JFK International Airport Terminal Information: Overview Of Different Airlines

JFK International Airport Terminal Information

JFK Airport is a thriving hub that provides service to more than 70 airlines operating domestically and internationally. JFK features six operational terminals, 131 gates, and four runways. Despite this, terminals 7 and 8 are still in use following the last renovation. After leaving your home and traveling to JFK International Airport, it is best to gather all the information, including the arrival and departure terminals.

Whether you need to find out what and which terminal American Airlines is located in or where United or any other airline is located, this in-depth guide will provide you with all the necessary information. Continue reading to learn about JFK International Airport Terminal and which terminal your airline uses at JFK Airport.

An Overview Of All JFK International Airport Terminal

At John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport, you will discover various dining options, retail stores, bars, and other convenient airport facilities to enhance your travel experience. Unless there are specific transfers, such as from Delta's T4, American Airlines T8, or Alaska Airlines T7, transferring between terminals can be difficult. Hence, here is the list of all terminals that offer international flights at JFK Airport.

1- JFK Terminal 1

JFK Terminal 1, opened in 1998, has 11 gates and is one of only two terminals capable of handling the Airbus A380. At T1, you will find designer stores, a landside food court, and duty-free zones. Baggage claim, currency exchange, refreshment counter, and concierge are located on the arrival level; check-in counters, retail establishments, and gates are located on the departure levels. 

2- JFK Terminal 4

JFK Terminal 4 is a huge terminal that has 38 gates and is split into two concourses. Concourse A is for international flights, and Concourse B is for domestic and international travel, primarily from Skyteam airlines like Delta. Moreover, terminal 4 at JFK can handle Airbus A380 aircraft.

3- JFK Terminal 5

JFK Terminal 5 was inaugurated in 2008, and it features the famous TWA flight center and 29 gates. A variety of amenities are provided at both departure and arrival levels, which has received praise for its layout and passengers' comfort. 

4- JFK Terminal 7

JFK Terminal 7 is unique since it's the only terminal in the United States that an international airline manages. It offers travelers plenty of services and has 12 gates. TBoarding gates are positioned in the concourse portion of this terminal, which is divided into arrivals and departure areas.

5- JFK Terminal 8

American Airlines is the main airline that operates at JFK Terminal 8. It is almost twice as big as Madison Square Garden and has more than 12.8 million passengers a year. Further, Terminal 8 at JFK has 29 gates separated into arrivals and departures. 

What Terminal Is American Airlines At JFK?

If you are traveling with American Airlines at JFK airport and wondering which terminal is American Airlines at JFK airport, terminal 8 is your destination. American Airlines is one of the major players in the aviation industry. Its home is JFK Terminal 8, a modern facility handling nearly 13 million passengers annually. 

Additionally, American Airlines connects the globe through New York JFK airport by operating a variety of flights to both domestic and International locations. Check the table below for contacting AA, complete with their designated terminal.

Airline Phone number IATA Code Departures Terminal Arrivals Terminal
American Airlines (800) 433-7300 AA Terminal 8 Terminal 8

What Terminal Is United Airlines At JFK?

United Airlines can utilize any one of the five terminals at JFK Airport. For its arrivals and departures. You can take off to new SkyMiles with United Airlines from JFK airport. This bustling passage for international travelers anticipates whisking you away on your experience. Here is an overview of United Airlines JFK terminal:

Airlines name United Airlines
Terminal Terminal 1, 4, 7
Airline code JFK
Ticket counter hours Daily 24 hours
Contact number +1-718-244-4444

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What Terminal Is Alaska Airlines At JFK?

Alaska Airlines operates at Terminal 7 of JFK International Airport in New York. The airline's check-in counters are conveniently located on the arrival level of T7. Furthermore, baggage claims are located at T7 at the arrival level. 

Alaska Airlines flights depart from gates 1-9, located at T7. However, passengers not eligible for premium or ADA parking at T7 do not have to worry; they can park at T8 and use the AirTrain to reach Alaska Airlines gates.

Airline Phone Number IATA Code Departures Terminal Arrivals Terminal
Alaska Airlines (800) 252-7522 AS Terminal 7 Terminal 7

What Terminal Is Turkish Airlines At JFK?

When it comes to international flights, JFK Terminal 1 at JFK is a symbol of global connectivity. Turkish Airlines, the main airline operating from this terminal, ensures that passengers are well-catered with a wide range of amenities and services. These include restrooms, ATMs, help desks, currency exchange service, and an exclusive lounge. Please refer to the table below  for more information about the Turkish Airlines terminal:

Airline Phone number IATA Code Departures Terminal Arrivals Terminal
Turkish Airlines (800) 874-8875 TK Terminal 1 Terminal 1

What Terminal Is Hawaiian Airlines At JFK Airport?

Hawaiian Airlines is situated at JFK Airport's Terminal 4, a terminal that offers more than just flights. It features spacious check-in areas, a wide variety of dining and shopping options, and services such as TSA PreCheck for eligible passengers.

Terminal 4 is a one-stop shop for traveler services, including family-friendly amenities and free Wi-Fi. JFK Airport itself offers 24/7 inter-terminal transit and ground transportation for city access.

Airline Phone number IATA Code Departures Terminal Arrivals Terminal
Hawaiian Airlines (800) 367-5320 HA Terminal 4 Terminal 4

What Terminal Is Singapore Airlines At JFK?

Terminal 4, which has boarding gates, check-in desks, shopping centers, and restaurants, is where Singapore Airlines operates all of its flights at JFK Airport. This facilitates arrivals and departures. Below is a table for reaching out to Singapore Airlines with their designated terminal.

Airline Phone number IATA Code Departures Terminal Arrivals Terminal
Singapore Airlines (833) 727-0118 SQ Terminal 4 Terminal 4

What Terminal Is Delta Airlines At JFK?

Delta operates primarily from terminal 4, a hub with services tailored for comfort and ease. JFK’s terminal 4 is directly accessible via the 24/7 services and offers various public transportation options, parking facilities, and a wide array of dining and shopping experiences catering to global tastes. However, check the table below to verify the Delta Airlines terminal at JFK:

Airline Phone number IATA Code Departures Terminal Arrivals Terminal
Delta Airlines (800) 221-1212 DL Terminal 4 Terminal 4


Navigating the huge area of JFK International Terminal can be difficult, but being aware of its offerings will help you travel less anxiously. This terminal offers travelers an easy-to-use and well-connected hub for all the major airlines, including Delta, Alaska, Singapore, Hawaiian, Turkish, United, and American airlines. 

Hope the details mentioned above are sufficient for you if you are flying with one of these airlines and require details about their terminal at JFK Airport. However, if you still have doubts and need details, dial (718) 244-4444 to contact JFK International Airport customer service staff.

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