What is United Airlines Infant Policy

United Airlines infant policy

Traveling with an infant is no child’s play; however, with the right airline, one can make the journey significantly smoother. United Airlines recognizes the needs of families flying with their minors and has designed a detailed infant policy to provide a comfortable and secure traveling experience for parents and their kids. 

Let’s learn about the significant aspects of United Airlines infant policy, rules, fees, and how you can book a reservation for infant travel.

Rules to Follow for United Airlines Traveling with Infant 

United Airlines acknowledges that kids below the age of two need special attention and has designed a flexible infant policy. As per the policy, minors can travel either in an FAA-approved CRS (child restraint system) or an adult’s lap. For lap minors, United Airlines offers a complimentary safety belt to improve the child’s security during the flight. For more, go through the section below. 

  • The airline permits kids under the age of two to fly on the lap of an adult without having a different flight ticket for domestic routes. However, parents have the option to book a separate seat at a discount when traveling internationally.  
  • The booking fee for infants flying on a separate seat is normally lower than the adult fare. 
  • The airline allows only one infant for each adult. However, if you are planning to travel with more than one infant, you must reserve an extra seat for another infant. 
  • The traveler should be at least 18 years or above to be the guardian of an infant. 
  • For families looking for more space, the airline offers bassinets on the selected aircraft, providing a designated area for minors to rest while traveling. 
  • The airline allows passengers with infants to board the flight in advance, giving them more time to settle in.    
  • As per the United Airlines travel with infant guidelines, lap infants do not require a separate flight ticket, and it is crucial to have proper identification like a birth certificate or other IDs for the minor.

How United Airlines Stroller Policy Beneficial When Traveling With an Infant?

Along with the typical United carry-on allowance, passengers might bring some other items onboard when flying with an infant. 

  • FAA-approved car seat. 
  • Breast pump or milk. 
  • Diaper bags. 
  • Compact folding stroller, which should be below standard carry-on limits. 

At the airport, passengers might utilize typical strollers, folding car seats, and wagons to reach the gate and check in at the gate for free. Remember, as per the United Airlines stroller policy, before booking a flight, you can check for aircraft featuring changing tables in lavatories. Following are the aircraft providing changing tables option: 

  • Boeing 757-300 
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 787
  • Select Boeing 757-200 

Advantages of the United Airlines Traveling with Infant 

The airline understands the distinctive requirements of travelers flying with infants and has designed a flexible United Airlines infant policy to provide a seamless traveling experience for minors and parents. 

  • Seating Facilities: Infants below the age of two can travel on the adult’s lap without having to buy a separate flight ticket. The airline provides discounted infant fares for families looking for an extra seat for their little ones. 
  • In-Flight Services: The airline provides parents with an amenities kit consisting of crucial items for infants, like wipes, lotion, and diapers. Also, the airlines provide specific infant meals, serving the dietary needs of the little ones.  
  • Pre-boarding Facilities: Travelers with minors are eligible for pre-boarding, letting them more time to settle down.  
  • Safety Considerations: According to United Airlines, stroller policy allows passengers to use CRDs, like CARES harnesses and car seats, confirming that infants travel safely. 
  • Flexibility in Changing Flight Bookings: The airlines provide flexibility in changing bookings, letting parents adjust the travel times or dates if required. 
  • MileagePlus Benefits: Passengers flying with minors can accrue MileagePlus miles for traveling, which is beneficial for future travels and rewards. Travelers with a MileagePlus Premier account can enjoy extra benefits, like additional baggage allowances and priority boarding. 

How to Book a Ticket for United Airlines Travel with Infant? 

Booking a flight ticket with United Airlines when traveling with an infant is a simple procedure. You can book the flight both online and offline. Just follow the instructions provided in the below sections. 

Approach 1: Booking a Flight Online 

  • First, go to the official United Airlines website or launch the mobile app and head to the Booking section. 
  • Then, provide some precise information on both the infant and adult. Remember that the details of the infant, like name and birth date, together with the identification documents. 
  • Select the travel destination and dates. The airline provides a flexible reservation system, letting parents plan their trips according to their schedules and preferences.  
  • On the seat selection section, select the Infant of Lap option. 
  • To use a bassinet, you must request it while booking the flight, and it is subject to accessibility. 
  • Check the details and select the desired payment to complete the procedure.  

Approach 2: Booking a Flight Offline 

Passengers who need to request a bassinet should contact United Airlines customer service at 1-800-UNITED-1. Additionally, you can call +1-800-865-1848 to connect with a consolidation desk. You must follow the IVR menu instructions once connected with the airline. Ensure that you request it as soon as possible. After booking a bassinet for the infant, you will obtain a confirmation.

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How Much Does United Airlines Charge for Infants’ Seat?

As per the United Airlines travel with infant guidelines, passengers don’t need to book a seat for kids under two if they can keep them in their lap while traveling. However, in a few situations, you might need to book a seat for the infant. 

  • You purchase a round-trip flight ticket, and your infant turns two before the return. 
  • If you are traveling with two kids, under the age of two, then You should book at least one seat as you cannot hold two kids in your lap. 
  • Regarding tickets purchased with United MileagePlus miles, passengers might need to pay 10% of the revenue fare. The lap infant fee is approximately $250 if you are buying a pricey business-class flight ticket for the adults. 

Final Words 

Although passengers do not need to buy a ticket for a lap infant when traveling domestically, they must book one for international routes. Fortunately, it will not cost as much as the full fare as stated under the United Airlines infant policy. For more information, dial United Airlines’ official customer service number, 1-800-UNITED-1. Moreover, you can connect with independent support at +1-800-865-1848 to get quick assistance and guidance.

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