Air Canada Baggage Allowance: Essential Guide To Worry-Free Travel

Air Canada baggage policy

If you plan to fly with Air Canada, you may want to familiarize yourself with its baggage policy and allowance. However, because there are a lot of restrictions to read over, this policy may be complicated. 

Hence, this post will cover all the information you need about the airline carry-on and checked baggage policies to make things easier. Find how much baggage you can bring and how to avoid the Air Canada baggage fees. We will also explain how heavy and large your checked baggage can be and what fees to expect if it exceeds these limits.

What is Air Canada Baggage Policy?

When it comes to flying with Air Canada, one of the leading airlines in Canada, knowing what to expect regarding baggage is essential. Examine the information listed below.

1- Carry-on Luggage: Air Canada allows customers to take only one bag. Also, the bag meets all the airline size requirements. The bag size must be the maximum size of 9x15.5x21.5 inches, and the bag weight must not be more than 22 pounds.

2- Personal items: Similar to another US-based airline, air Canada Airlines permits personal check-in, and it does not donut your item as your carry-on luggage. Further, for personal items such as laptop bags, they weigh must no more than 22 pounds and measure 6 by 13 by 7 inches.

3- Domestic checked luggage: Air Canada's policy concerning the size of your checked luggage depends upon where you are flying and what ticket type you have purchased. 

4- International checked luggage: As with many airlines, Air Canada baggage allowance for international flights has a different policy regarding international checked baggage. 

Air Canada Basic Economy Baggage Policy & Allowance

It is one of the lowest fares offered by the airlines. In this, you can carry two pieces of baggage, but you have to pay the fee for each. The first baggage could cost $75 and the second $100. 

If we talk about the policy on Air Canada baggage allowance basic economy, passengers can still check a bag. Nevertheless, the cost will vary based on your destination. A checked bag costs $70 per trip for flights to Europe and about $30 per way on flights to Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

Air Canada Business Class Baggage Allowance & Policy

Passengers flying in business class can check up on two-pound bags free of cost. Also, the Business class tickets include priority baggage services that make checking in and collecting luggage more streamlined. Priority luggage is identified by unique tags, meaning that Air Canada business class and qualified Air Canada elite members will be the first to see them on the carousel. 

The Air Canada baggage allowance for business class may vary as per the routes of your flight, and business class passengers enjoy the privilege of checking two bags, each weighing up to 32 kg. 

Air Canada Baggage Allowance or Fee for Checked Bags

The cost of checked luggage when flying with Air Canada varies based on your destination, the type of ticket you purchased, the point of departure, and your frequent flyer level. Let's take a look at the overview of Air Canada baggage fees for checked bags:

  • As per the Air Canada basic economy baggage policy and standard economy policy, the costs for the first, second, and third bags, per direction, can be as low as $30, $50, and $100, respectively.
  • Flight to other international destinations than Mexico, the Caribbean, or the U.S. will get their first checked bags for free. Furthermore, passenger can get their second checked bag for no more than $100, except for economy basic fare on flights between Europe and Canada, which will pay $70 for their first bag. 
  • On international flights, The Air Canada baggage allowance basic economy can run $30 for the first bag and $50 for the second bag, plus up to $225 for a third bag. 
  • Different levels of economy fares, premium economy, Air Canada Express, business, and rough class tickets generally have some free checked baggage allowance. However, if you have a Star Alliance or an Altitude membership, the Air Canada baggage fee may also be waived. 

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Air Canada Extra Baggage Price for Oversized & Overweight Bags

Bags weighing around 50 to 70 pounds (23 to 32 kilometers) are considered overweight, and bags with measurements of 63 to 115 linear inches (160 to 292 centimeters) are considered oversized. 

You will pay the following Air Canada extra baggage fee for your overweight/oversized bags and additional bags beyond your standard baggage allowance.

Flight Route Overweight and Oversized Bags Additional Bag
Within Canada $105 to $115 $105 to $115
Between Canada and the United States $105 to $1115 $105 to $115
Between Canada and Mexico, the Caribbean, or Costa Rica $100 to $118 $225 to $265.50
Other international travel $100 to $118 $225 to $265.50

How Much Weight Can We Carry in An International Air Canada Ticket?

On Air Canada, when taking an international flight, the baggage conditions could be regulated accordingly, and the weight that is allowed relies on the class you are traveling with. Furthermore, you may also have to pay Air Canada extra baggage fee in a few situations, which are listed below:

  • Economy Class: The weight of each bag in the economy class could be 23 kg each, and if it is overweight, it could be between 23kg and 32kg, but you may be charged $105.
  • Premium Economy Class: The allowed baggage weight should not exceed 23 kg each. But if it gets exceeded, the Air Canada extra baggage price could be around $105.
  • Premium Rogue Class: Travelers could take about 32 kg of each baggage weight in this class, and you can take an extra 32kg by paying the required cost.
  • Business Class: This is one of the elite classes available in the airline, and you could take 32kgs for sanctioned bags. The 32kg is the maximum weight that you can add by paying Air Canada baggage allowance for business class.

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How to Avoid Air Canada Baggage Fees?

Now that you know about Air Canada baggage allowance and what these fees might cost you, let's look at ways to minimize them.

1- Only pack a Carry-On

This is a tried and true way to avoid Air Canada baggage fees: don't check any bags. You can pack a small suitcase for your vacation using Air Canada's regular carry-on limit. This helps you save time in addition to money.

2- Join the Loyalty Program

Air Canada has a very unique loyalty program called Air Canada Miles. This reward program works with partners to give miles to members due to purchases. The miles can be easily redeemed for Air Canada airline flights and fees or through the airplane booking site, where you get more credits for miles. Also, you can use these miles as an Air Canada baggage fee if you book your ticket through the airplane website.

3- Buy a Premium Ticket.

Air Canada has various ticket levels, including basic, standard, flex, comfort, premium economy, latitude, and business class. For checked bags, the Air Canada baggage allowance basic economy and standard economy tickets is not applicable. However, this differs from flight, so using the checked baggage calculator on the Air Canada official website to estimate fees is better.  

4- Bring Your Military Program

If you are an active or retired U.S. or Canadian military member, you can check up to three bags for free, but make sure that Bags can't weigh more than 70 pounds each. You must submit a valid military ID to a customer service representative at the airport to get this benefit. This could include a current photo identification, discharge papers, and a temporary military ID. 

5- Use a Travel Card

Using a travel credit card can assist you in avoiding having to pay for checked baggage. Some of the best credit cards offer a travel credit annually that you can utilize to reimburse Air Canada extra baggage fee. Many travel cards also allow you to transfer credit card points to partner reward programs such as the frequent flyer miles program. 

Wrapping Up!

We hope all your queries will be answered by pursuing the above-mentioned details regarding Air Canada baggage allowance and fees. However, please get in touch with the airline's customer support if you still have inquiries or require more details. 

In addition to luggage information, you are welcome to ask the customer support team any further questions you may have about Air Canada name change policy, flight change, and cancellation policy. If their official number is unavailable, dial +1-800-865-1848 to speak with a travel professional immediately. 

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