travel. However, to protect you from such hassle, Singapore Airlines offers a name change policy under which you can modify the misspelled name on your ticket. Singapore Airlines Name Change policy is elementary. Using this, you can hassle-freely and conveniently correct your name. Hence, pay attention to the guide mentioned below for a seamless travel experience. 

What Are The Types Of Name Corrections On Singapore Airlines? 

The airline permits you to update or correct your name for multiple reasons, as listed here:

  • Name Correction: Under this scenario, you can correct/fix the spelling mistakes. In addition, you can alter your divorce, maiden, or married name, but you must submit the required legal documents. 
  • Name Change: According to the name change policy, you can request to modify your last, middle, or first name that should be similar to the name that appears on your government-approved ID. 
  • Legal Name Change: The name modification is conducted due to legal conditions like- gender transformation, adoption, etc. Further, you need to submit a government-issued ID to prove your identity. 

How Does Singapore Name Change Policy Work?

As per the aviation rules, your name on the ticket must be the same as your passport or government-approved document. If not, correct it as early as you can under the Singapore Airlines change name policy. 

But before that, head to the following rules for a successful name update:

  • The policy does not permit complete passenger details.
  • Any minor spelling error can be corrected.
  • In case you want to modify your name because of legal circumstances ( marriage, divorce, etc), you have to provide the official documents to confirm your identity. 
  • Further, you can request a name change for free within 24 hours of the booking. 
  • When you alter the name after 24 hours, you must pay the applicable charge. 
  • As per the policy, you cannot transfer your flight ticket to another person. It means that the airline does not permit a complete name change. 

What is the Document Requirement for Name Alteration? 

Looking forward to Singapore Airlines Name Change? If yes, be prepared with the following documents, as you have to submit them whenever required:

  • Any government-issued ID
  • A Passport
  • Fee Receipts 
  • Marriage certificate or Divorce decree

How Can I Request a Name Change on Singapore Airlines? 

The airline understands the needs and requirements of all passengers. Therefore, it provides numerous mediums to alter misspelled names without any inconvenience. All these methods are secure and user-friendly. 

Now go through the following sections and use your preferred way to conduct Singapore Airlines change name. 

Method 1- Via Website (Online)

If you want to make updates or corrections by yourself, then do the following steps:

  • Foremost, go to the official Singapore Airlines website.
  • Secondly, find and hit on the “Manage Booking” option. 
  • Now, provide the six-digit booking reference number and your last name in the suitable box.
  • Afterward, you can alter your name and submit all the required official documents. 
  • Go through the guidance and make payment, if applicable. 

NOTE: After completing the name modification procedure, you will get a confirmation mail on your registered ID. So have a note on it. 

Method 2- Via Helpline Number 

You can talk to the airlines’ customer executive if you are not aware of the process. Moreover, you have to follow the procedure below. 

  • Dial the Singapore Airlines’ customer service number +1 (833) 727-0118. Or alternatively, call on +1-800-865-1848 to talk to the flight experts. 
  • Now, explain your reason for the name update to the airline agent.
  • Don’t forget to provide your reservation confirmation number and last name. 
  • Additionally, submit the required legal documents and pay the applied fee.
  • At last, you will obtain a confirmation mail from the airline. 

NOTE: In case you want details about Singapore Airlines seat upgrade feel free to contact (+1-800-865-1848) the same number. 

Method 3- Via Airlines’ Office  

You can also visit the office and talk to the officials of the airline and make Singapore Airlines name change precisely. Somehow for any help, read the below-listed steps:

  • You need to visit the Singapore Airlines office and talk to the officials present there.
  • Now explain your issue to them with your name. Or the reason behind requesting name correction. 
  • Submit your correct booking reference number, confirmation number, and flight information.
  • Always ensure to provide correct details. 
  • Hence, with the help of the airline, you can initiate the name alterations by paying the service fee. 

What is the Singapore Airlines Name Updation Fee? 

Undoubtedly, the airline offers a user-friendly Singapore Airlines change name policy. However, it may apply some service fees depending on the type of alteration you conduct. Furthermore, you need to make payment for name updates for both domestic and international flights.

Delve into the below-highlighted points to learn about the name correction fee:

  • The airline allows you to modify up to three characters in your name, for which you have to pay approximately $50.
  • In case of any legal name change, the fee will be more than $50.
  • Moreover, you need to make payment for the service fee and fare difference, if any. 

Final Verdicts 

The airline offers flexibility to all its passengers. Furthermore, Singapore Airlines name change policy is made for your comfort and understands that name changes or corrections become mandatory sometimes. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in such a condition, it’s better to be familiarized with all the mandatory details. You can visit the official airline website or dial +1 (833) 727-0118 and get help from the customer support team. Or, if they are unavailable at the moment, contact the flight experts at +1-800-865-1848 to resolve your flight-related issues. 

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